Friday, October 28, 2011

Fill 'Er Up Friday!!

T.G.I.F!!!  Am I right?? 

Man, I love my job...but I sure do need a break this weekend.  It's been a crazy it's only fitting to end the week with some more crazy.  For you, guys, anyway.  It's my weekly installment of Fill 'Er Up Friday...where I bombard you with random information about me and anything else I find interesting.

So, I just got to start with a sensitive topic of discussion going on in my house right now...the threat that DirecTV is going to pull the plug on Fox Network starting Nov. 1st.  Have you heard about this?  When Hubby told me last night, I almost flipped the flip out.  Most of the shows I love are on Fox!!  I was hot, but Hubby was fuming.  Sons of Anarchy is on FX...and it's Hubby's favorite show.  Well, after some investigating...I'm on the fence.  If Fox is really trying to get DirecTV to charge their customers 40% more for the same channels...I say Good Riddance, Fox!  This poor girl can't afford an increase like keep the exact same channels I already have.  I'll miss watching my shows on my 42" TV, but I'll just watch them online.  However, I make a plea to DirecTV and Fox both to just get along, and work it out....I want to watch House, Bones, Kitchen Nightmares, and X-Factor from the comfort of my living room..thank you very much!!

Peanut made it through the first round of try-outs for Quiz Bowl.  I was excited for her...until I found out when they have to practice.  Thursday and Friday evenings from 3-4:30.  Really?  Now I can add yet another thing to my already packed schedule of after-school activities.  YAY!! *insert sarcasm*  Thankfully, it's only for a couple of weeks.  
I still have no idea when trick or treating is around my neck of the woods.  I hate Halloween being on a Monday.  I just think there should be some kind of bill passed that no matter what day Halloween falls on, trick or treating will be done the Saturday closest.  Think I should write a letter to my state representative?  I'm sure it's an important know...right up there with copy right laws and stuff like that.

There's no update as to when Butter may be coming home.  He had a few issues this week, that the counselor thinks may be a side effect of the medicine.  They're not sure what to do about it, either.  They can take him off the new medicine - which without it, he gets a little hyper and impulsive.  With the medicine, it causes some mood swings, and he's acted a little angry.  In my opinion, hyperactivity is a little more easy to deal with than anger.  I'm no doctor, but I don't want the same problems to start happening to Butter that happened on the last medicine.  I'm just so happy that he's surrounded by counselors, doctors, and nurses that are constantly monitoring him...and are willing to make the necessary changes.  His disorders - combined together - are just so hard to treat.  I am keeping full faith, however, that they will find the best way to treat him.

Jelly is going to be a cupcake for Halloween.  She gets to take her costume with her to preschool today - and she will get to go trick or treating at a local event.  She's excited about this, however she's a little nervous.  She thinks that someone may want to eat her.  You can't blame her though, right?  She lives in a house where she's seen her mother devour cupcakes without leaving a crumb.  It just goes to show the mental effects that overeating can have on a child.

I officially hate going in to my closet on Jeans Day.  It's depressing to see the three pairs of jeans that I could be wearing, if I hadn't of gained 20lbs in the last six months.  I'm now down to one pair of jeans that fit me.  That sucks big rabbit balls.  I have so many cute clothes in my closet that fit me a few months ago - and now I'm trying with all my might to wiggle in to the last few pairs of pants that I can still get over my hips.  I still refuse to buy bigger clothes. It ain't happening!!  It's either shape up or go naked.  Believe me, there's not anyone on this earth that wants to see this person walk around naked.  Oh the devastation and destruction that could start.  So, even though I keep saying it.... I really have to start doing something, FAST!! 

It has recently occurred to me that I think my obsession with Facebook has officially come to an end.  It's only taken about 3 years... but I'm over it.  I still glance at the goings-on of everyone else... but my own status messages are all few and far between.  I'm not sure why the love affair has ended...maybe I'm satisfied with just sharing my life with you guys - right here.  I don't know... but if you are my friend on Facebook, and don't see much from me...that's the reason.

OK, I think that's enough for one day.  Everyone have a fantabulous Friday!!   

Till next time. ;)
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  1. We have DirectTV and I understood it that we wouldn't lose regular Fox just FX and the sports channels? I need to research this!

  2. Ok I was right, we won't lose Fox and Fox News just FX and the sports channels. Here;s a link:|9358|41020522|127218097|Phrase&dnaomn=85373,9358,0,127218190,798538044,1319810233,directtv+losing+fx,43130167,1050568450

  3. okay so your cupcake idea is too cute! can't wait to possibly see pics?? :) and I also wanted to put an idea into your view about the hyperactive/impulsive issue.. ever heard of using high cholesterol meds for it?? look it up, i've heard it's been working.. maybe that's an option for Butter??


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