Sunday, October 16, 2011

Why Losing Weight is SO Hard

How many times have you been told that it takes 5 minutes to gain 5lbs but 5 months to lose it?  

Maybe you haven't used those numbers - but the gist is pretty much the same.  It's so much easier to gain weight than it is to lose it.  Why?  It's so unfair.  If it takes me 10 minutes to consume 500 calories, it should take 10 minutes to lose 500 calories.  Wouldn't we be so lucky?

Losing weight is hard.  We all know that - or we wouldn't be blogging about it daily.  It's easier for some than others.  There are some people that can look at a jelly filled doughnut and gain a pound.  There are others that can eat a dozen jelly filled donuts and not gain an ounce.  Our metabolisms are all different - that's what the doctors and experts tell us.  Unfortunately for me, I have one of those metabolisms that seems to work as fast as a snail.

So, to shed some somewhat humorous light on this horrible week I've had - in regards to my weight loss - I thought I'd come up with a quick top ten list of reasons people (well, I)  have a tough time losing weight...

1.  When you walk into a restaurant, you don't smell the delicious calling of lettuce and always smell the fried stuff first.  Once that smell hits your nose and travels to your taste buds - it's game over.  Even if you do stick to your guns, the people you're with order the most delicious, unhealthy thing on the menu - and then you just can't resist to force them into sharing.  What?  You've never done that?  Well, then don't go out to eat with me!!

2.  When aimlessly walking around the grocery store, you see wonderful things like doughnuts in display cases, beautiful cakes lining the bakery shelves....ever ran in to a salad display?  The pre-made salads are always thrown on the shelf, hidden away in a corner somewhere.  The produce section is OK, but it always seems to be strategically placed right next to the bakery/deli.  Thanks, Wal-Mart for being a contributor to my muffin tops.

3.  Running around after 1, 2, 3, or 25 children isn't considered "exercise".  Despite the fact that by the end of the day you feel like you've run a marathon - the energy you've put in for caring for your kids doesn't count.  You now have to have the willpower to get on a treadmill, go to a gym, break out a work-out DVD, or go for a walk.  I feel like I should have burned about 3000 calories each day, but yet - my stupid BodyBugg tells me I've barely burned 750.  This just leads to number 4...

4.  After spending all day doing stuff like working and caring for kids, and realizing you've burned hardly any calories - despite how exhausted you are - it sends you running, alright....for one thing and one thing only:  To the nearest tub of ice-cream or bag of chips.

5.  When you go out for lunch or dinner with friends, and you order the salad - cause you're being good - you are disgusted and appalled at your friend Skinny Minny ordering the steak, loaded baked potato, and mac & cheese.  It's even worse when she scarfs the whole plate down in 5 minutes and then wonders why you're gawking at her, as you're nibbling on your carrots and lettuce leaves.  

6.  After dinner, Skinny Minny decides it's a fantastic idea to tell you how wonderful her food was.  She goes on and on and on about how perfectly the steak was cooked, the texture of the mac & cheese, and how creamy the baked potato was mixed with all that butter.  You decide rather than stabbing her with your salad fork, it's best to order a Lava Chocolate Cake for's the only way to stop yourself from committing murder right there in there restaurant.

7.  Birthdays, holidays, and special occasions are never celebrated with healthy foods - they're always celebrated with stuff like cake, or big elaborate meals.  Sitting in a corner trying to stay away from the buffet of celebration foods doesn't work.  No matter how hard you try to stay strong - the one veggie tray just ain't cutting it.  Eventually, someone will talk you in to having a piece of cake - cause "one little piece won't hurt you".

8.  After spending a week of eating healthy and working out...and thinking you've done get on the scale to see that you've gained two pounds.  The only way to deal with that is by heading to the fridge to see what you can graze on. 
9.  After seeing the devastation on your scale that you've gained weight, it never fails that you run into Skinny Minny who has to share that she's lost 3lbs - and she didn't even try this week.  Don't do it.  Put the fork down.  You can't stab her - she's your friend.

10.  This one is for all of you to fill in....leave a comment of a reason you find it so hard to lose weight.  I'd love to hear some of the issues you deal with - and I'm sure it's something I can relate to, and I've missed off of this list.

So, this list is my attempt at being a little funny in regards to some of the issues I deal with.  I can't say that they're not all true, however.  At some point in time - I've dealt with everything on the list.  Even though this was supposed to be somewhat light hearted - it also tells me that I have some strategy work to do.  I have to find other ways to deal with these situations....and I will. 

Here's to a brand new day.

Till next time. ;)
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  1. The very first thing you have to "own" is why you want to lose wt. We all want to be healthy, but is it because... you want to live to see your children graduate high school... you want to fit in that dress... or you've finally decided to love yourself and to put yourself at the top of " the most important thing in your life" list. When you truly wrap your head around that concept, you are ready... for anything!!!!

  2. Amen, amen, a hundred times-AMEN!

    My number 10 is working 10 hours a day, coming home intending to work out, only to be faced with family, chores, and a mountain of grading! But it's all about choices-and I can do this :)


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