Sunday, October 23, 2011

I'm On iCloud Nine

Some of you probably don't know this tidbit of information about me:  I'm a bit of a techno geek.  I know, shocking right?

Since I was as young as I can remember, I've always been surrounded by technology - whether it be video game consoles, stereo systems, computers, laptops, and now smartphones. 

While I won't say that I'm anything close to an expert on these things...I do try to stay updated on the current goings on in the technological world.

Technology isn't just fascinating to me - but as OCD as I am about being organized, and having folders and labels for almost has it's part in keeping me sane.  Gone is the stress of trying to keep up with paper files and folders - and in their place are fascinating features as virtual folders and organization tools such as the my laptop has to offer.

Now, I have found a new, if you will.  Something that offers the wonders of color coding, organized files, immediate back up.  That, my friends, is iCloud.

What is iCloud, you ask?  Well, it's a new program offered by the wonderful folks at Apple (RIP Steve).  With the new launch of the iPhone 4S came the introduction of an upgrade....for all of those with the older models of iPhone.  iCloud is the newest feature that popped up on my phone after I installed the new operating system.

I haven't even begun to really scratch the surface at what iCloud is all about....there's just one thing that I've clung on to and know that I'll use faithfully...organized calendars.

Calendars are my lifeline.  I have a paper planner I use at work.  I have a calendar on my phone I use when I'm away from home.  I have a calendar on my laptop from when I'm at home.  All three of them are separate, and I manually enter in my information into each that I always have a calendar with me.

I have so much going on in my life - without my calendars, I'll be lost.  Regardless of how many different calendars I use, I still manage to forget to let Hubby know about my after school activities, meetings, the kids' events, and what have you. 

Several times a week, I can expect a call from Hubby asking where I am - because I've forgot to let him know.  Or I'm making a quick text message first thing in the morning - because I've forgot to let him know that he needs to pick Jelly up from daycare. 

I am very organized in where and when I have to be somewhere....I'm just not as organized at letting everyone else know.

Now, with iCloud, I don't have to worry about it ANYMORE.

Hubby has created a calendar for us both - that we share.  Whenever I add something to the calendar, it immediately adds the calendar to his phone, iPad, and computer.  No worrying about syncing or all that jazz.  It's there for him to see - and I can also set a reminder for him...just in case he forgets to check it.

As anal as I am about using calendars - this will be a dream come true to our household.

Another plus - I don't have to share all of my meetings, classes, etc that happen during the day...that don't involve Hubby.  I have color coded calendars, people.  Color coded! 

I have one color for work, another for family, and another for appointments.  I check a little box when I'm adding stuff - to tell me if I need to add it to the calendar I share with Hubby.  If it doesn't concern him, I leave it off.  All of the colors in one happy more do I need separate calendars for everything.

I know all of this may sound boring and unimportant to you all... but this really is huge for me.

Anything I can get that can make my organization easier - well, it's like Christmas in October. 

I know some of you are probably saying that there's a bunch of online calendar options for this type of thing.... I know, I've tried them.  The problem?  They are only useful when I sync my phone with my computer - so that the information can be shared.  I sync my phone a couple of times a week - at most. 

Now, I can be at work, add something to the calendar and BAM Hubby has it on his calendar.  I can add something while I'm online - while my phone is locked away in my office - and BAM it's right there waiting for me on my phone when I get to it.  Got to love WiFi and 3G internet service, right?

The other cool feature?  The contacts.  I swear, since I've started using my iPhone, the brain cells that stored phone numbers have disappeared.  I'm the worst at trying to remember a phone number nowadays.  It has been a constant worry to me that if I ever lost my phone - I'd lose contact with everyone I know... because I'd never be able to remember their phone numbers.  Now, I just need a computer...any computer...and BAM, I have all of my contacts at my fingertips.

Don't worry, I keep a paper ICE number sheet in my purse in case I'm ever stranded away from home without a computer or phone.

It's all fantastic, exciting stuff. 

Now, once I get my iPad....someday...holy bejeezus, I'm gonna be in heaven.

Till next time. ;)
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  1. VERY cool!! I upgraded my phone but haven't checked out iCloud yet. Clearly, I need to. =)

  2. Wow, you're way above my head. I still have an old fuddy duddy cell phone. But I love the organizational possibilities! Very cool.


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