Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Yeah, I Got Some Confessions...

Every Tuesday, I join in with this little fun thing called True Confessions Tuesday.  It's hosted by the Sisterhood, and it gives me the chance to lay all of my sins out on the table....so that they can stay there, and I can start over.  It's a sweet release for anything I may be a little ashamed off.  I, also, like to confess some good things - when I get the chance.  So, here we go...

I confess that...this week has not been as good as last week in regards to my eating.  It's all Aunt Flo's fault!  That b**ch has had me eating cookies, kettle corn, ice-cream, and even a Snickers bar here and there.  I hate her!!

I confess that... I know full well that blaming my eating on Aunt Flo is nothing but an excuse.  I know this.  I confess this.  But I will not stop blaming her.  It's still all her fault.  This is her first visit since getting my implant - and it has SUCKED!!  I've had headaches, I've been moody, and..well...I haven't stopped eating.  My "normal" three day visit is now going on to day six.  It sucks big hairy llama balls.  So, this week, I'm blaming Aunt Flo AND Uncle Implant....and I don't give a bee's behind how much of an excuse it is. 

I confess that...I was deeply touched by Drazil's comment from yesterday.  She asked that I not refer to myself as "fat" for at least a week.  The truth is, I just refer to myself that way because of the name of my blog.  Honestly, I really no longer consider myself "fat".  I still think I'm overweight - but nothing compared to what I was a few years ago.  But, because Draz asked, and because I love her so much - I will not refer to myself as fat for at least a week....maybe longer.

I confess that...yesterday, I was thrilled, ecstatic, over the moon, happier than a...well, you get the point.  I received notification that my student loans have been approved for deferment for another year.  HALLELUJAH!!  Now, lets all hope and pray I find a teaching job next year - so I can afford the payments then.  No, seriously, start praying now....you have no idea how much time flies!

I confess that...I was relieved and happy after I got to meet Peanut's new teacher yesterday afternoon.  It was my first parent/teacher conference...and I'm not sure why I was so nervous.  The teacher had nothing but wonderful things to say about Peanut - and I knew right away that Peanut is not going to have any of the mess she had in her last school.

I confess that...playing kickball with the teachers, last week, was one of the most fun things I have EVER done.  A few years ago, I wouldn't  - or couldn't - have signed up to join in with something like that.  Despite the setbacks I've had in the past months, that one game made me realize how far I've come with my weight loss efforts.  I ran hard, I played hard...and I didn't about die doing it.  I didn't even care about any jiggling as I was running...the fact that I could run was all that mattered.

I confess that...twice this week, Hubby has cooked a healthy meal...and I've loved it!!  I know that doesn't sound like much - and it's not the only healthy meals I've eaten - but having a lean protein with brown rice and a veggie was a treat.  He's told me, however, that I have to start coming up with more things to cook...and maybe even start doing some of the cooking myself... because he's getting a little tired of it.  EEK!!  This scares the crap out of me.  I don't mind cooking once in a while - but now I have to start thinking of healthy meals AND cooking them.  Bummer!!

I confess that...I haven't been doing so well with my water intake this week.  I've been drinking water every day - just not the 64ozs I'm supposed to be.  I know that if I had been, I probably wouldn't be dealing with the bloating that I'm dealing with right now....lesson learned, once again.

I confess that...after using the new iCloud calendar, and all of it's color coding awesomeness...I saw how busy I really am.  I've never combined all three of my calendars into one before - and it's pretty darn scary.  My work, family, and personal stuff are now all carefully coordinated into one calendar - and holy bejeezus...no wonder I never feel like going out for a run or fitting in some exercise time.  I am one busy chick!!  Almost every afternoon, between now and Christmas, I have something going on.  I do still have a few clear weekends...maybe I should schedule my runs, again.  It worked in the past - maybe it's time to start doing that again?

I confess that...now the student loan weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, I'm now getting a little tingle of excitement about the holidays.  I'm excited that there's only 4 weeks left until Thanksgiving and the Christmas decorations going up.  I'm also a little more sure that my kids will be able to have some presents under the tree. 

I confess that...even though I will now be able to afford to give my kids a little Christmas, I wouldn't give them a big Christmas even if I won the lottery.  After spending the past few weekends cleaning my house, it hit me how spoiled rotten my kids are.  They have too much stuff.  It's all my fault.  I want them to have nice things - but it's now verging on ridiculous the amount of crap they have.  I'm making them all clear out stuff they no longer need or want...and finding kids who can really use that stuff.  If they want any form of Christmas, they are going to do their part in helping others.  Luckily for me, my kids have huge hearts.  They're not only clearing out the stuff they don't need...but also stuff they know will make other kids happy.  They've even got kids in mind of who they want to have the stuff.  So, I may have spoiled them rotten - but I did something right in the process.

Alright folks, that's enough confessing for this girl for one week.

If you enjoyed reading them, and think this is something you need to do...well, then do it!!  Go post it to your blog, and let me know when you did.  I love reading other people's confessions.  

Also know, that if I don't comment right away - it doesn't mean I haven't read it.  Go back and see the confession about my calendars.  I do my best to read all of the blogs in my blogroll... I'm working on getting comments to everyone... but don't hate me if it takes me a while.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!

Till next time. ;)
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