Monday, October 03, 2011

Time for a New Monthly Mantra

Yep, it's that time...already.  Can you believe it?  We're already into October.  Fall - one of my favorite times of year.  Pumpkins, hay bales, candy corn, and cooler weather.  What's not to love?  I can love the candy corn - doesn't mean I'm going to eat it...well, much anyway.

With a new month comes a new Monthly Mantra.  I struggled for a while coming up with want I wanted to commit to this month.  Then, a light bulb went off.  It's not what I want to commit to - it's just the commitment I need to make.  So, I introduce October's Monthly Mantra....

I found this pic online, and I just LOVE the little blurb in the top corner.  "To be a winner, all you need to give is all you have".  What a great thought.  If I really buckled down and committed everything I have - the weight would be gone in no time.  Give half way?  Only gonna get half the results.  Don't commit at all? Will get no results.  Make sense, right?

I can have all the motivation, dedication, and willpower in the world - but without commitment?  I won't go very far.  The committing is the hardest part.

These past few months, I've been full of open promises and broken goals.  I can talk the talk, but when it came to walking the walk - I failed.  I was lacking the commitment.

When I signed up for the Shrinkvivor challenge, I made myself one promise:  Don't sign up unless I was going to commit to the entire thing, regardless of the numbers.  Looking back at past challenges, I realized that once things started getting a little hairy - I bailed.  The commitment was gone the minute things didn't go my way.

That's why, for this challenge, I'm keeping my commitments small.  Committing to 15 minutes of exercise a day rather than saying I'll walk/jog 3 miles.  Committing to take my meals to work every day and making good food choices, rather than promising to not eat anything but fresh, clean food.  These things are easier to commit to, and easier to succeed in.  When I succeed, I stay committed.  Makes sense, right?

So, October is going to be about making the commitment.  I'm going to not only stick with this challenge, but do well.  I'm not going to worry about my competition - I'm not doing it to beat anyone...other than myself.  Yes, I'm a competitive person - but the person I want to beat more than anyone is myself.  Not only being able to stay the course and complete the challenge - but to be able to pull outstanding results.  Just because I took the time to commit.

I commit to make this challenge work.  I commit to not making any excuses.  I commit to committing.

In case you were all wondering, the chicks are all still happy and healthy this morning.  I have to admit it, I'm going to be sad to see them go.  My brother is coming tonight to pick them up.  As annoying as it is to sit here and hear nothing but constant peeping - I will definitely miss looking at them.  They are so cute and fuzzy.  My little fighter sat with me on the couch yesterday afternoon while I crocheted.  That little thing slept for two hours!!  It must have been wore out from keeping up with the other chicks. 

What's one thing you would like to commit to this month?

Hope everyone has a great Monday!!

Till next time. ;)

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  1. My monthly mantra is also commitment after reading 100 Days of Weight Loss and deciding I was committed instead of interested in losing weight.

  2. One thing I will commit to is finishing up the 30 day shred. I did skip some days, so I'm behind everyone else I'm sure, but I'm still trucking along. Also dancing four-five times a week with the Just Dance (I found a YouTube channel with uploads from the original Just Dance!! I have the second one myself).

    Sounds like your smaller commitments are going well. Keep up the good work!


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