Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday's Letters

This is it, folks!  My first "official" day back to work.  I set my alarm for 5:30 this morning...and woke up at 5:28, so I must be pretty excited.  But, one thing has to stay the same...and that's writing my blog before I go to work - hence getting up at 5:30am when I don't have to leave until 7am.  And, thankfully, I start back on a Friday - which means I get to write one of my favorite blog posts.  My Friday's Letters.

Dear Classroom.... How come no matter how long I work, I end up making more mess or finding even more stuff to do?  I've only got a couple of days before kids will be coming in, so I really need you to help me out m'kay?  Be done already!

Dear Nerves... Thank you for staying on the side of excitement, rather than be on the side of fear.  Being nervous because I'm so excited is such a rare feeling...but one I like.  My nerves drive me - and when there's fear involved, I worry.  I'm not worried right now.  Although excited nerves also lead to rambling on about crazy stuff.  Guess it's good that I get to write a bunch of random letters today. HA!

Dear Weatherman... No Friday's Letters would be complete without a quick note to you.  I'm happy we got the rain that we did - and the couple of days of cooler temps.  You tell me again this morning that we could have nicer weather for the next couple of I'm counting on you to be right.  My AC has been off when I've woken up the past couple of mornings - and I know it's thankful for the cooler nights.  While I am happy that there isn't a single three digit number reported for the high temps for the next 10 days... I'd be even more happier if there wasn't a nine before any of the two digit numbers.  I know, I'm pushing it, but work on that for me, will ya?

Dear Jelly... Thank you SO MUCH for being such a big girl, yesterday, when I dropped you off for your first day of preschool. I'll admit, I was really expecting some tears - or at least some difficulty for you to let me go.  You didn't have any problems.  I could see how nervous you were, but you didn't let it stop you from walking in there and sucking it up.  I'm even happier to hear that you had a great first day, and you can't wait to go back this morning.  That takes a load off my worries right now.  Although, we still need to work a little on your sixteen year old attitude.  Hopefully that's something that will just come with time - after you've spent more time with kids your own age.

Dear Peanut... I really hope you enjoy your computer time this weekend, because as of Monday - everything is going to change.  It will be time to get back to normal routines.. bed earlier, up earlier, much smaller amount of time to play Yoville and chat with all your friends.  I know it will be hard - and that's why I'm starting you off two days early.  There really is much more to life than Facebook, and I know you'll realize that again once you get back to school.

Dear Current Dreams... Look, I don't know if I can have you appearing at night and showing me visions of kids coming in to my new classroom that hate me, or me standing in my room and all my stuff has disappeared and I have no idea what to do, or my principal coming to me on the first day and telling me it was all a joke and I don't really have a job.  Those types of dreams really don't help my nerves AT ALL.  If you insist on showing visions of my teaching - then get it right.  Show how ready I am, how much the kids are enjoying what they're learning, and my principal telling me she believes she made the right choice in hiring me.  It's bad enough battling my nerves when I'm awake, I definitely don't need those nerves when I'm sleeping - thankyouverymuch!

Dear Scale... I'm going to assume that Aunt Flo is the reason for my gain that I saw this morning.  Or the wet towel that is wrapped around my head.  Either way, I'm getting really tired of the yo-yo that keeps happening each week.  And, I know it's not your fault.  I'm hoping that once I get this next week out of the way - you and I are going to be closer friends.  I seemed to have built a wall between 249 and 252 and I slam in to one side and bounce myself off to the other every few days.  I totally plan on bringing a sledgehammer to my weigh-ins after this weekend, so I can finally - once and for all - smash through the plateau. 

Dear Normal, Busy, Crazy, Hectic Life... Oh, how I've missed you.  As much as being home for three months is WONDERFUL, once it's time to go back to work, having schedules and routines make me happy.  I know things are going to be different this year.  I'm probably going to be as busy as I was my last year of college... but that's when I succeeded the best in my weight loss.  I'm counting on this year to bring me success with that again.  I know my blog is going to be different... there will probably be lots of talk about my new job, life in general, and a little weight loss mixed in.  I know that will upset some of my readers, and will make other readers happy.  But, I have to remember that my blog is exactly that - MY blog.  While I love having people that comment, send me messages, and support me in my weight loss efforts - I'm looking forward to sharing other chapters of my life that are just as important to me as my decreasing (and it will be DECREASING) waist line. 

Speaking of which - it's time to get myself and Jelly ready to head out the door.

Till next time. ;)
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  1. It's your blog, you do you!!!

    I'm glad Jelly had a great first day at
    school!! Yeah!

    And good luck to you on your first official day!! Sometimes a busy routine is just what we need to stay on track. You got this!

  2. Great post, you sound so excited to start the school year. I hope you have a fantastic year!
    I also wanted to let you know I gave you a Beautiful Blogger award on my blog today. Hope you'll check it out! (


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