Saturday, August 18, 2012

Just a Stress Free Saturday

Yeah, Pooh Bear, I know how you feel....although I wouldn't have such a content smile on my face if that many bees were buzzing around my head.  But, nasty bees aside - I feel just as Pooh Bear looks.  Completely content.

I woke up at 7:30 this morning - said a curse word at my clock when I actually saw what time it was - and then got myself up.  The plan was to stay in bed until noon - but apparently, my body had different ideas.  I guess it's already got to thinking that I should be up early every single day - even on weekends.  Even though I was not impressed at my early interruption of my slumber - I'm glad, now, that I got up when I did.

There's something funny going on in my house.  Not funny "ha-ha", but funny - as in weird, strange... not normal.  There's an energy I haven't felt before.  Like the fact that two kids were already up - Butter and Jelly.  One was sitting on the couch watching cartoons, the other was playing his PSP.  No arguing.  No fighting.  And smiles on both of their faces.

Then, a little while later, while Jelly is at the beginning of a meltdown because she wants to play the PS3 and can't get the controller to work - Peanut emerges and says "I got it Mom, I can fix it".  And then Jelly says "Thanks, Sissy, I love you".  Meltdown avoided.

And then, Butter asks if he can practice playing his trumpet.  Which he just got this week - and is now going to be playing in band.  I say it's OK.  I'm in the office, Hubby has gone out... why not?  I can barely hear it from where I'm sitting.  I get up to go get some coffee, and I hear laughter coming from Butter's room.  And it's Peanut's laughter.  I go take a look - and both Peanut and Butter are in Butter's room, laughing, getting along, having a good time.

Would now be an appropriate time to smack myself in the face a few times to make sure that I did, indeed, get up at 7:30am and I'm not just dreaming?

Face is sore.  I'm awake.  Went to go get more coffee and Butter and Jelly are now playing the PS3 together.  What is going on in my house?

That's a rhetorical question.  I actually think I know what's going on in my house.  This week happened.  A new journey.  A new beginning.  A time where siblings have had to stick together to support each other through a scary situation.  A time where a mother has achieved her dream, and is reveling in a beginning that has changed her outlook on life, brought her closer to her children, and embraced the sanctity of family.  A time where a father has seen the immediate change that's appeared in his family - and has brought the inner happiness out in him.  We are, once again, a strong unit.

I can say, with every part of my being, that I am not the same person I was three days ago.  Something has ignited inside of me.  I want my children to be involved in every activity that have the chance of being a part of.  I want to be involved in a community that supports the families, each other, and works together to make wonderful things happen.  I want to embrace the bond that has glued my family together - in a matter of 72 hours.  Siblings that would fight over the stupidest things are now laughing together, spending time with each other, and encouraging each other.

And will life remain all perfect, and Walton style forever?  Probably not.  But, it definitely will be different from now on - I can feel it.

I have a son who, just months ago, hated school.  No, that's not fair - he disliked school.  He didn't care for it.  He felt isolated - as if a giant bubble had been placed around him with a big sign that read "Danger!  Troubled Child Inside!"   He felt that his scholastic future had already been set in stone.  Forever, he would be labeled as "one of those kids" that has a hard time following the rules, doing what's expected of them.

This morning, with a lump in his throat, he told me how much he already loves his teacher.  He can't wait to go back on Monday.  He shared the awesome things he's been doing - in just 3 short days.  He's excited about his homework - of writing a song about himself.  There's a spark in his eyes that I have never seen before.  He's been ignited.  He's been given a sense of hope.  There's a difference in the way his teacher has reached out to him - and caught Butter's attention.  By filling the classroom with computers, and gadgets, and musical instruments... Butter's teacher has already transformed my son into a kid that feared school, to a kid that wants to be there.  And it's not just Butter's main teacher.  Butter is now going to be in the band.  He's going to play the trumpet.  He's excited about that, he seems dedicated to give it his best shot.  Oh, if Therapy Dude could see him now - in a matter of three days - he wouldn't believe the change that both Hubby and I have witnessed.

And, then there's Peanut.  The girl who cried for days when she found out she wouldn't be going back to the school she loved so much this year.  Just yesterday morning, she was almost in tears telling me how difficult the transition had been for her.  How she was having some difficulties making friends.  How the environment just wasn't what she was used to.  And I gave her only one piece of advice - Don't wait for them to come to you, go to them.  Open up a little.  Join in.

On her way home from school, yesterday, she wasn't the same.  She didn't stop talking about how much fun she'd had at school, how much she loved playing volleyball, how she wanted to be on the team, how much she'd laughed during her classes.  The ice had melted - and she's starting to settle in and find her ground.

Nay-Sayers may read this and feel that I'm jumping the gun.  It has only been three days, after all.  But, I'm going to believe that this is the beginning of a bright and beautiful future.  My family has been given a new beginning - a place where we fit in, are accepted, and a place we are going to love for years to come.  There will be ups and there will be downs - but things really are going to be different... I just know it.

Now, I have to snap back in to reality for a while and start working on some lesson plans.  While my kids enjoy their Saturday playing and having fun... I will be having my own fun - working on stuff for my classroom.  But, I'm going to embrace the energy filling my house right now... soak it all in.  The people who hired me, I'm working with, and are teaching my children have no idea how much of an impact they've already made on my family - and for that?  I will be eternally grateful.

Till next time.  ;)

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  1. It doesn't matter that it has only been three days. The beginning has now been set and there is a point in time they can remember. With that memory will come the strength to get through the rough places they will encounter. Not everyone gets that. Congrats that your family does.

  2. OMG - this whole thing made me almost cry about a billion times. LOVE THIS!


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