Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday's Letters

After yesterday's post, it feels good to have a theme post to write today.  I don't have to sit and stare at my screen and think about what I'm going to write about.  Now, I just have to come up with some letters...

Dear Blog Followers:  After much consideration, I believe I've finally come to a decision about what direction I want this blog to move towards.  I think I have.  I'm not ready to make any changes just yet - I need to do a little more thinking, planning, and come up with how I want to move in the direction I want to move.  What I can say is that I do not want to nor will I give up wanting to lose weight.  Regardless of it being something I do next week, next month, or next year... I will get back to making the pounds come off.  I can also say that my teaching career will have a lot of impact on my weight loss.  Being a teacher is all I've ever wanted to be - besides a wife and mother.  Which is also a very dominant part of my life:  Family.  So, maybe that will give you some insight to what I'm up to.  Maybe it won't.  But, it won't take long before I reveal what I have in store for Future Thin Gal.

Dear Hurricane Isaac:  I'll be honest, I haven't kept up with the impact you made to the coast line when you hit land.  I'm hoping you didn't cause too much damage, hurt any people, or caused anyone to lose their homes.  What I can say is that I'm now listening to your remnants fall outside my window - and I'm glad you're here.  We need the rain so desperately, and if it takes the aftermath of a hurricane to bring it...then so be it. 

Dear Bloggers Whose Blogs I Haven't Commented On Lately:  I apologize for my lack of comments.  I try to read as often as I can, but I've been doing a lousy job of commenting.  I promise that I will try to catch up over my three day weekend.  I've been reading posts here and there when I have a few minutes.. but my iPad isn't the best at letting me comment on blogs.  I haven't forgotten about you all, I promise.

Dear Apple:  Will you please, please, please consider working something out with Adobe so that I can have Flash on my iPad?  I love my iPad, I really do - but it would be so much more awesome if I was able to use it for the stuff that interests me most... like working on my class website, commenting on blogs, and writing up my lesson plans from an amazing website I discovered.  I'm able to get on through Safari to comment on some blogs, but it freezes up so much (because there's no Flash support) that it gets to be more of a hassle than it's worth.  I know this is all about money, but for once... could a couple of companies come together and work something out for the sake of their customers? 

Dear Owners of FREE Websites Who Want People to Pay Money for Purchasing Apps:  What's up with that?  I understand that this probably has something to do with the Flash issue that I just wrote to Apple about, but I just don't get the thinking behind your apps.  I can get on a website and create a free website or blog or planner or whatever else I'm making, using, etc. and then I realize you want me to pay $10 or MORE to install an app that will allow me to do all of that on my iPad.  And I really have to call Pinterest out on this one.  I love Pinterest.  I think it's a great concept for a website.  But, I can get on my laptop and pin to my heart's content for free... but in order to pin from my iPad, I have to pay $10?  That just doesn't make sense to me.  OK, carrying around my iPad is a lot more convenient than carrying around my laptop - but it's definitely not so much of an inconvenience that it would make me pay money so I can do it.  Once again, can't companies pull together to help out their customers?  I must be so naive and stupid to actually believe that people start and build companies for something other than becoming billionaires.

Dear Winter:  Oh, I've missed you so much.  It seems like summer has been here far too long.  I'm so ready for you to come back to me.  I'm literally counting down the days until I can expect to start feeling your presence.  And, when you do return this year... you better bring it a lot better than you did last year.  I'm not sure if you were dating spring last year or something - but the mild temperatures in the 50s and 60s that stayed with us the majority of the time just isn't acceptable.  The grasshoppers that are invading the area are laughing at you.  You can't let them win, can you?  Wipe them out!  Show them your power!  I want to actually use our fireplace this winter.  If you are still dating spring - She's no good for you!  She's messing with your head.  Get out of that relationship before your time to punch the clock this year happens.  Please?

Dear Wood That I Knocked On to Keep My Family All Walton Style:  You're broken.  Or you're not real wood.  I knocked on you just like I'm supposed to, yet my kids have gone right back to arguing and being moody and messing with my Kumbuya mojo.  The wood that I knocked on to keep my kids enjoying school was apparently real wood - or did what it was supposed to... so how come you didn't?  It's not right.  Peanut and Butter are back to fighting with each other every second.  And they get mad and attitudy at me when they don't do what THEY are supposed to do and I give them consequences for it.  Jelly keeps sporting an attitude or waking up in a bad mood or throwing hissy fits when she doesn't get her way.  Now, you've given me no choice but to turn in to Mean Mom.  I hate being Mean Mom.  Taking away computers or video games or time playing outside isn't something I enjoy doing at all.  Singing Kumbuya while they enjoyed doing all those things is what I want for my life.  And it's all your fault!

Dear Three Day Weekend:  OH YEA!!!  I'm so ready for you.  Not because I need a break from work - cause I love my job, and have no problem being there every day.  No, it's because I get to see family I haven't seen in weeks because I've been too busy on the weekends.  I get to make a trip to see P-Momma.. who I haven't seen since July.  JULY.  That's ridic.  And I get to see my parents.  I have barely even spoken to my mom on the phone the past two it will be so nice to spend a whole day with her.  And the best part?  I got all of my work done this week so I don't have to worry about carving time out from my relaxing three days off to do any of it.  Although, I'm sure all that family time will wear me out - and I'll be complaining about how tired I am when I go back to work.  But it's OK, I won't blame you - three day weekend.

Dear Me:  Go get dressed!  You have to get ready for work.

Till next time.  ;)

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  1. Glad to hear that you are not giving up on the weight loss!! And I'm excited to see what you have come up with!!


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