Tuesday, August 07, 2012

The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But the Truth

Found a new picture for my Truthful Tuesday posts, this morning.  I like it because it's simple.  The other pic I used was nice - and I really liked it - but it was hard to read when it was so small.  So, let's get to some truth, shall we?

To be honest... I am so happy that there is a puddle of water in my driveway. The same puddle that I usually loathe, because it's caused a huge pot hole that I have to drive over with super driving skills so not to ding the bottom of my car.  But seeing that water as I was driving out and through it, yesterday, made me smile.  We sure need more of that wet stuff around here.

To be honest... I felt really nervous, yesterday, when I met several of the teachers at work.  I've never liked being the "new girl" because it makes me feel out of place.  I'm also, apparently, terrible at remembering names - which makes my nerves even worse.  But, I know that as time goes on, I'll get to know all the people I will be working with - and it will be fine.  I just need to get over these newbie jitters.

To be honest... I was very surprised when I stepped on the scale this morning, and noticed my weight hasn't changed even though Aunt Flo arrived yesterday.  (TMI, I know.  Sorry.)  That caused some unexpected excitement.  She's usually my first go-to for lame-o excuses as to why I've gained weight on certain weeks... but I'd much rather declare that didn't happen.  Let's hope that continues for the rest of the week.

To be honest... I've been drinking water like a crazy woman. I've been drinking a little too much carbonated flavored water than I probably should - but it's calorie and sugar free.  I just don't like that they contain aspartame.  Everything I've read says it's not the end of the world to drink those carbonated waters and they are much better than diet sodas - just limit them.  They also help get rid of my "sweet tooth" cravings... so I guess that's a plus in my favor.

To be honest... I have officially decided to turn my back on Internet Explorer for good.  Up until a few months ago, I only ever used IE.  Then, I started having some issues that were driving me nutso - and finally gave in to Hubby's suggestion of switching to FireFox.  While I was skeptical, and still had a few issues, it was a better experience using FireFox.  Well, then IE came out with their new latest and greatest version - and Hubby twisted my arm to try it out.  And it took all of two days to switch back to FireFox.  I was so tired of pages taking forever to load, format errors on pages...and the worst thing?  Not having the squiggly red line under each misspelled word.  That's a feature FireFox has that IE doesn't....and I just couldn't live without it.  Instant spell check is very important to me.  

To be honest... I have developed an unhealthy addiction to Army Wives.  I am beating myself up for waiting so late in the summer to discover this wonder of TV magic.  For almost a week, I have sat in front of my TV any spare moment I have to try and fit in as many episodes from Netflix that I can get.  I have laughed, cried, and yelled at the TV while watching.  I'm now in the early stages of season 3 - and plan on knocking out the rest of what Netflix has before school starts next week. I just won't be able to concentrate on how busy I'm going to be with Army Wives looming over my head.

To be honest... I'm really nervous about Jelly starting school on Thursday.  She's so excited, but not having ever been in a "school" setting before just gives me the sweaty palms, increased heart rate symptoms.  And it's intensified by the fact that it's a church preschool.  Not because I don't think she'll do OK or because I think she'll cry and scream for me.  No, I'm terrified because over the course of the summer, my 4 year old daughter has somehow turned in to a 16 year old trapped inside a 4 year old body.  She uses sarcasm.  She rolls her eyes.  She says things like "What the freak?" and "What the heck?"  She has some attitude when she's asked to do something.  Which all reminds me of a certain 12 year old that lives in my house - that also has a 16 year old girl trapped inside of her.  I just have this horrible feeling that I'm either going to start receiving phone calls or getting quiet meetings with the director each day. *sigh*

To be honest... I think I now understand why Hubby has always been so grumpy about the amount of stuff I've let accumulate in our house for the past four years.  I'm starting to feel like there's no end to discovering even more things that I bought for my "one-day" classroom.  Every time I move something or open a drawer or sort through a box, I find more and more.  Yesterday, I hauled three more boxes to work - and I will be filling my trunk and backseat again today.  That's not including the amount of boxes I've taken over the past two weeks.  It's felt more like moving house than setting up my first classroom.  It's also made me realize that when we do actually move in to a new house - the moving part will suck big golf balls.  I've spent two weeks packing up stuff...and you can barely notice the dent that's been left behind.  Moving out of this house will take months of packing - I just know it.

To be honest... I was so saddened to hear about the burning of a Muslim Mosque in Joplin, MO and of the shooting that happened at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin this past week.  I don't know why attacks like this rip at my heart strings so much - but they do.  I guess it goes back to everything I was saying last week about how I wished there was more tolerance for all mankind than there is in this country.  

And lastly...

To be honest... I'm really happy and excited about the new journey that's coming faster and faster each minute.  This time next week, it will be the day before school starts.  I have no idea what will tumble out on this page then - but if I'm so nervous now, just think how I'll feel this time next week.  But regardless of how much I talk about my nerves or fears - they are nothing compared to the happiness and excitement that fills my body.  Regardless of how much I may doubt myself, I know that this has been a journey 25 years in the making.  I truly believe I was born and put on this earth to be a lover, a mother, and a teacher.  And for the first time in my life - all three of those powers will join forces...and there will be no stopping me.

Till next time. ;)
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  1. Joanna, a few parts of this post really made me giggle!! It started with the puddle story and ended with the vision of your 4 year old saying, "What the freak." What a strong little personality she has, huh?? I'm sure she will do great in school. It will probably be good for her to be around a bunch of kids her own age!

    Ah, so much more to say but my little guy just almost broke my lap top declaring, he's STARVING so I must go. (school starts next month here and I can't wait!)


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