Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Truthful Tuesday

Good Morning!  Good Morning!  Or, at least it probably is by the time you're reading.  I don't think anyone is silly enough to actually read blogs at 4:30am - except me, right?  And if you are, then there's probably a very valid, not silly reason why you are up so darn early reading blogs...just like my reason.  I get up at 4:30am so that I have an hour of peace and quiet time.  Nothing silly about that AT ALL.  And, while I'm being so honest, let's get to today's post - shall we?

To be honest... I'm really glad that I got to start work last week because it was a great adjustment period for the kids.  And me.  It felt good starting the day out, yesterday, being able to get right in to teaching - with just a few reminders about procedures.

To be honest... my kiddos came to school yesterday as themselves.  Meaning the honeymoon "quiet" stage is over, already.  I don't think of it as a bad thing - I'm actually quite happy they are getting used to me so quickly...although a couple wanted to test the boundaries of my classroom management.  Luckily for me, and not so much for them, they realized pretty quickly that my boundaries are made of rock.

To be honest... I was really shocked yesterday afternoon when I was finished with work at 4pm.  I really expected that I'd spend my first few weeks - or months - working in my classroom well in to the evening. 

To be honest... I've realized - pretty quickly - that science is not my forte.  I'm sure there will be some science lessons that catch my interest - but I'm going to have to work really hard to come up with some creative ways to teach science.  I guess I should be thankful that there is a nice chunk of time carved in to my day to teach science...and do what I can.

To be honest... I am very impressed with the food that's served at my school.  More particularly the salad bar.  I really can't get in to the habit of eating lunch at work - but the salad bar is an amazing fall back if I forget to take my lunch.  They have tons of fresh veggies, different cheeses, and an assortment of salad dressings.  And I LOVE the healthy options they provide for the kids.  Every day there is a salad option, but with the regular meals the kids are also required to take AT LEAST two fruits and/or veg. 

To be honest... I don't think I've ever seen any of my own children so excited about school.  Jelly is still waking up each morning asking if she's going to school and cheering when she finds out she is.  She was actually mad on Saturday and Sunday when she found out she wasn't going to school those days.  Butter was so proud yesterday afternoon when he informed me that he's on his class's blog playing his trumpet, AND he was proud of the homework he completed over the weekend.  And Peanut doesn't stop talking about how AMAZING volleyball is, and how she loves all the people she's getting to meet while playing. 

To be honest... Katniss still isn't happy about the two new kitties, but it has helped calm her demeanor down quite a bit.  She stays by my side, still, but isn't constantly jumping all over me.  And Hubby was able to sleep yesterday without being interrupted.  The kitties are hanging out in Butter's room during the day - but we let them out for a little while last night.  Katniss was still hissing like a crazy snake - but she was chasing them around the house in a more playful manner.  Her approach wasn't so threatening.  And Katniss is swiping at the kittens more, but without her claws out.  I think a few days of limiting their interactions may be beneficial for all of them, and they'll all learn to get along soon.

To be honest... I was able to have a big sigh of relief when I got my first paycheck yesterday.  I had been told that I was going to get one - but I wasn't sure.  I don't know of many school districts that pay their teachers in August - especially the new ones.  But I now know that mine definitely does.  And even though it was hard to see how much is taken out for retirement, the remaining amount wasn't as bad as I had expected either.  My check, after take-outs, is still more than double what I was making last year... so who can complain about that?

And lastly...

To be honest... I feel almost bad bragging about how great my life is right now.  I kinda expect to jinx myself.  Everyone in my house is happy - except maybe Katniss - and it's not just a normal happy, but a really content happy.  I keep telling Hubby and my kids that our new theme song is Kumbaya.  It's just so unbelievably fantastic how calm and happy everyone is...and I don't want anything to mess it up.  I expected life to change a little once school started - and I was living my dream - but I had no idea this is what would happen.  I guess Therapy Dude was right when he said that my temperament sets the tone for everyone that I live with.  If I'm ecstatically happy, then everyone else would follow suit.  And really, I am.  These first couple of days have been exactly what I've been waiting all those years for.  And I have no doubt in my mind that the happiness will continue - and even get stronger - the more the school year goes on. 

Now it's time to wake up my little munchkins for another exciting day...

Till next time. ;)

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  1. Science can be so fun to teach 4th graders. Depending on your curriculum you can make it hands on. You can do different science stations and rotate. Also, don't underestimate the use of crafts in science. My first year teaching science in a private school (i.e no money, no supplies, no useful books) I had to make do with what I could afford, so experiments were done in a crafty way, and fun for the (6th and 8th graders who still like to act like 4th graders) :)

    Good luck! You must be over the moon with this job!

    1. You're right. I actually did my senior project teaching a unit on force and motion that I had a blast with. I guess I'm just going to have to break out some more creative ways to teach - and I'm sure I'll have a lot more fun with it.


  2. That retirement deduction is harsh. Even as a sub where I live they take something like 8%. Considering that we have no choice in the matter - unlike people who work in the private sector, I'm still always amazed at the people who complain about teacher pensions. Nobody is getting something for nothing.

    1. I definitely CAN NOT complain about what my life will be like once I decide to retire. It's also nice to know that the money I put in will actually be there - and I'm not gambling on stocks or investments. It's just sometimes hard to see the "big picture" - meaning that I'm preparing for my future.

      I love the fact that I know that there's some serious money being added to my retirement fund each year, but with three kids - I can't help but miss the money a little. In my mind, I'd much rather have the money now being that I have so many mouths to feed. But, I'm sure I won't be saying that once I hit retirement age and actually have the money to enjoy it. LOL


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