Monday, August 20, 2012

The Whole Hunger Games Crew

Well, it was an exciting day in this house yesterday.  Which is really unusual for a Sunday.  I don't remember the last time I got to write on a Monday morning about how "exciting" my Sunday was... it's usually more along the lines of reporting a really lazy, boring Sunday.

But not yesterday!

You already know that I was up at 8am yesterday.  Well, as soon as I was all finished up writing my blog, I got ready and the whole family went out to do some grocery shopping.  And no, that's not the exciting part.  I do have more fun in my life than thinking that a trip to Wal-Mart is the highlight of my Sunday, thankyouverymuch!

I guess I should do a little back story before I get to the exciting part.

You all remember that while my parents were away in England, and right after I got my new job, I decided to get myself a new pet.  I gave up my precious dog to a new family, but wanted another companion.  So, I got a kitten - and named her Katniss.  Inspired by The Hunger Games.  Well, she's not such a little kitty, anymore.  This is a pic of her from a couple of weeks ago...

And she's even bigger now than what she was in that picture.  She's not a full size cat, yet, but definitely not a little kitten either.

Anywho, Katniss just isn't like ordinary cats.  In fact, she often reminds me of Asia - the dog I no longer have.  She likes to follow me around the house, curl up on my lap whenever I sit down, feels the need to be on me every minute of the day, and sleeps right next to me.  It's cute, and I love it... but sometimes it can get a little annoying.  It's really hard to work when I have a cat constantly climbing up the back of my computer chair, or sitting on my chest.

Hubby has been reporting that during the day, she's been missing me a lot.  And that means she drives him crazy.  Thankfully, Hubby actually likes Katniss.  But, when he's trying to sleep during the day after working all night - Katniss wants to play or be loved...and ends up waking Hubby.

Hubby made the suggestion that Katniss needed a playmate. Another cat.  I thought he had lost his mind.  He was thrilled when I did decide to give Asia up - because he loathed that dog.  I figured another animal in the house would be just as bad... OK, maybe not just as bad - but definitely didn't expect to hear that Hubby was OK with bringing yet another animal in.

So, back to yesterday and grocery shopping.  We finished up and were loading the groceries in the car when I informed Hubby that I wanted to think about getting a new kitten.  On one condition - I got to get a black cat.  I don't know why, but I've always wanted a black cat.  It has nothing to do with superstition - although having a black cat may keep some people away from my house - but I just think black cats are beautiful.  Hubby told me he didn't care - his only requirement was that it use the litter tray.  And then he jumped on his motorcycle and headed home.  Oh, I should probably mention that Hubby hardly ever goes anywhere with the kids and I in the car, anymore. Now that he has a motorcycle - and it's not 100 degrees outside - he likes to ride it when he can.

The kids and I are just about to leave, when I notice a van that has the sign "Free Kittens" on the side.  I immediately stop the car and jump out.  I ask if they have any black kittens, and they don't.  But, Peanut has followed me out and already ran to the box and let out a little squeal.  I go over to see what has caught her attention, and in the box are the most beautiful solid gray kittens.  Two of them.  There are also three black and white kittens - but more white than black.    Peanut has already picked up one of the gray kittens and is awwing and ahhing over it.  I had to admit, it was pretty stinkin' cute.  So, I picked up the other one.

They are so cute.  Both six weeks old.  Both look healthy, clean, and well taken care of.  And both female - which is another must, because I don't want Katniss ever getting pregnant.  I make the split decision that I don't need a black cat so bad - and gray will definitely be fine.  So, I tell Peanut to pick one.  She gives me this awful, baby eyed look and says "Mom, how can we just pick one?  We have to take both of them".  I respond with a nice - "OH NO WE DON'T - PICK ONE".  She whines and starts in with "But I will help take care of them, we can't split them up, they need to stay together..."  And of course, I stand firm, right?  Yeah.  No.  We somehow end up walking away with BOTH solid gray kittens.

And here they are....once we got home...

Exploring their new home

Sleeping together
Aren't they cute?  Being that we named Katniss from The Hunger Games, Peanut suggested we keep with that theme.  So, we named them Gale and Prim.  Gale is a male in the book, but I think it's a girl's name - so I was OK with it.  Of course, until they get collars, I have no idea which one is which.  They do have different colored eyes, so that's how we can tell them apart right now.

Everyone is happy with the new additions - accept Katniss.  She's not the slightest bit happy about the invasion of her territory.  She has hissed non-stop since these little bundles entered the house.  Both kittens have been very good about backing away from Katniss when she's on the attack.  Katniss has swiped at them a couple of times - if they got too close - but it's been more of a curious way than a hurtful way.  It seems it's definitely going to take her some time to get used to sharing her space, her owner, and her toys.

I decided to lock them up in Butter's room last night, so I wouldn't have to worry about cat fights breaking out in the middle of the night.  I could tell that Katniss was really stressed, because she didn't leave my side all night long - and each time I checked on her, she was facing the if waiting for something to invade in to her bedroom.  We are going to keep the kittens in Butter's room today, too, while we are at school. 

We are going to just slowly introduce them to each other over the next couple of days by limiting the amount of time Gale and Prim are out in the main parts of the house.  I just hope the adjustment isn't too hard on Katniss - because our intent was to give her some playmates... not make her feel like she is being replaced.  Hubby and I both thought that two kittens were just too much for her to deal with - but everything I've read tells me that two kittens are better than one when integrating in to a previous one cat household.  Two kittens provide support to each other while the dominant kitty gets used to the adjustment.

It's funny and ironic, in a way.  I went from bragging about how calm and peaceful my house has been with the kids not arguing and getting along wonderfully, to then bringing in two new family members who are now fighting with the head feline member of the household.  What was I thinking?

I just pray that they all learn to get along - and quickly.  I love Katniss - and she won't be going anywhere.  She was my gift to myself for getting my teaching job - she has special meaning to me.  She's been loyal and comforting and helped fill the void I was so desperately needing after Asia left.  I just hope that she can learn to get along with Gale and Prim - because they are now the kids' kittens.  They deserve pets, too.

OK, time for me to get ready for my first FULL week being a 4th grade teacher.  Wish me luck!

Till next time. ;)
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  1. OMG - You are an official cat lady!!! LMAO!!

    Congrats on your new arrivals!! Katniss will adjust and all will be fine!! Gale & Prim are such cuties!!

    We are having some cat drama in my house - my one escape artist is missing again....This is the 4th time she's escaped in a short time period. Each time she's been gone for longer and longer times. One of these times, I know she's not coming back. But what can I do? We set a have-a-heart trap and just wait and see. I have one older, miserable, crotchedy cat who hates the kids and I've had the evil thought that I wish it was her who would run away. But she's not stupid, she will never leave. lol. Cats.

    Have a great first week! And I hope the 3 Amigos don't bother hubby too much while he tries to sleep!

    1. I know, right!! That's what I told Peanut - I am now a cat lady. *SIGH*

      I have a feeling that Katniss is going to end up not liking my kids very much - because they've been giving so much attention to the new kittens. But, that doesn't bother me too much - because Katniss is mine and the kittens are theirs.

      I'm sure that they'll all get along - eventually.

  2. Hi. I recently found your blog. As a fellow teacher and cat mommy of 2 black cats and 1 gray cat, I really enjoy reading your posts.Congrats on "the Hunger Games crew." With some time and space Katniss will come around.


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