Sunday, August 26, 2012

No Weigh!!!

So, yeah, today is weigh in day... but I'm skipping it.  Not because I gained a bunch of weight and now I'm ashamed and don't want to admit it.  No, because I haven't been doing anything weight loss related - and so my weight is the same as it was last week - and it just seems pointless for me to talk about it.

You and I both know that you don't want to hear about how I'll try again this next week, and I'll really push myself to lose a couple of pounds.  When you know that I will say the exact same stuff next week, because I don't even have time to sneeze, let alone focus on my weight loss.

Besides, what I want to share instead is a little more fun.  I think so anyway.

Remember how yesterday, I whined shared that I had a lot to do and I was going to be sitting in front of my computer all day working?  Well, apparently I'm a big liar, liar pants on fire.  Because you know how much work I got done yesterday?  Zip.  Zilch.  Nada.

Technically, I didn't lie.  When I wrote my post, I had the absolute intention of doing everything I said I would.  But shortly after finishing my blog, and getting some laundry started, I saw on Facebook that there was a festival going on in a town close to me.  A big festival with crafts, kids activities, and a carnival.  And I also remembered a little promise I made my kids last year when the county fairs were in town.  Because I didn't have much money this time last year, I told them that as soon as I got a teaching job, I'd take them to a fair.

Well, the county fairs have been and gone.  Being that I didn't get my first paycheck until the beginning of last week, I just didn't have the money to take them again this year.  And, honestly, I didn't expect to get a check last week.  I really didn't think I would get paid until September - and so I budgeted accordingly.  Which means this last paycheck provided just a little have some fun with.  Not only that, but the weather was beautiful yesterday.  Cloudy and in the 80s. 

One thing that has lacked a little since school started is family time.  We've been gone so late each day that we haven't had any time to spend together as a family.  So, I made the rash decision that I would put off my work and Hubby and I would take the kids to the festival.

We all had a fantastic time.  We walked around the craft booths and I picked up the cutest sign for my classroom and a zebra striped pencil holder - with pink accents.  It has my first initial in pink.  LOVE IT!  Of course, I didn't get to spend as much time as I'd have like browsing and shopping.  The kids had only one destination they were interested in: The carnival.

I decided right off the bat that it would be cheaper spending $20 per kid on an armband than trying to buy tickets.  The tickets are $1 a piece and all of the rides were 3-5 tickets.  And the kids definitely made sure they got their money's worth.  We were at the carnival for 4 hours!

I discovered a few things while we were there.  One being that Jelly is a dare devil.  She had an OK time on the kiddy rides - but once she got a taste of rides like the Tilt O' Whirl, Himalayas, and the Ferris Wheel - she had no more appeal for the baby rides.  The faster the ride, the more Jelly laughed.  I was terrified to allow her on the Ferris wheel.  It was so high.  I wouldn't get on it - because I'm terrified of heights, and I didn't want to be sitting and swaying at the top of that thing as it was letting off people on the bottom.  So, Peanut took Jelly on.  And they both laughed and waved the whole time...

That's Peanut and Jelly in the yellow car
Another thing I learned is that I've turned in to a big scaredy cat.  I used to love going on carnival rides when I was younger.  But now?  I get a lot more enjoyment just watching the kids having a blast.  I did get on a couple of rides - and screamed more than I should have.  Two rides I refused to get on were the ferris wheel and the Drop Zone.  Drop Zone is a ride that pulls you up 100ft in the air and then lets you go, only to come to a screeching halt 2ft off the ground.  No.  Thank.  You.  My favorite ride has always been the Tilt O'Whirl, and I got on that thing several times - with Jelly.  I also had a couple of runs on a ride that portrayed hand gliding.  It flew up and down extremely fast.  My first time going was terrifying, but I was OK with it by my third time.  Here's Peanut and Butter on it, to give you an idea...

Lastly, I learned that Butter has really come along way with facing his fears.  He's never been much of a carnival ride lover.  The first big ride he went on, yesterday, caused him to feel a little queasy.  He's a little like me, I guess.  As long as the ride is close to the ground - he's OK with it.  He enjoyed the ferris wheel and the hand gliding high rides - but that was about it.  Which is why I almost had a heart attack when I was on the Tilt O'Whirl with Jelly and saw that Peanut and Butter were both in line to get on Drop Zone.  Peanut will ride Drop Zone all day long - doesn't bother her a bit.  But Butter?  Oh no.  I was sure the ride was going to cause him to pass out - or worse.  I got off the Tilt O'Whirl just in time to see the ride pulling them both up in to the air.  100 freaking feet in the air.  I held my breath, pushed a lump down in my throat, and waited.  The ride released, and they came hurling towards the ground.  Butter's face looked exactly how I expected to - pure fear smeared all over it.  I expected him to get off the ride in tears.  But what did he do when he got off the ride?  Let out a scream of excitement, and got straight back in line to do it all over again.  He loved it!  My kids are crazy, I tell ya.  Unfortunately, the last thing on my mind was getting a picture of that madness.  I wish I had thought about it, now.

All in all, it was a wonderful day.  And I don't regret putting off my work, one bit.  Of course, now I need to get it all done today.  So, enough from me... but I will leave you with some pictures of all the fun we had...

Jelly loved the inflatable slide
My favorite picture of Jelly - Look at that pure joy

Jelly on the mini roller coaster

Peanut and Butter are in the blue car

Butter's turn on the roller coaster
Butter and Jelly riding some motorcycles

Till next time. ;)

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  1. That is great that you were able to spend that quality time with your kids. I discovered this year that my youngest is a thrill seeker too. He was a bit of your Butter who faced his fear of a roller coaster and turned into your Jelly, going on them over and over and over and over and over again. I was at our fair for about 4 hours too with just him (my oldest went off with friends). But having your kids enjoy it, to imprint a positive memory in their mind, is sooooo worth the shirking of work day.

  2. Ha!! I had a similar experience at our Fair today. I did great on our Super Shot (I'm assuming its pretty much the same as your 100ft drop one) but my 62 year old father asked me to go on this Zipper one with him (Looks like I long shaped ferris wheel except you spin upside-down lots while rotating... F-ME I was scared stupid. I was in full-on anxiety mode screaming at them to stop the ride... they didn't. When it was done I had broken into a full-body sweat and my lower arms/hand and turned to pins and needles, not to mention my stomach. ANYWAYS, I realized when we're young we are less afraid and think we are invincible, but as we get older we(or maybe just I) go completely to the other side and don't want to take the same risks.


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