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Biggest Loser Week 1 Recap **SPOILER ALERT**

Warning:  If you have not watched this week's Biggest Loser, but plan on it, then don't read.  I will be revealing what happened and who got eliminated.  Just fair warning so that I'm not spoiling anything for you if you have it DVR'd.

It's Baaaacccckkkk!

Yep.  Season 14 of one of my most favorite shows in the world is back.  Although, there for a while I wondered if I'd even watch it.

Does anyone remember last season?  Ugh.  Who could forget, right?  AnaConda.  The evil witch that took the show from one of hope and inspiration to something that reminded us more of The Jersey Shore.  It was a total soap opera - and that's NOT why most people watch this reality show.  Every other reality show out there has it's drama and fighting and whatnot...but NOT my Biggest Loser.  That's why, after the appalling excuse of a show last season - I really thought about quitting on my beloved show.

Thankfully, once I heard that Jillian was going to be back this season, I decided to give it another shot.  I've forgiven friends when they've upset me in the past - might as well do the same for this ol' friend.

I really feel like the producers might have learned their lesson last season, because this season seems like it's going to be chocked full of sappy, heart wrenching, grab a box of Kleenex goodness.  Which is the only reason I watch the show.  I want to see people change their lives.  I want to see the contestants work with each other, support each other, and get through their barriers to succeed.  And, let's face it... I also watch to feel inspired to get off the couch and do something for myself.

I had to chuckle to myself while watching the first two episodes and hearing that the show, this season, is going to challenge America to "Make small steps".  Hmmm...isn't that the goal that I set for myself?  Why, yes it is!  The other subject they are tackling this season is childhood obesity.

At first, I didn't know how I'd feel about their being kids on the show.  I mean, I didn't know how they would pull off trying to teach kids the importance of getting healthy without it being a weight loss competition for them.  I am so happy to see that they brought in three kids that will be a part of the teams - but not compete in any form of weight loss challenge.  They are immune from weigh-ins, red lines, and elimination.  They also don't live on the ranch, but come in for challenges and work-outs with the trainers.  Separate work-outs - not the crazy, move till you puke work-outs the contestants are going through.  Having the kids on the show has also perked the interest of Peanut and Butter to join me while watching.  Not that my children are obese, but I like the fact that they can watch with me and see how important it is for kids to stay active...and not live in the shadow of their mother.  Sad as that sounds...but the cold, hard, truth.

So, first night.  It was the night the 15 people who will compete were chosen.  I was in tears pretty early on when I was introduced to TC.  He was a father who had been in a car wreck two years prior.  His son was in a car seat behind him, and because of TC's weight - his chair had broken, causing him to smash in to his son behind him.  The result was a broken eye socket and a fractured skull of his poor little boy.  He made the promise to his son, while in the hospital, that TC would lose the weight if his son pulled through.  His son made a full recovery, with only a few scars to remind TC of the accident.

After the teams were chosen, it was straight to the first work-out.  And, OMG, what a work-out.  Puke, crying, and fainting galore.  I couldn't believe the amount of them that were hitting the floor - and only 15 minutes in to the work-out.  The vigorous work-outs separated the weak from the determined...and it didn't take long for one person to quit.  Yes, quit.  As in pack her bags and leave.  I always hate it when I see something like that.  I mean, there are so many people that try out for the show that would give their right arm and leg for a shot at being on the ranch.  And, on the first day someone gives up their spot and leaves.  Sad.

The worst part was, they didn't let that contestant take the spot of an eliminated player.  They still had a weigh-in..and still sent someone home.  Who went home?  TC.  The guy I liked so much...gone the very first week.  I have to say, though, I was glad to see the reappearance of the red line.  No deliberations, no vote... just the red line that determined the fate of the person with the lowest percentage of weight loss for the losing team.

On Monday night's show, the trainers got to design their own work-out space for their teams.  Poor Jillian was down to three members on her team.  Dolvett and Bob each had five.   Bob went with a CrossFit type work-out space, Dolvett went with a military style area, and Jillian did what Jillian does and created an area that used mostly body weight as the equipment.

Week two weigh in came quickly - and everyone was worried about the week 2 curse.  Because everyone loses crazy amounts of weight the first week, the second week everyone expects to not lose very much.  I was really surprised that most of the contestants pulled off pretty good numbers the 2nd week.  The final weigh-in came down to Bob's team and Jillian's team.  One of Bob's didn't lose anything.  Nada.  In order for Jillian's team to win, the white team's last person (Nate), had to lose more than 5lbs.  He stood on the scale and lost 5lbs.  Not enough.  He was sent home.

I don't like it when stuff like that happens.  I don't like it when they say "more than...".  If someone needs 6lbs to be safe, they should say "you need to have lost at least 6lbs".  But that's neither here nor there.  I really don't like it when someone who loses weight gets sent home, while a person that lost nothing gets to stay.  But, I guess that's how it goes..and there's nothing I can do about it.

So, now, Jillian only has two players left on her team - while Dolvett and Bob's teams are both fully intact.

I'm already excited for next week's shows.  That's a feeling I missed out on last season.  I only continued to watch last season because I was hoping that was the week that AnaConda was sent home.  This time around, I'm really hoping that my excitement continues to stem from wanting to see progress and change in the contestants. 

And changing the subject just a little.... I'm happy to report that when I got out of bed this morning, my legs were killing me.  I've been keeping with my "small steps" mantra this week.  Each time I walked the hallways at work, I power walked them.  I didn't realize how many times I walk the hallways.  But, apparently it's enough to make my legs hurt.  That's a good sign.  I hope.  We shall see.

But, now it's time to get ready for work.


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  1. I wasn't going to watch it, but I think I will after reading your post. OMG, wonder what that beast is up to these days...

    How I love to hate that show!


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