Sunday, January 06, 2013

Just Gotta Rely on My To-Do List

Before leaving work on Friday, I had a million things racing around my head about what I needed to get done over the weekend.  That's what happens when I have an entire two weeks off work, and I choose to sit on my caboose the whole time - and take care of a sick child - instead of actually doing it.  All day, I just kept reminding myself of the stuff I had to have ready by Monday.

My usual routine would be to walk out the door, work on stuff all weekend, and then walk back in to the classroom on Monday and be hit with the "Oh crud, I forgot to... ".  Then, I'm racing around like a crazy woman trying to get that one thing I forgot done before my lovelies walk in to the room. 

Friday, I decided to try something else.

Before leaving, I sat at my desk and created a to-do list.  It took me all of 5 minutes.  I scanned my room, my file folders for next week, and the little sticky notes I had written to myself on my desk.  I then wrote up a quick list.

Yesterday, when I sat down to work, I didn't sit there forever trying to remember all of the things I had to do - I just went straight to my list.  And the funny thing was, as I was working, something would pop in to my head that I forgot to write on my list - so I just added it and kept on working.

I had one big project that I wanted to knock out this weekend... but after sitting at the computer for 4 hours and only being less than a quarter of the way in, I decided that it was a project that was going to take a couple of weekends.  Or, a few days after school being that I might have to start working late again because Butter wants to try out for the basketball team. 

It's funny to me, because I actually happen to consider myself a pretty organized person.  To a point.  I'm meticulous with calendars - keeping three running at once, usually.  Important dates, appointments, and stuff go on a shared calendar on my computer, in my phone, and in my written planner.  I'm also meticulous with my plans...keeping a written version and a typed version.  But, when it comes to stuff that I have to do - I've always been a wing it kind of person.  I just try to store it in my brain -'s not the best way to keep on top of things.

Something was different while I was working yesterday.  I was more at ease.  I felt more organized.  Definitely felt a lot more productive.  And that's when it dawned on me that just having a small list sitting next to me to keep me on track was all I needed.

So, that's something else I'm going to add to my goal list.  Start keeping to-do lists around so that I keep myself focused on what needs to be done..and check them off as I go.

Which, yesterday's list still has some unchecked that's where I need to be focused now.



  1. I think making lists is genetic! My mother did it, I do it, and my niece (who was adopted and raised away from our family) does it!

    I just had John put up a white board in my office -- it's a great way to write down things I need to do!

    You're going to love the rest of the school year -- it will fly by!

    1. That is probably true. My family doesn't make it's something I'm going to have to train myself to do. I'm a queen at writing sticky note after sticky note and placing them all over the place - I just have to make sure I write stuff down on the same piece of paper.. LOL

      You're right.. I am going to love it. I can't believe there's only 18 weeks left of school. Mind blowing!

  2. I looooove lists. I make one every, single day. I feel like Superwoman when I check off the boxes. ;)

    1. I have to admit, I felt pretty darned good about myself when I checked off the stuff that I'd done. Definitely something I'm going to start doing from now on.

  3. lists are just one of my favorite of right now I even have different list apps on my phone for different things. lol but they make me feel so accomplished :)


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