Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Well, Hello Jell-O!

Say hello to my new best friend.

Oh yes.  Sugar Free Jell-O.

Up until yesterday, I hadn't eaten jell-o in quite some time.  So long, in fact, that I don't even remember the last time I put some of the squishy, semi liquid/ semi solid food in to my mouth.  It just never really appealed to me when I could just have a candy bar or cake or cookies to satisfy my sweet tooth.

This morning marks the beginning of Day 3 of Aktins.  I'm happy to report that I'm still going strong, and I haven't had the slightest craving for breads, pastas, or any other carb.  And I was tested, yesterday, believe me.

At lunch, I sat and ate my bowl of raw cauliflower, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and green peppers along with my 4ozs of roast beef.  All the while those around me were chowing down on on an array of yummy, carb loaded foods.  I even sat and watched as my favorite fruit salad was eaten by a member of my teaching team.  It's a fruit salad made with grapes, pineapple, apple, cottage cheese, pecans, and heavy whipping cream.  The ladies in the cafeteria make it for the teachers occasionally - and it's my most favorite thing that they make.  Yet, I didn't even drool as I sat there watching it disappear before my eyes.

Although, after I'd finished eating my lunch and seeing that fruit salad, I did get a little craving for something sweet.  Thankfully, I'd packed the one sweet treat I can have that's totally guilt free:  Sugar free jell-o.

I was stunned by how sweet and satisfying a small package of jell-o can be.

I was in a similar situation last night while I watched my family eat baked chicken and fries...followed by banana cake that Hubby had made on Sunday.  I got to have the chicken, but my side was garlic cauliflower.  The fries didn't bother was the banana cake.  So, I reached for a jell-o pack.  Once again, sweet tooth satisfied.

I know that I've only been going at this for two days... but I kinda expected it to be a lot harder than it is.  I kinda expected to look at "forbidden foods" and want them more than anything...and would have to have an internal blow-up with myself in order to overcome the temptation.  Nothing like that so far - but I also haven't gotten through the first WEEK, which is supposed to be the hardest part.

I did break a cardinal rule this morning and stood on the scale.  I know better than to weigh in just two days after starting... but I'm kinda glad I did.  Just two days in and already down 3lbs.  The funny thing is, I was weighing myself every day last week - just to remind myself every morning that I needed to stop eating junk food.  My weight fluctuated within less than a pound each day... so seeing a change of 3lbs in two days is a big deal.  Definitely recharged my motivation level...even though it didn't really need recharging.

I've also decided to just accept that I'm going to run in to naysayers while being on Atkins.  And that it's OK and isn't going to affect me at all.

As my good friend, Jenn, said yesterday in her comment:
I think Atkins, when done the right way (the way you are planning on doing it), is just as good as any other diet option out there. I've dabbled in it before and found that people's criticism of it got old QUICK. I just told people I was low carbin' and they were much more accepting of that answer...
That's absolutely right.  It does get old quick... but I think any and all diet programs have their successes and their failures - it all depends on how it's done.

I've lost weight before by sticking to eating healthy, controlling my portion sizes, low-fat diets, "clean" diets.... but it all came down to my follow through.  I lost weight, went back to eating how I always had before, gained it right back.  I'm pretty sure that any diet plan is going to have the same effect.  The same will happen with Atkins - if I don't follow it through.

Yesterday, I was able to read several success stories who had been on Atkins for at least 5 years...and had kept all of their weight off.  They enjoy a piece of pizza now and then, have cake for their birthdays, and go out and eat meals with their family and friends.  But, because they've been through all 4 phases, and have trained their body and minds for the amount of carbs they can consume - it doesn't lead to a out of control spiral that ends up with them gaining all the weight back.

So, I know that it is possible to have great, long-lasting results with Atkins.  I just have to stick with it and give it the chance it deserves.  And, even though I'm only two days in, I see it being something I can totally do.  As long as there's Jell-O for me to enjoy.  HA!



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    1. Thanks, Cathy!! I definitely love the support. :)

  2. Oh, Jo, once you try to eat birthday cake, you'll never want to eat it again.. Or anything super sugary.. I tried birthday cake after being on it for a couple months and could only eat one bite because the sugar made my stomach upset..

    And jell-o is a live saver! lol.. OH, you've got to try SF White Chocolate pudding, once you get off the two week Induction.. It's WONDERFUL (made with half and half instead of milk) with fruit.. :)

    1. I will look forward to that... except I will be on induction for longer than 2 weeks. I'm going to stick to the advice of the program and stay on induction until I'm about 30-40lbs within goal weight. So, I have about 50lbs to go before then. Some people can be on induction for a few months, if they need to be. I think I'm one of them.

      Until then, I'll focus on the goodness that awaits in Phase 2.. LOL


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