Friday, February 15, 2013

A Wonderful Way to Move in to A Fun-Filled Four Day Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day.  I did.  It was totally awesome.  The part where I wasn't at home, anyways.  HA!

My kiddos really showered me with love all day from gifts to cards to hugs to behaving themselves as much as they could having to look at a table completely packed with candy and treats and not being able to enjoy any of it until the very end of the day.

I always tell myself that I should take a picture of the stuff my kids bring for parties, but I always forget.  The amount of stuff would probably shock you... I know it's shocked me each time we've had a party this year.

But, I did remember to take a picture of the goodies they bought for me.

I got a chocolate rose, a box of chocolate covered cherries, a heart shaped box of chocolates, a peach Crush with a small bag of candy, a Pepsi, a bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper, 2 large suckers, a massaging cat, a Bath & Body works set, and a tulip plant.

The Bath & Body works set was courtesy of my super amazing Secret Pal, the peach Crush came from an anonymous sender, and the rest came from my kiddos.

The picture doesn't even include the treat bag that my kiddos made for me to ensure that I got whatever was being passed out around the class during the party.

The tulips I have to talk about, because it was the biggest surprise of the day.

While my kids were in their P.E. class, I was helping with a student council fundraiser - we were delivering Crush's to classes.  I saw the parent walk in the front door with the tulips in hand.  I was called to the office, but I had to go and retrieve my lil guy from P.E. at his dad's request.  When we both got back to the office, my lil guy's dad looked at the tulips and gave a little head nod to his son indicating it was to give to me.  I'm not sure if the smile on my face or the smile on my lil guy's face was bigger.

You see, this was the same kiddo that got me the awesome collection of sweets from the local candy store for my birthday, do you remember that?  Well, I made a little joke on Wednesday and told him to stay away from the candy store for Valentine's day - due to my diet.  I had no idea he would actually listen.  He instructed his parents to buy me flowers, instead, because I couldn't have candy or chocolates.

Is there anything more sweet than that?

I don't have favorites in my class.  But there's just something about that little boy that melts my heart - and it has nothing to do with the extravagant gifts he buys for me.  I told you about him in my birthday post.  I swear, it will be super hard to say goodbye to all of my kiddos on the last day of school.  But my lil guy?  I just know I'm going to bawl like a baby for having to let him leave.

It just happens to be an added bonus that he's the brother of Peanut's beau.  Or should I say best-friend, because he's not allowed to date until he's 16.  I just love that family.  To two very supportive parents, to an amazing older son that makes my daughter feel so special each and every day, to a younger son that makes me feel special each and every day, to a younger daughter I've haven't met - yet - but I really hope she's in my class once she gets to 4th grade.  In fact, their mom is the only parent I have as a friend on Facebook.

Speaking of the older brother, Peanut sent him a can of Crush yesterday.  He didn't send any to anyone.  He received two, however.  At the end of the day, Peanut informed me that he gave her the extra can he received.  He kept the one Peanut sent him, and gave her the one he'd received from someone else.  Not sure how sweet that comes off to you guys - but I know that Peanut thought it was amazing...and so do I.

Anywho, I've gotten way off course here somehow.

So, to wrap up, yesterday was an awesome day.

Today?  I'm at home.  NO WORK FOR ME!!  I do have to take Butter to a doctor's appointment here in a little while, and I have tons of grading and plans to write for next week.  But, once I'm done with all that?  I get to enjoy the rest of my time off.

Tomorrow night we're all going out to eat for my dad's birthday.  Then, I'm going back to my parent's house so that Mom and I can go and play bingo ALL DAY LONG on Sunday.  Then, it's another night at my mom's house and home Monday morning so I can rest at least one day before going back to work.

Fun times!!

Everyone else enjoy your day, I know I will.  :)


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  1. Sounds like you have a great weekend planned! Happy Birthday to your dad :)


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