Saturday, February 23, 2013

Kid Free and Full of Glee... Kind of

Oh yes.  That picture sure does say it all.  That's the image I have this very second of Hubby and I.  Jumping for joy in a paradise....why?

Because the kids are all at their grandparent's house until tomorrow!

In fact, that is the image I've had in my mind since 4pm yesterday - when Hubby drove us down my parents' driveway after dropping the kids off.

We spent our afternoon, yesterday, looking at the house.  To my dismay, and Hubby's joy, we didn't like the house at all.  It was a lot older than it looked from the outside, and needed some major renovations.  It had the weirdest floor plan I'd ever seen in a house, and we knew from the moment we walked in that it was a no-go.

But, that hasn't stopped me from being permanently attached to the realtor sites looking for something else.  I just know that our house is out there somewhere...and it's just going to take some time to find it.  I have a large list of "must haves" and that makes the list of options a lot smaller.  Hubby and I both want to be outside of city limits, preferably on a couple of acres.  The house has to be livable with only minor cosmetic work needing to be done.  It also HAS to have 4 bedrooms.  I'm not going to shell out $100,000 + on a house and my kids not be able to have their own rooms.   That's just something I won't budge on.  If this is going to be our dream home, then it better be a dream home for the kids too.

In all honesty, our dream would to just stay where we are and build on the land we've been paying for the past 7 years.  But, that's not exactly going in our favor...and I'm just not willing to wait as long as that could take to happen.  My stress and depression level rises each day I have to stay in this piece of junk house - and waiting several more months while the plans are being set to get rid of the house we're currently in and just buying the land is just too much time for me to wait.  Especially now knowing that I have a pre-approval letter in hand to find something else.

And it isn't just an impatient thing.  We've been trying for months and months and months and months and... well, you get the picture.. to try and buy this land outright, but we've had road block after road block and I just don't think I can stick it out anymore.

What I really need is a day to get away from it all.  And that's Hubby and my plan for the day.  We're going to drive around and do a little shopping, go out for dinner, and help me get my mind away from everything that's buzzing around in there.  The more I'm away from this house, the happier I am.

So, that's probably what I should do rather than sit here.  Right?

Have a great Saturday, everyone!


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  1. Have fun! Good idea to just get away. It will all happen -- just like your job!


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