Monday, February 18, 2013

Another Post While I'm Away - Part II

Hopefully, you enjoyed reading 24 answers to random questions I answered yesterday.  Actually, I wrote them on Saturday, because I'm currently at my parent's house until later on Monday (or today if this thing posted correctly).  If you didn't, well then you probably don't need to read today's's 24 different questions.

If you did enjoy yesterday's post - well, here's some more for ya.

25.  Mountain hideaway or beach house?

Beach house, please!  On a coast that has dry heat rather than excruciating humid heat.  If you're only offering humid heat, then I'll take the mountain hideaway.

26.  Favorite sports to watch?

Not really in to watching any professional sports.  I'll occasionally catch an English Premier League soccer game with my dad when I'm at my parent's house.  Other than that, I'll take watching semi-pro baseball at the baseball field or any sports that my kids play.

27.  Hair color?

Brown.  Dark brown.  Although lighter than it was when I was a kid - when it was almost black.  That's what years of coloring will do to ya, I suppose.

28.  Eye color?

Almost black.  They used to match my hair, but not anymore.

29.  Do you wear contacts?

No.  I wear glasses.  I have this very weird thing where I can't stand the thought of having something in my eye.  I'm a constant eye rubber - as unsanitary as that is.  I just know that if I ever decided to try contacts out, they'd drive me nuts because I'd be constantly messing with them or accidently knocking them out of my eye when I rub my eyes.

30.  Favorite food?

Steak.  Or bacon.  No, bread.  Well, maybe pasta.  I really like pizza, too.  And Chinese food.   Hmm...and I wonder why I have a weight problem.  Bad question for someone like me.

31.  Scary movies or happy endings?

Scary movies!! I love good, paranormal type scary movies.  Not really in to the slasher movies... but I'm a sucker for a movie about a ghost or a possession or demons or something like that.

32.  Last movie you watched?

Hit and Run.  That's the newest Dax Shepard movie, and I'm totally in love with Dax.  Here's a yummy picture of him...

I don't know what it is about this man, but I'm totally in love with him.  You can keep your Brad Pitts and Channing Tatums - I'd take Dax over any of them, any day.

33.  What color shirt are you wearing?


34.  Summer or winter?

Definitely winter, when we actually have a winter.  I like cold weather, snow on the ground, and my behind planted firmly on the couch with a blanket.  Unfortunately for me, though, the last two winters have been extremely mild and I haven't even needed more than a light jacket to go out.

35.  Favorite dessert?

Really?  What's with all the food questions.  I'm trying so hard to be good, here, and I keep getting constant reminders of all the things I'm trying to avoid.


36.  Strength training or cardio?

Cardio.  I never really cared much for strength training.

37.  Computer or television?

There's really no comparison.  I enjoy both, equally.  I don't watch TV on the computer and I don't type or social network on my TV.  If I'm in the mood to watch a movie or TV show, I do it on the TV.  If I want to write a blog, see what's happening on Facebook, read blogs, etc. then I use my computer... or my phone or iPad.

38.  What book are you reading now?

Well, I'm not reading any book now.  I'm writing a blog.  I'm talented, but not talented enough to read a book and type a blog at the same time.  If you're asking what book am I currently in the middle of reading then it would be More Sideways Stories from Wayside High and My Teacher is an Alien.  The books I'm reading with my classes.

39.  What is on your mouse pad?

Striped lines in different colors.  There are some pinks, brown, white, purple, orange, blue, and green stripes.

40.  Favorite sound?

My kids laughing.  Or the sound of them not fighting.  Or calming piano tunes.

41.  Favorite genre of music?

I'm a big music fan.  I love many different genres, and what I listen to usually depends on my mood.  My favorites include today's pop hits, alternative, 90's, 90's alternative, classical, 80's, classic rock.  In fact, the only music I really don't enjoy is country music.  Which them be fighting words in my neck of the woods - so don't tell anyone, m'kay?

42.  What is the farthest you have been from home?

Depends on which home.  When I was 12, the farthest would have been Oklahoma from London.  When I lived in Oklahoma, it was to Texas.  When I lived in Northwest Arkansas, it would be to Los Angeles, California.

43.  Do you have a special talent?

Well, I can sing.  I don't very often, accept when I'm in my car.  But I can sing.

44.  Where were you born?

London, England.

45.  Where are you living right now?

In a podunk town in Northwest Arkansas.

46.  What color is your house?

Beige.  With black shutters around the windows.

47.  What color is your car?


48.  Did you enjoy answering 48 questions?

I did, accept I feel like the first 24 required a little more thought and effort.  These last 24 were more one answer it took a lot less time to write this post than "yesterday's".

OK...that's it from me.


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