Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Well, That's Just Disappointing...

How do you make an entire counties of teachers stay up until ungodly hours, band together in prayer chains, and then make them all cry hysterically in a matter of 12 hours?

Tell them snow is coming.

Oh yes.  It appears that NW Arkansas and SW Missouri is in for another snow-day free winter.  Oh goody! *Insert massive amounts of sarcasm*

All day, yesterday, every teacher in every school district in our area was keeping a close eye on the weather.  It was even worse once school got out.  Why?  Because we were given a slither of hope that we'd be getting snow...and not just a little.  That word was used that sends us all in a frenzy and causes crazy behavior like snow dancing, getting up out of our chairs every three minutes to check outside, keeping our TVs constantly tuned to the weather channel, and staying up until well past our bedtimes chatting on Facebook seeing what's happening where in terms of any snow sightings.  ACCUMULATION.

Oh, and we got it.  We got a whopping 1/2- 1" that accumulated enough on the windshields of our cars to be a pain in the rear end when we have to go out there to drive to school. *Sigh*

I guess I can't complain too much.  I am getting Friday and Monday off.

I remember the good ol' days from when I was in school, and the slightest dusting meant a snow day.  Heck, I even remember a few occasions when school was cancelled because there was snow in the forecast - and then we ended up with a few flurries.  I guess I'm now paying the price for those over zealous superintendents...and now there has to be actual inches worth of accumulation before there's even a consideration of a snow day.

In other disappointing news....anyone catch Biggest Loser this week? *SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN'T!*

I wasn't very happy this week. I really hate weeks with temptations...especially when there are people that eat and barely scrape by because they got the 2lb advantage.

That's what happened this week.  Francelina and Alex both participated in the temptation - as well as Jeff, but he only ate about 200 calories.

I was shocked to see Francelina participate, because she's been having a really good run.  Alex, on the other hand, drives me nuts - and tries to find any way possible to skate by on the coat tails of others.  Lucky for her, Francelina won the challenge - and then gave Alex the other 2lb advantage because she "took a risk".  Blah!

But that's not what bothered me the most.  I was not surprised when Francelina fell below the yellow line this week - that's karma's way of telling her she should have just stuck to her guns and not consumed 1500 calories of junk.  I was ticked off Alex got a high number, but I was even more ticked off when Mike had to lose more than 10lbs to be safe...and lost 10lbs.

I really thought that after the temptation, the rest of the house would let Mike stay and send Francelina packing.  He earned every pound of his weight loss.  Yet, no.  The group decides to send Mike home...because he's the biggest threat.  Well, hello Game Play - I was wondering when you'd show your ugly face.

The jerk of the week award goes to Jeff.  He and Mike made a promise to each other at the beginning of the show that they wouldn't vote for each other - no matter what.  Then, Jeff decides to think of competition, and then uses the LAMEST excuse as to why he voted off his roommate.  Jeff said he based his decision on the percentage of weight loss for the week.  Mike had the lowest percentage by 1/10th of a percentage.  YET, Francelina only got hers with a 2lb advantage.  So, Jeff was a total idiot when he voted Mike off for that reason... because the lowest loser was, in fact, Francelina.

I told you a few weeks ago that I didn't like that guy.  He's shady.  And now he appears to be a back stabber.  I don't have any love for people like that.

But, that's life, I suppose.

Oh well, it's that time to go and get ready for work.  I'm gonna look on the bright side and not focus on the fact that we lost out on a snow day, but focus on the fact that I have only two days left of this week and then I get to enjoy a nice, long, 4 day weekend.


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