Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Truthful Tuesday

To be honest... I'm a little unsure about this sore throat I woke up with.  Not sure if it's from the heating being on, the constant change in the freakin' temperatures, allergies, or I'm getting sick.  I've got a three out of four chance that it's nothing...so I'm liking those odds.

To be honest... I refuse to get too excited about all the snow talk that's going on right now.  Since last Friday, there's been a whisper that we'll be getting some snow tonight.  Well, the forecast has changed about every hour - so I'm not sure what to think.  One minute we're in for 1-3" of accumulation, the next we're in for less than an inch, the next we're getting 1-2" of slushy, wet, snow.  It just blows my mind that yesterday I was outside in a light sweater, and tomorrow I could be bundling up to go out in freezing temps.  And I wonder why my throat hurts and my nose is running.  Humph!  Of course, knowing my luck, we'll get just enough snow to make the ground too nasty and wet for outside recess... but not near enough to have a snow day.

To be honest... I didn't mean to worry anyone with my pathetic weigh-in post yesterday.  I'm so thankful for the support and encouragement.  I didn't want to put the vibe out there that I was giving up, I just meant that I didn't want to keep making empty promises.  It seems like the more I talk about being successful, the more failure that comes my way.  I figure if I just take one day at a time (my beginning of the year mantra), I might be able to see better results.  But, thanks again for being so kind to me.

To be honest... I'm really nervous about being away from school today.  I have professional development, and I have a sub that I don't know.  To make things worse, I'm getting a new student today...another one.  That's two in a week.  I hate not being there when a new student comes.  Hopefully, he gets settled in OK and makes it through until I get there this afternoon.

To be honest... I did a little happy dance last night when I found out that Peanut's best friend (whom she's goo-goo over) asked her to the formal dance.  He is such a sweet, caring, and smart young man - and I couldn't be happier about it.  He's not allowed to "date" until he's 16... so Peanut is fully OK with them just being best friends.  And so is Momma.  He even stayed with her at the basketball game last night, even though he has absolutely NO interest in 5th and 6th grade basketball.  I'm lucky enough to have his little brother in my class, and I have gotten to know his family pretty well also.  So happy for my baby girl!

To be honest... I'm really hoping that Hubby and I can have a day out on Saturday.  We're both not too keen on trying to get out the weekend after Valentine's Day, but we definitely need some time alone.  He HATES Valentine's day, so we're looking at it as more of a late birthday date night.  My hope is that we can go make a visit to the construction company I want to build us a house and find out where we stand and how much of a possibility it is for us to start building our house pretty soon.  That would be the BEST late birthday present EVA!

To be honest... As much as I can't wait to start the process of getting a house built, I'm very nervous about our current situation with buying the land we're currently living on.  It's complicated because we've been paying for the land for the past seven years, but we've been paying Hubby's dad and he's been paying the land owner.  We have nothing in our name, right now, and I'm worried that it's going to be a lot more difficult than we think to get something in our name.  Fingers crossed things all work out.

To be honest... I should probably think about going to get ready.  I need to get to school early and make sure everything is ready to go for the sub.  I just hope this day flies by.  Not a big fan of being away from my kiddos.


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  1. that's so sweet - so happy for your little girl :)


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