Thursday, February 21, 2013

Now I Remember What a Snow Day Is

So, after a long wait, I've finally gotten my snow day.  Of course, it came on the week that was already shortened by a four day weekend - but am I going to complain?  I. Think. Not!

School dismissed at 1pm yesterday because we started getting some pretty heavy snow.  Although, once the announcement was made at 11:30, it stopped and had pretty much melted by the time we were traveling home.  Again, no complaints from me because I am TERRIFIED to drive in the snow.  I was very happy to get to drive home on wet roads rather than slippery, snow covered roads.

This morning, I was up at 5am just a wishin' and hoping', plannin' and dreamin' that I'd get the news I was waiting for.  And it came shortly before 6am.  I'm glad I decided to not wake up the kids...even though I was risking it a little.  None of the schools around me closed, but I guess I should once again thank my lucky stars that I got a teaching job in a rural school in the mountains - because when it snows or drops down the slightest amounts of freezing rain - it's bad news for the bus drivers.

So, I took my happy behind back to bed, watched a little TV, and decided to go back to sleep around 7am for an hour.

Now I'm up and in my PJ's listening to rain.  There's a possibility of more freezing rain, but as of right now it's just very wet in my neck of the woods.

So, are you wondering what happened to me yesterday?  Did you notice that I hadn't made a post?  Well, that's because I was too busy scanning in documents and emailing people instead of doing my regular before school blog post.

I mentioned, quickly, in my post on Tuesday that I had gotten a pre-approval for a home loan.  It's true!  I found a lender that's willing to offer me a zero down home loan, issued me a pre-approval letter the same day, and just needed a few documents from me to get everything moving.

To add icing on the cake, Tuesday afternoon a Realtor I had spoken to on Monday sent me a listing for a house that I'd driven by every day since getting my job.  It's a big, two-story house on just under 3 acres of land...and it's going for a price right in my range.  It's almost a too good to be true scenario...and I'm trying not to get too excited about it.

The house is 5 minutes from my work.  It has the space I want, the land I want, and in the vicinity I want.  There's just one problem....notice all the "I"s in that sentence?  Yeah.  Things may be pretty frosty outside, but it doesn't really compare to the frostiness going on inside my home.

I'm all alone in my excitement about getting approved for a loan and the ability to look for a house.  Well, except for the kids - they are super stoked and excited.  Hubby on the other hand isn't excited one bit - and has had nothing to say about any of it since I told him.

I totally get his hesitation.  There's so much at stake with buying a new house, not to mention how much is at stake with the house we're currently living in.  I know he's not ready to just pack up and leave it behind.  Not because he doesn't hate this house, but for personal reasons.

I have no idea what my future holds at this point.  It's very much up in the air.  I have full intentions of going on with my pre-approval and looking at houses.  In fact, I'm looking at the house I just spoke about tomorrow.  I just hope that Hubby will come with me, and realize that we have so many more options than he realizes.  FINGERS CROSSED.

So, that's why I've been a little preoccupied over the past couple of days.  Today, I really need to get some work caught up so that I have some free time this coming weekend.  My parents are taking the kids for the I don't want to waste it by having to work.



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