Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Truthful Tuesday

To be honest.... I am freakin' EX-HAUS-TED!  After a crazy, busy weekend I just wasn't ready for the crazy, busy day yesterday.  After getting to work early to get some work done, to leaving right after work to drive Jelly and Butter home, to then driving back to work to help out on the concession stand for the basketball games.  I didn't get home until around 9:15 last night.  That meant I was basically working for 14 hours.  On my feet for about 12 of those... if not more.

To be honest... I totally forgot how crazy busy this week is going to be.  Today after school, I have a meeting.  Tomorrow after work I have a meeting.  Thursday, I'll have so much work to do because of all the meetings stopping me from working a little after work.  I guarantee my behind will be passed out on the couch, Friday night, before 8pm.

To be honest... I've discovered that I'm not a big fan of teaching division. That's the math topic I'm teaching right now - and it's a tough concept to teach.  I let the kids use small bags of M&Ms, yesterday, thinking it might help them a little.  But, it really didn't.  I'm just going to have to come up with a few tricks from my tool bag to help these kids flip the light bulb on when it comes to using multiplication to divide.  That's how I figured out how to divide when I was a kid...maybe it will work for my kiddos.

To be honest... I've started seeing emails and Facebook posts and the like from people starting their hunt for a teaching job, and it brought back a lot of memories.  I can't believe that it's that time of year, again.  It's so hard to think that this time last year, I started the panic attacks, anxiety, and depression over looking for a teaching job.  I thank all things holy that I don't have to worry about that any more.

To be honest... Last night, while working the concession stand at the 5th and 6th grade basketball games, I realized - once again - how perfect my job placement is for me.  I've always been the girl that volunteered for just about everything... never caring how thin it stretched me or how tired I was because of it.  As I stood there last night with my 4th grade counterparts by my side, I realized that they are just like me.  I can complain and whine about how tired I am from doing all of my extra activities - but it won't ever make me stop doing it.

To be honest... While driving back to the game last night with Peanut, she shared how happy she is being in the school we're in.  How quickly I forget how devastated she was last May when she discovered I'd be taking her away from her new friends and life at her last school and shoving her in to yet another new school.  But she told me that now she is very glad it all happened.  She feels like she's where she belongs, with the kids she wants to be with.  It's small little moments like these that warm my heart.  All I ever wanted was a better life for my kids.  I always thought that was making more money or having more time to spend with them.  I didn't take in to consideration their happiness with their surroundings.  But, it appears that all worked its self out.  Butter is happy just about anywhere he goes - but Peanut?  Well, she's been through a lot.  It's nice to know that she's doing OK.

To be honest... I really don't feel like I have anything more to say.  I should probably go and get ready for work...another long day.  Yes, I'm a poet and didn't know it.  HA!



  1. Love the one about her being where she feels she belongs. Score one for Mama!

  2. I'm so glad Peanut is adjusting to the new school. I was nervous when my brother first started in his new school too considering he was going from an Asian school to an American one :)

    You are a great mom and teacher.


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