Wednesday, February 06, 2013

How Are Those Resolutions Doing?

Yeah, I know.  It's February 6th.  Not the beginning of the month - I know that.  But there was another very important event happening the first of this month, so I wasn't thinking about my resolution update.

I am today.  So Feb. 6th it is.  I said I would update on my resolutions the first of each month, to kinda help keep me on I suppose we should get going.

How have I done with my resolutions since the start of the year?

1.  Lose weight:  Well, everyone should know how this one is doing.  I've lost 8lbs since I started Atkins 3 1/2 weeks ago.  I don't think that's too bad - and a great start.  I will admit that I've had some difficulty bouncing back since my birthday weekend - but nothing I'm worrying about.

I've started walking during my recess duty.  I just walk around the playground. Five times around is supposed to be a mile - and I get in about 4 times.  Recess is 20 minutes long, and with making sure I'm supervising the kids and's not too bad.  Besides, any walking is better than no walking.

Water drinking isn't going well.  Although, I have been drinking lots of unsweetened iced tea during the day.  Not as good as water, but better than soda or not drinking anything.

Being that I'm on Atkins, the portion control is starting to become a habit.  I eat until I'm full, which is pretty darn easy to do being that all the protein makes me full and keeps me that way.

So, resolution #1 gets a 7/10.

2.  Make the most of my time:  Hmmm... what was this one again?  Oh yes, I was supposed to work more on not procrastinating trying to use my down time to actually relax and stuff.  This week isn't the greatest week to talk about this one.  Monday night I didn't get home until after 9pm.  Yesterday, I had meetings during my planning time, and had to rush off right after school to a meeting.  Today I have another meeting right after school.  Tomorrow I have YET another meeting during my plan time.  I'm out of breath just typing all of that.  But, let's take a look at the progress anyway.  Just for laughs.

I have done pretty well about getting my grading and stuff ready for the next day before I leave at night.  For the most part.  When I actually have the time to do that stuff.  If I don't, then I'm at work pretty early to make sure it's all done before the day starts.

Use my planning time to plan?  Urm.  Yeah.  No.  There have been days where I use my plan time to grade, file away stacks of paper, and try to keep on top of everything piling up on my desk.  But plan?  Not so much.

Get in a routine for cleaning?  Oh goodness...stop... I'm going to choke on my coffee from laughing too hard.   Let's just leave it at that m'kay?

Resolution #2 gets a 3/10...and I'm being generous to myself.

3.  Become more financially responsible:  I filed my taxes last week, and should be getting my refund by the end of the month. I also have to pay both Arkansas and Missouri - which is something I've never had to do before.  Pay state taxes.  Guess that's one of the "benefits" on working in a different state... but I'm not too stressed over it.  It's not a great deal.  I plan on putting away a big chunk of the money... let's see how the progress of that goes this time next month.

I have continued to budget every penny, and still coming in a little under budget.  My Atkins stuff has caused us to spend a little more on groceries, but I think it's a good investment.  It is my health, after all.  Don't think I'm wasting the money if I'm spending for food that will help me lose weight and live longer.  Hopefully.

While I haven't "officially" started a rainy day fund, I've also been storing away the money that I'm under budget each month.  I don't know how much that is right now - because I start my budget count over each month.. but once I get my taxes in I should probably get a better idea of how much I've saved.

And I am happy to say that I have zeroed out one credit card, the other will be zeroed out this month, and I haven't had to really use any credit cards since the beginning of the year.  That's a big bonus.

Resolution #3 gets a 8/10.  That will go up when I start my separate fund and stuff.

4.  Create more memories and traditions:  Is it bad to admit that this is the resolution I've completely made no progress on?  I hope not.. cause that's totally the case.  While I don't remember saying "Momma's too busy right now" one time this year, so far, I also haven't done anything special or fantastic with the kids either.

The family night hasn't been started.  I will say that a lot of that has to do with the fact that either a child has been sick every single weekend since Christmas, or because we're watching a movie, or because a part of the family - or all of it - has been at my parent's house.  The sickness thing is just about to drive me totally up the wall.  It's Butter's turn right now.  He was sent home from school early yesterday with a fever.  Can't return back today.  And I'm just so ready for all the sickness to be GONE!

I am a horrible person.  I haven't taken a single photo of the kids since Christmas.  I've taken one of me - dressed supposedly as an old lady, but coming off more like a crazy woman.  And that's about it.  It's even worse that Peanut won some awards at an assembly last week - and I didn't capture a single photo of the event.  Horrible person, I tell you!

While I'm a horrible person for not taking pictures - I have listened, laughed, and loved.  Peanut and I continue to strengthen our relationship with daily chit chats about her life and how it's going.  Butter has improved so much on his behavior and progress in school.  And Jelly still wakes up every morning with a kiss and a hug for me.  Somehow, I'm doing something right.

Resolution #4 gets a 2/10 just because my kids are happy...and that's important.

5.  Be happy:  I am.  I really am.  Despite being so darned busy, tired, and frustrated about going through sick bug after sick bug with the kids.  I'm still happy.  Deep down, I know I'm struggling with accomplishing everything I set out to accomplish - but I've made a lot of progress, and I'm learning not to sweat the small stuff.

This past weekend, I thoroughly enjoyed a day out with my mom.  I made time for myself.  We laughed until we cried, we shared everything that's been going on with us, and it was cleansing for my soul.

Shortly after the new year, I went to Goodwill and dropped off several bags of clothes.  I am volunteering at the basketball games.  I'm in the midst of planning a formal dance for the junior high kids.  I'm building relationships with the people in my school's community.  As soon as I get off my rear and clean out Jelly's toys, I will be sending them to kids who would enjoy them.  I'm definitely no Mother Teresa, by any means, but I'm trying to distribute my blessings.

I haven't really followed any new ventures.  I have made a few new crochet items, but with the lack of time..that's fallen by the wayside just a little.  I have plans to get to it.  Eventually.

Regardless of what I haven't done, I still have a big ol' smile on my face.  I'm loving every minute of my job, I'm loving every minute I'm spending with my family, and I'm loving every minute of life in general.  So...Happy?  Oh yes I am!

Resolution #5 gets a 9/10.  Cause it doesn't matter how much stuff I list, it's all based on how I feel.

What I'm realizing is that it's February.  While I'm not accomplishing everything on my list - I haven't given up on anything, either.  I have so much of the year left...and I plan on continuing to improve.  The important thing to remember is that I've made some progress.  I'm still committed to continuing the progress.  And, I will continue to see what the year has in store for me.


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  1. I think you're totally on track :) with 11 more months to go you are doing great!


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