Friday, February 08, 2013

Friday's Letters

Dear Sweet, Sweet Students in my Class:  I understand that getting a new student is fun and exciting.  It is NOT, however, a reason to act like a bunch of wild animals all day long.  Not now, or have we ever, been allowed to run around the classroom, yell across the room, call out uncontrollably when I'm talking, walk down the hallway in a pack, or get on the computer and play games that are inappropriate.  Try acting like that again today, I dare you!

Dear Weather:  Another winter without accumulating snow.  Really?  It's just not fair!  I should not be allowed to hear about states further up north that are getting blasted by snow and blizzard warnings when I'm debating whether or not to even take a jacket to work.  You realize that this warm weather is going to lead to another grasshopper invasion, don't you?  What if they come back this year smarter, more organized?  They are going to take over, I tell you!  Some harsh snow would fix that.. but nooooo... you give it all to the north.  Totally NOT FAIR!

Dear Peanut, Butter, and Jelly:  I'm just about at the end of my rope with this house and your rooms looking like an indoor rummage sale that has been rummaged till it can be rummaged no more.  When I can't even walk from the living room to the kitchen without tripping over stuff, or walk in to one of your rooms and I'm met with a barricade of clothes at the door - something's got to give.  And I have a feeling you'll be giving me your cell phones, iPods, and Innotabs for a while.

Dear IRS:  I don't care what anybody says about you, I'm totally loving you right now.  I filed my taxes a week ago, and my refund has already been deposited in to my bank.  A week!  That's flippin' amazing!  The best part?  I didn't have to pay an OUTRAGEOUS fee to a tax preparer in order to get my money that fast... I did it all by myself.  For free.

Dear Blogging Sense of Humor:  Where have you been?  Looking over what I've just written, it appears you only start to poke your head out when I appear to be angry and disgruntled.  Is that the secret?  Am I too happy to be funny?  No.  That can't be right, can it?  Seriously?  I do?  I have to be mad in order to come off the slightest bit funny?  What's with asking all these questions?  I'm losing my mind, I tell you!

Dear Weekend:  You have come so quickly!  I feel a little dizzy with how quickly this week has flown by.  While I would love to do nothing but lay on the couch all weekend, you seem to have a lot in store for me.  Dinner with P-Momma, shopping with Peanut, and all of that normal weekend stuff like grocery shopping.  I'm excited for you to be here, really I am.  But, I'll be a lot more excited this time next week - when I'm celebrating a 4 day weekend! OH YEA!

Dear Me:  Tough day yesterday, huh?  I know you wanted to cry like a baby who had their chew toy taken away... but you didn't.  You stood tall and strong.  You didn't let the crazy of the day buckle you at the knees and place you in a fetal position.  As much as you felt it happening with every minute that ticked away.  You go in there strong today.  You be mean if you have to be.  OK, not mean... firm, how's that?  You show them who's the boss.  You make it clear that you won't tolerate the shenanigans of yesterday.  (Shenanigans is a funny word, isn't it?)  You take away extra recess and Fun Friday if you have to - and you won't feel guilty about it.  Just keep reminding yourself that you love each one of those kids as if they were your own.  And if one of your own acted the way that bunch did yesterday, you'd put your foot down and give them consequences for their actions.  You don't worry about how they feel at the end of the day, or if they go home not liking you very much.  They have a whole weekend to get over it.  You are a great teacher because you care so much, I get that... but caring also means making tough decisions and choices that may make you come off looking like the bad guy.  And that's OK.  Next week is a new week, a shorter week, and maybe they'll think twice before acting that way again.  Maybe.  Right?


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  1. Most days I just shut my teenager's door. Sigh.


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