Saturday, May 18, 2013

Back Online

Don't worry, I'm still here.  Just been off the grid with the moving from one place to another.  I either had a computer and no internet or internet and no computer.  Now, I have internet and my iPad.  My computer is finally here at the new house, but it's not hooked up yet because my desk is still at the old house.  The internet though?  WOW!!  We finally have high speed cable internet instead of DSL, and I'm still awing over how fast it really is.

My iPad had 50 app updates to do.  At my old house, that would have taken about 3 hours.  Here, it only took about 5 minutes!  Pulling 26 MBPS is unbelievable.  We clocked about 2 - if we were lucky - at the old house.

We've been staying in our home since Wednesday night.  Hubby and my brother spent Wednesday moving all of the beds and mattresses so that we didn't have to spend one more second trying to sleep in the furnace that is our old place.  It's been heavenly.  We had TV service on Thursday, so we only had to go one night without it...not that we cared, there hasn't been much time to just sit and watch TV.

Here in a few, Hubby and I are heading over to the old place to open up all the windows and air it out a little before my family come over to help us move.  Peanut and I went over there last night to do some work, but it was SOOOO hot.  We didn't end up staying long.  Not just that, but the smell from it being all closed up for a couple of days in the heat is unbelievable.  That's horrible for me to admit... but OH EM GEE does that house stink.  The mold and dampness from the last round of rain has really done a number in there.  I'm going to hate having to have people in there today moving stuff.  It's a total embarrassment.  Luckily, they'll have this nice house to come back to.

Well, that's it for me for right now.  I really have to get up and start working.  I just wanted to check in and let you all know what was going on.  I have tons to tell you all, but it has to wait until the work is finished.

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