Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Extreme Weight Loss and Scooby Doo!

What do Extreme Weight Loss and Scooby Doo have in common?

Absolutely nothing... except that I'm going to blog about both of them this morning, in the same blog post, and they're both fun to watch.  So, I guess that's actually two things they have in common.

Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition is back, except now it's just called Extreme Weight Loss.  Chris Powell is taking on new challenges by transforming people over the course of a year.  I caught a few episodes of this show last season, but to be honest - I got a little bored with it.  It just seemed like one of those shows where obese people had asked for help to transform, but then cried and whined and complained their way through the transformation process.  In fact, I watched a couple of episodes where Chris actually decided there was no helping the people he'd selected to help and they hardly lost any weight the entire year.

I don't know why, but I get frustrated when I see people like that.  Mostly because I know that there's so many people out there that would kill for the chance to have Chris Powell train them for a year...and then there are some that actually get the chance and throw it back in his face.  As much as I'd love to have Chris Powell or Jillian Michaels or Bob Harper or Dolvett train me, I've never applied and will never apply to be on one of those shows - because I'm not able to do it.  I'm not talking physically, I'm talking I can't be away from my job and my family for that long, I know it.  So, I don't even think about trying out for a spot - because I'd never be one of those people that throw it back in their faces.

But, anywho, I decided to give this season another shot.  Mostly because I actually have a friend who's going to be on this season.  Her name is Rachel, and I knew her a few years ago when we were a part of the same Mommy & Me group.  Then, she moved away to Michigan and we lost touch except for "Likes" on Facebook statuses and reading each other's blog posts.  This season, Chris Powell is going to transform her AND her husband... and I can't wait to see it.  I haven't seen any pictures of her since her reveal...and I am anxious to see how it went for her and her husband, Jason.  I know that Rachel is a fighter, so there's not a doubt in my mind that they both came out victorious and looking fantabulous.

The first episode of the season was pretty good.  It was about two twins who were both extremely obese and wanted to lose weight together.  Chris quickly realized, however, that they were both major factors in the other's inability to lose weight and separated them.  In the end, they had the most success when they weren't together.  They both lost about half of their body weight by the end of the year.  David, the male twin, started off weighing 470 lbs and ended the year out weighing 258 lbs.  Rebecca, the female twin, started off weighing 398 lbs and ended the year out weighing 192 lbs.  Together, they lost 418 lbs!

It was one of those episodes that got me misty eyed and rooting for both of them to succeed.  Now, those are the kinds of episodes I enjoy...and will keep watching.  It also helps ignite little sensors in my brain telling me that I should be doing something to lose weight...again.  It would be so nice if I could perform my own mini Extreme Weight Loss over the summer and walk back in to my classroom about 50lbs lighter.  Doubt that will happen, but it sure would be nice to go back at least a dress size smaller.. or two.  That won't happen as long as I'm wheezing and sneezing through my allergies.  Stupid allergies.

Anywho, in other news, Jelly and I are going out for a special treat this afternoon.  A friend texted me yesterday asking me if I'd like two tickets to go and see a live show of Scooby Doo.  I thought it would be a great thing to do with Jelly.  She loves stuff like that, even though she's never actually been to a theater to watch a live show.  She has, however, watched a lot of live shows on TV.  Not the same, but I'm hoping she'll absolutely love it.  It'll be our own little bonding time.  Dinner and a show.  What a great way to spend a Wednesday evening.

Yesterday, I made it through the entire day without taking any allergy medicine or pain medicine.  I did pretty well.  The girls and I took a drive up to my school town and got Jelly enrolled in kindergarten.  We then stopped off for a quick visit at Peanut's boyfriend's bestfriend's sandwich shop for lunch.  It was nice visiting with his mom.  I was lucky enough to have the youngest son in my class last year, and it was nice to see him too.  Even though we've only been out of school for a week, it's amazing at how much I've missed his little face.

This morning, I wasn't so lucky.  I woke up just fine, but decided to go out and work on cleaning out the pool.  I noticed that there were a large number of box elder bugs coming out from the little spaces around the pool, so I drug out the bug killer.  We bought a natural bug killer so that it wouldn't be harmful to anything but the bugs... unfortunately, it appears it's harmful to me.  The minute I was done spraying, I started a sneezing frenzy, my eyes started watering non-stop, and I had to break down and take an allergy pill.  I'm starting to feel a little better, now.  Which is good, because I don't want to be sitting in that theater tonight sneezing and coughing non-stop.

On the agenda for today, before Jelly and I head out, is more laundry and unpacking.  I've only got a few boxes and bags to empty, and then I have to get my bedroom organized.  I've unpacked almost everything in there, but I haven't managed to put it all away yet.  It's kinda hard to do that when Hubby is in there asleep (he works 3rd shift), but I know I'll get around to it soon.

So, I guess it's that time for me to say goodbye.  I'm starting to think that everyone has disappeared... haven't had a comment in quite a while.  Maybe I'm just boring everyone with the non-stop banter about moving and my allergies.  Oh well, I'm gonna keep on writing, and hopefully I'll start to hear from you all again.

Have a great Wednesday!


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