Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday Funday

I guess it really doesn't matter much that it's Friday.  Wednesday was my Friday, and my next Monday isn't until June 14th.  That's quite the nice, long weekend.  I'm sorry, it sounds like I'm bragging, doesn't it?  Well, that's because I TOTALLY AM!!! HA!  Just kidding.  Not really.

Today, I've decided that I'm going to get some serious unpacking done.  Pretty much everything is out of the old house, but it's still all boxed up and sitting here staring at me.  It can stare all day long, because it's not getting unpacked until it's all been washed and cleaned and scrubbed.  In order to do that, I have to make a run to the store for more cleaning stuff, laundry stuff, and other miscellaneous stuff that I still need to get.  Which I'm totally going to do after I finish my blog and get myself ready.

I need a morning of shopping to put my mind into the right state in order to tackle the tasks that are before me.  It's so overwhelming having piles of boxes and bags, and no clue what to do with it all.  My bedroom just about killed me yesterday when I actually got to realize how many clothes I have - and how much room I don't have to put them.  I know I will miss having a walk in closet, but it's time to start deciding whether I'm ever going to fit back in to the clothes that I'm so dearly holding on to or find a couple of space saver containers to put it all in.

Good news.  I went with some under the bed space savers.  I had two lying around, and I need another one... but I'm not giving up on the thought that soon I will get back in to all of the cute clothes I bought a couple of years ago.

Which reminds me.  I've really been thinking about what I'm going to do this summer to lose some weight.  My allergies are not being friendly to me right now, but I'm hoping that once the weather is hot enough to use the pool I can start working out in that.  Also, once it gets hot enough to burn off some of this pollen, I should be able to start walking up the street, around the park, and back again.  Now that I'm home, have a plethora of stuff to do to exercise, and absolutely no reason not to take advantage of all of it... it's time.

This morning, it was pretty chilly outside.  Every day this week we've been running the pool pump and cleaning it out, but it's just too darn cold to get in it.  We're getting towards the end of May, and the highs are only getting in to the 70's.  Usually, I'm already complaining that it's too hot..and now I'm complaining that it's too cold.  Weird, huh?

It is good park weather, though.  Once I've got some work done around here, I'm going to take the girls up to the park for a while.  Walking there.  How nice is that?  Having a park within walking distance.  It's like I'm on my own little vacation.  Nice new house, pool, park, shopping.  I can totally get used to this.  Actually, I am going to get used to this.

But first I need to go get my rear in the shower and get ready.  Work first... play later.


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