Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Enough is Enough! Truthful Tuesday....

It's been along time since I wrote a Truthful Tuesday post.  And, with the mood that I'm in this morning, I think it's a perfect time to rekindle the fire of this almost forgotten feature.

So here goes...

To be honest... I've been off work for almost a week, now, and my house is still in disarray from the move.  Six days should be MORE than enough time to get everything unpacked and put away... but no, it still sits in piles and boxes in my office area.

To be honest... The reason my house is still not completely finished is because I've spent the last six days doped up on more allergy medications, pain medications, decongestants, and asthma inhalers to last a life time.  None of them have really helped and all they do is make me really sleepy and groggy.  I have no energy when I'm awake, and want to do nothing but sleep.

To be honest... I HATE TAKING MEDICATIONS! With a passion.  Every time I put one of those pills in my mouth, I die a little inside.  I have spent my entire life counting on my body to heal it's self when it gets sick, using natural remedies to treat ailments, and have come out just fine.  But, I just reached a point where I was so desperate to escape the misery that was brought on by my allergies that I had no choice but take medication.  Then I get a sinus infection, which brought on the major headaches and tooth aches, which requires more medications.  UGH!!

To be honest.... I've slept twice as much in the past 35 hours than I've been awake.  I went to bed Sunday night at 11pm, and woke up yesterday morning around 8am.  I was awake until 4pm and then slept until almost 6pm.  Got up and had dinner, was back asleep by 8pm.  Woke up at 10:40pm because of more pain... took more medication, back to sleep by 2am.  Then slept until 10am this morning.  So, since 11pm Sunday night, I've been awake 13 hours and have slept 22 hours.  Totally ridiculous!!

To be honest... I've had enough!  OK, my allergies and my sinus infection suck - but the feelings I get from the medications suck worse.  I can't do it anymore!  This is supposed to be a time for me to enjoy with my family, enjoy my new home, and be happy and carefree.  Not miserable and unhappy and sleeping all of the time.

To be honest... Because of the fact that all the medicines do to relieve my discomfort is make me sleep, I'm going to try and make it through a day without them... just to see how I feel.  I can deal with the sneezing and watery eyes and even the coughing.  My weakness is the toothache that comes from the constant sneezing and sinus pressure.  It's not even a real toothache.  It's just pressure in my gums where I've been slamming my teeth together when I sneeze.  Toothaches are the WORST!

To be honest... I really want to start getting out and walking, jogging, and swimming.  I've had enough of my clothes becoming tighter and tighter, and want to start thinking about exercising again.  Not really planning on jumping on the diet train again, but I think if I get out and start getting more active - the weight will start to fall off.  Being that my teeth are being such a pain right now, I'm not really eating that much anyway.

To be honest... I really need to get off of this computer and start doing some work.  Sitting here complaining about it isn't getting me anywhere.  I have to get this house unpacked... STAT!


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