Thursday, May 30, 2013

The Irony of Telling My Five Year Old to Watch Where She is Going....

I swear, I can't win for losing.  I finally have some time out of the house where I'm not sneezing and coughing and looking like I've been crying for months and this happens.

But, being that I'm the first person that would admit to laughing my butt off at someone that falls out in public, it's only fair that I share this highly amusing story with you.  Of course, it would have been funnier if you were there to see it in person... so I'll try my best to paint a nice, colorful picture for you.

I told you yesterday that Jelly and I were going out last night to see Scooby Doo Live.  I decided we'd leave nice and early so that we'd have time to go and grab some dinner before the show.  I picked a restaurant that's actually right next to the theater, and I picked it because kids eat free.  Yeah, I'm what?

So, Jelly and I head out around 3:15pm and get to the restaurant around 4pm.  Jelly orders some onion rings for our appetizer and is blown away when the HUGE plate of HUGE onion rings arrive.  She eats a couple before her bowl of mac & cheese arrives, and my blue cheese burger.  We eat, we talk, we laugh.  I listen as she shares her opinion on the food, the decor of the restaurant, and the service.  There's blogging in this girl's future, I can feel it!

Anywho, we finish up dinner, and she's ready to head to the theater... but she wants to take her left over onion rings with us, so we have to make a quick trip back to the car in the parking lot across the street to drop them off.

As we walk out of the restaurant, I'm telling her to watch where she's going as we have to walk down a couple of steps.  I'm holding on to a to-go box, her drink, my purse, and trying to hold her hand as we walk down the steps.  Make it down safely.  Then, I'm telling her to watch where she's going as she tripped over a crack in the sidewalk.  She caught herself...and just as I'm about to grab her hand so that we can cross the street, the street goes out from under me I'm heading slow motion towards the ground.

I go down on my right knee pretty hard, and then actually slide a little.  The food box and drink go flying, and poor Jelly is standing next to me panicking.  "Are you OK Mommy?  I've never seen you fall down before!". A van that had stopped at the crosswalk to let us cross had seen the whole thing, and he opened up his window to see if I needed assistance.  I was so embarrassed that I didn't even look at him and just waved him on and thanked him for asking.

As I fumbled around trying to get back up on my feet, I noticed what had caused my fall... it was a handicap friendly sidewalk crossing area.  The kind that has the sloped edges on the sidewalk so that a wheelchair can get across the street.  I hadn't noticed it as I was telling Jelly to watch where she was going and BAM!  It took out my ankle from under me.  I quickly looked around to see how many people had noticed my impression of a killer whale performing Swan Lake.  A parking attendant a little way down the street, and a guy walking towards me that was trying everything in his power to suppress the fits of laughter that wanted to escape from his mouth.  The poor guy had to walk straight past me without a word, cause I just know that had he tried to offer me assistance he would have ended up on the floor himself... in dying fits of hysterical laughter.

I made my way to the car without even looking at what injuries I might have sustained.  I felt a little queezy, and then looked down at my leg.  And then I did what any normal person who just had a nasty fall and was probably suffering from a little shock would do.... I took pictures of my injuries and posted them to Facebook.

Those are the pictures up top.  That's just moments after the fall.  Once I collected myself and was stable enough on my feet to walk across to the theater, Jelly and I took off.  By the time we reached the theater - right across the street - I had quite a bit of blood forming on both scrapes.  I went to the bathroom and cleaned the scrapes up.  I wasn't feeling too much pain... a little soreness in my knee.  I realized that I had basically fallen straight on my knee, and had a feeling that I'd soon be feeling the effects of my large self falling directly on to one knee at quite a force.

The show was great.  Jelly laughed and yelled and danced and sang her way through the entire performance like a kid in Candy Land.  She was totally mesmerized by the lights and sounds and changing of the scenes happening right before her eyes.

Here we are right before the show...the only time I was allowed to use my camera in the theater...

After the show was over, my knee was a little stiff and sore but we made it back to the car A-OK.  The parking attendant that had seen my performance earlier stopped me to ask me if I was OK.  He told me that I had left in such a hurry he didn't think I was in too need of help.  Yeah, yeah, buddy... I know exactly how awkward it is to offer assistance to a person that falls in public... believe me... I know.

Jelly and I stopped off at Sonic for dessert once we got back in to town.  I tell ya, this half price shakes after eight deal at Sonic is going to be the death of me.  Must. Refrain. From. The. Awesomeness.  But, my ego needed a treat...and so did the throbbing that was escaping from my knee.

Sleeping last night was quite the struggle.  Each time I turned over, I was woken up by my knee telling me that it was NOT OK to move around willy nilly with an injury.  And this morning, when I finally got up, the after effects I knew I would receive arrived.  My knee is absolutely killing me.  It's sore and swollen and really hard to bend.  I can bend it, it just hurts a lot when I do.

Here are some pics from this morning...

So swollen, you can't even see where my knee cap should be
My ankle is a little swollen and bruised.. but not that painful

I've been hobbling around all morning... and it's no bueno because I've got stuff to do today!  Peanut is having her first sleepover tonight, and I've got some cleaning and stuff to take care of before I go and pick up her friend.  Oh well, I think it's better if I move it around some anyways....Time to get moving!



  1. Ouch! Been there and done that! It hurts like hell and you don't have time to hurt like hell. It needs rest and you haven't a spare moment for rest because you are a mom and moms are busy and active and the only time we get to ourselves is in the shower... (at least when little heads aren't peeking around curtains). All you want is to wallow in your pain but you can't because you are too busy. It sucks and I feel for you. I'm sending hugs your way.

    1. Thanks, Tammy!! You are SOOOO right!! ;)

  2. Oh, no! Poor klutz! Did you laugh at all when you fell? I usually try to laugh as soon as I do something like that in public because it makes anyone who saw the incident feel better...especially if they find themselves laughing at it, too. Plus, then it makes it look like I fell on purpose in an attempt to be funny. Enh...unless I'm which point I start to cry and make everyone around feel really awkward. So far, that's only happened once...when I slip down steps, landed hard on my ass and fractured my tail bone. Oyyyyy! We've all been there.

    I hope your boo-boos heal up quickly. Yowza! They look painful. :(

    1. LOL - I actually did stop from crying. I could have broken my leg and I probably still would have gotten up as fast as I did, laugh, and walk to my car with my head down so not to make eye contact with anyone.

      I figured that being that not many people had actually seen it, I could have either kept it to myself or shared my disaster with the world... thus why I immediately posted pics on Facebook. HA! If I can't laugh at myself, then I can't laugh at others. So, I definitely laugh at myself. :)


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