Saturday, May 04, 2013

Day 30: The Final Day of 30 Blog Topics

This is it!  The final day of my 30 days of blogging topics.  It's been a fun month of pregenerated topics for me to dabble around with...and discuss a lot of stuff.  Many days covered topics I've already covered at some point during my past three years, and other topics were about stuff I haven't really shared before.  But each day was fun.

To wrap up it all up, today I'm being asked to share some of my favorites topics, least favorite topics, what I liked and didn't like about having a month's worth of given topics, and my plans for blogging in the future.

I'm sure whoever came up with this blogging challenge did it for new bloggers... in a way to get them started.  That's definitely not me, but I can answer all of those questions.

Some of my favorite topics....

Well, I really enjoyed the topics that asked me to get pretty deep and think about life in general.  The topics that let me share stories of my past, plans for my future, my opinions on world views, some of my flaws, and also my strengths.  So, I guess that covers just about all of them...right?

Some of the posts that really stand out were the posts about my dream job, sharing the people that have influenced me in my life, sharing my childhood memories, my plans for the future, and remembering back to this time last year.

I also really liked the birthday posts I wrote for Peanut and Hubby, but they weren't in the list of blog topics I was supposed to write about.  Which brings me to...

Some of my lease favorite...

I'll be honest and tell you that there are a couple of topics I chose not to write about.  I had to replace two with the birthday posts that I wrote.  The two for those days were to describe what kind of animal I'd like to be, and if I could have dinner with someone in history who would it be?  Out of all 30 topics, these were the two I felt most comfortable eliminating in order to make room for Peanut and Hubby.

The posts that I did write, and weren't too fond off after were the very first post about random facts, a typical day in the life of me, and my hobbies.  Only because I got a little bored writing them - not because I didn't like the actual topics.

What I did and didn't like about having given topics...

Well, I loved not having to think of topics to write about for an entire month.  Duh!  I wouldn't have done something like this had I had topic ideas coming out of my ears.  I was having a really hard time coming up with stuff to write about, and this list gave me an easy way to take care of that.  I liked the fact that the topics were pretty deep, for the most part.  Rather than just spending each day sharing my favorite food, my favorite store, telling you how to do something, etc. I was able to actually write the way I like to write - about my life.  Many blog topic lists I researched in the beginning were pretty shallow, and I'm glad that I managed to find one that wasn't.

Another thing I liked was that people were able to learn more about me.  Stuff they had no idea about.  For new followers, it was a way to share some of my life with them.  I've picked up quite a few new followers - many of them I know outside of the blogging world - and I think I shocked several of them.  It was so nice to go to work each day and receive comments and compliments about the post I had written about that day.

What I didn't like was the feelings of repetitiveness towards the end.  That wasn't really the blog list's fault, more my own... because my whole life revolves around my family and my teaching.  There were several days where I had deja vu, and had to look back through some topics to make sure I hadn't written the exact same thing earlier on.  I also missed out on blog topics I like to do - like Bring Your Own Crazy.. which is my usual Friday post.

My blogging plans for the future...

Well, that's pretty easy, I'm just going to go back to me.  Life in general.  With school coming to a fast end, I'll have an entire summer to share the goings on in my house.  I have quite a bit planned for the summer, so it will be nice to share it.

Of course, once I finally get to do my big reveal (sometime next week, hopefully), that will give me quite a bit to talk about also.  And to those of you that know me, you already know my big reveal...sorry for the let down.  I've had quite a few people confirm their suspicions - and it was a little of a let down for them.  I guess I should have pointed that out in the beginning, so they haven't spent this whole time wondering what big news I have to share.

I will tell you that I'm not pregnant.  I haven't won the lottery.  I haven't found a new job.  I'm not moving to some far off destination.

Three of those four wouldn't be exciting news to share, anyway.  I'm perfectly content with my three kids - and have no plans for more.  While I would never be unhappy about being pregnant, there would be talk of a lawsuit because stuff has been done to make sure that doesn't happen.  I haven't even considered looking for a new job - and have no plans to ever do that.  And there's no way I could move away from all of my family, friends, and the job I love so much.

The lottery would be nice.  HA!

It's been killing me not to be able to share with you all, but Hubby and I have agreed that it's best to wait until our plans are complete before spilling the beans.  I don't want to jinx myself.  It's taken a lot longer to lay everything out, make sure our ducks are in a row than I thought it would... but we have to make sure that all of the dots and crosses to our i's and t's are finished.

So, tomorrow, I just go back to being me.  Share my weekend, share my plans for the coming week, and anything and everything else that pops in to my head.

I hope all of you have enjoyed this past month as much as I have.

Thank you for staying tuned in...regular scheduled programming commences in 24 hours.  Until then, enjoy these words from my sponsors.

Oh, wait.  I don't have any.

Then just go back and enjoy some reruns of old blog posts.  :)


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