Thursday, May 09, 2013

Let's Try a Ten Things Thursday

It's been well over a month since I wrote a Ten Things Thursday.  Just 10 random things I throw together in one blog post about current goings on in my life.

1.  Jelly is graduating from Pre-K tomorrow night.  How awesome is that?  And sad.  My little baby will be starting kindergarten in August...and it just doesn't seem possible.  All three kids in school.  SIGH.  But, before that happens, she gets to have a special ceremony with a gown, and speaking lines, and family there watching, and lots of pictures.  I'm even taking her for a special pre-graduation dinner before we go.

2.  I am officially done with paying daycare costs!  Now that's awesome.  I remember the day I didn't have to buy any more diapers and danced around like a crazy woman.  Now, the $300-$400 a month I was spending on daycare gets to stay right in the bank...or go to other uses.  As much as I love Jelly's preschool, the staff, and the education they are providing my daughter... I will love not having to spend so much money each month.

3.  I get to sit down this weekend and plan the last week's worth of lesson plans for the school year.  Well, fill in the gaps that I haven't planned already, or the team as a whole hasn't planned.  And that's not very many gaps.  The kids are all really surprised that we're still doing math and reading and science and social studies - even though the test is over with.  

4.  I've gotten my students to buckle down and focus on doing work by telling them that these last couple of weeks before summer are 5th grade prep classes.  I've told them that now the test is over, they have to start preparing for 5th grade - and so we're learning some stuff that will help the transition easier.  They seem excited by I'm running with it.

5.  We had 1 1/2 days of nice weather, and the rain came back.  It's supposed to rain again today.  April is over, and so should the rain be.  I like taking my kids out for recess!  I like to be able to give them extra recess when they've worked hard all day.  Can't do that when it's raining.   Again.  

6.  Peanut won an iPod Nano at school yesterday.  She was one of three students that won one for having perfect attendance during testing.  How cool is that?  It's light blue and very nice looking.  I think it will make a great tool to have while working out, being outside, and not having to worry about carrying her iPod Touch around...or my iPhone if I decide to borrow it.  If she'll let me. 

7.  Butter has a field trip tomorrow to a conservation center where he'll get to dabble around in the river and learn about nature and wildlife.  Right up his alley... being he loves to be outdoors so much.  I just hope the weather is nice for them, because I don't think it would be so much fun in the rain.

8.  I was on and off the phone all day yesterday trying to get some definitive answers about my big reveal.  The good news is that all of the information I was waiting on has arrived with the people that were waiting on it.  The bad news is, I still can't say anything until I've received all of the information.  They are thinking that it should be tomorrow... but being so close to a weekend, not definitely.  So, either way...I know now that I will be revealing GREAT news, not devastating news because it all fell through.  Just not sure if it will be Saturday that I'm revealing it or Tuesday.  BUT IT WILL BE ONE OF THOSE DAYS!! For real this time.

9.  The light bulb went out in my office.  Now I'm typing by lamp light.  So, let's add the light bulb to the broken AC, the leaking windows, the broken dishwasher, the hole in the roof, the mold that's probably completely covering every inch of the walls and ceiling, and the broken ice maker on the refrigerator.  Yep.  I'm now convinced that much longer in this house, and I might as well pitch a tent in the back yard... because it will be safer and just about as comfortable.

10.  This has to be a record for the the fastest I've ever written a Ten Things Thursday.  Of course, you have no idea how long it took me to write it... but it took 15 minutes.  I can sit for an entire hour sometimes trying to write a post like this.  Guess it helps when I don't write one for over a month.

Now, I have twenty minutes to go and read other blogs before I have to get ready for work.  I've been reading blogs here and there, but really haven't had much time to comment on many.  Maybe I'll be able to this morning.


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