Sunday, May 12, 2013

So Much To Do...So Little Time

Yesterday was a busy day of moving.  We got our first load in the car and headed to the house, and when we got there we discovered this little guy in our pool.  I named him Walter.  He was happily swimming around enjoying the nice weather and the cool water.  I just didn't have the heart to evict him straight away, so he got to enjoy the pool for most of the day until it was time to start cleaning it.

Hubby eventually got out the electric pool cleaner that the sellers had so graciously left for us.  It took us a while to figure it out, but once we did we set it loose on the bottom of the pool.  I tell you what, for the pool being uncovered for almost a month without anything being done to it except for the pool filter running a couple of hours a day, it looks pretty clean.  Sure, there were some leaves and dirt that had collected in the bottom, but our electric cleaner soon took care of that.  Apparently, the pool is one of our top priorities, because come on - after a busy weekend of moving the huge stuff next week, we want to be able to dive right in!

To make sure Walter wasn't the victim of a nasty severing from the pool filter, I scooped him up with the pool net and dropped him carefully over the fence.  Jelly then proceeded to catch him, play with him for a while, and then delivered him across the neighbor's fence which leads to a very nice mini lake.  Hopefully, he found a nice home there.

Which reminds me.  Do you remember a little while back when I wrote the blog post about my dream home destination?  I wrote all about not really having a set place I wanted to live, but I wanted to live near something.  And that would be water.  Preferably a lake.  Well, guess what?  Across the back fence of my property is a mini-lake.  A very large pond is probably more the best description.  But, it's water.  That I can see from my privacy deck outside my bedroom.  That means, each morning I can grab a cup of coffee and either sit on the outside patio or my back deck and look out over the water.  Could this house be any more perfect?

P-Momma came over to see the house yesterday, my parents saw it the night before, and my brother and sister came yesterday afternoon.  All were very impressed and thought our house was wonderful.  P-Momma got to hang out with us for a while, and we just sat on the patio and visited.  I'm already entertaining without anything moved in!  I have to say, the feeling of welcoming people to my new home and feeling proud to show it to them was a feeling I've never had before.  For years, I've tried to keep visitors away because I was so ashamed of the house we were living in.  Now?  I want people to come... I want to entertain and give tours and show off the one thing I've waited so long to have.

My brother and sister brought over my dad's truck so that we could get a nice big load of stuff to move over there.  Even though we couldn't really move any big stuff, we managed to move most of Jelly's toys, all of the boxes that we'd packed prior, and the dining room table and chairs.  All that's really left, now, is the stuff we've needed and haven't packed yet and the big stuff:  TV's, beds, washer, dryer, desks, dressers, stuff like that.  We plan on moving all of that stuff next weekend - when we make our final move.

It's going to kill me not being in the house until then.  Each night, I'm still going to have to come home to the old house and long to be laying in my new house.  But, it's just a week...and I'm sure that each afternoon once I get off work I'll be driving HOME and unpacking some stuff.

Ahhh, to call a place home.  What an amazing feeling.  I've never really done that since living in the old house.  It's always just been "the house".  We're on our way back to the "the house".  We have to go the "the house" first.  Are you going to come to "the house" to pick up the kids?  After next week, I will proudly declare the trip HOME each night.

Today, I've got some packing and sorting to do and then we are going to take a trip out to look at some furniture.  One good thing is that none of our old furniture is going with us.  We get to buy all new furniture!  New couch, new entertainment center, new bed for us... fun, fun!

But, I really have to pack some more if I want to go out shopping.


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