Thursday, December 08, 2011

I Love Smiling, Smiling is My Favorite!! Even When My 4 Year Old Suddenly Gets Chicken Pox

Yep, somehow it happened.  Somehow my poor little Jelly got chicken pox.  Have no idea from where - but she found it somewhere....and now she's covered from head to toe in nasty, itchy, spots.

What a way to celebrate entering your fourth year of life - by contracting chicken pox.  It's not fair.  But she doesn't seem to mind....except for when they are itching really bad, then she's a little more cranky about the whole situation.

I'm just hoping with all of my might that the other two kids don't get it...cause that would bite HUGE donkey balls.  I do NOT want a Christmas where my kids are having to deal with chicken pox.

Luckily, Hubby got two weeks off because it's so slow where he works right now.  That's a blessing in it's self - although I'm pretty sure he didn't imagine having to spend his time off taking care of Jelly... but he doesn't mind, either.

Despite all that going on - there's still a smile on my face.  A goofy, I'm not really sure why I'm smiling but I'm going to keep on smiling smile that just won't go away.  Not that I want it to.  I'm so much worse than the kids.  Every day seems to be dragging...and I just want it to be next Friday - so I can begin my Christmas break and wrap presents and watch Christmas movies and go shopping and bake.

Wait.  Did I just say bake?  What the what?  That's not like me.  I mean, I bake cookies with the kids on Christmas Eve, but that's about the extent of the baking I get in to.  I must have had a delusional moment.  I'm pretty sure I won't be doing much baking.  Or will I?  Betty Crocker a/k/a Hubby will be baking, however.  I've given him the job of baking 80 of his infamous Coffee, Caramel brownies for the cookie exchange I'm participating in at work.  The minute he found out, he rushed to the store to buy all of the ingredients.  Yes, folks, I have a real-life Betty Crocker living right here in my house.... don't be jealous. 

The kids at work are just buzzing with Christmas excitement...which of course, is causing them to be stir crazy.  And it's so hard to get tough with them - because I feel the exact same way they do. 

Santa will be visiting the school tomorrow.  The kids will all get a photo with Santa, and then he will give them a special gift.  Every single kid in the school will receive a wrapped gift - with their name on it - from Santa.  It's something my school does every year - and I think it's fantastic.  

I read a news story a couple of days ago about a school that was banning Santa from being in the school.  It's due to the whole not being able to celebrate Christmas thing in school...and it made me really sad.  I mean, I understand that there is a separation of church and state, and technically religious holidays should not be celebrated in school.... but.... well, how far do we have to go?  

I know for a fact that there are kids at my school that do not celebrate Christmas.  Yet, when asked if they wanted to see Santa....they said yes.  It's not a religious icon, really, Santa represents one thing - presents.  What kid doesn't want to get a present?  No child is required to see Santa, of course.  Parents are notified...and from my understanding - there hasn't been a single parent complain or say that they don't want their child to receive a gift from Santa.  Because I'm pretty sure that most parents - regardless of their beliefs - know that it's an exciting thing to get a gift from someone.  

I also know that there are several kids that do celebrate Christmas, yet they've never received any gift from Santa.  I feel truly blessed that I'm lucky enough to work in a school that grants many wishes of children this time of year:  To receive a gift from Santa.  

Now, I'm not about to get in to the whole Christmas/ Holiday debate.  That's not my area.  I think everyone has a right to celebrate the way they want.  I don't think any holiday should be pushed down the throat of anyone...and as long as the school isn't requiring any participation in a holiday activity, I think it's OK.  

My school isn't just recognizing Christmas, either.  Most grades are taking the opportunity to teach about holidays around the world.  The children are getting the chance to see the different holidays and customs that are celebrated this time of year.  In a school that has so much diversity, I think it's great that the kids are being exposed to different cultures, beliefs, and customs.  

Wow, I really got off topic with where I was originally going with this post.  

My intent for today was to just talk about how excited and giddy I was getting about the holidays....look where I ended up. My mind is a whirling, twirly, gumdrop right now.  Filled with wonder and excitement....and apparently, I'm on the defense about my wonder and excitement being messed with.

There's exactly 16 days until Christmas....well, Christmas Eve, but close enough.  There is exactly 7 more work days left until my Winter Break starts.  Both apparently started for me about 8 days ago.  That's when my brain entered Holiday Preparation Mode...and it won't get out of that mode for about three more weeks.  

Alright, time to get to getting.  Another fun-filled day of work is in store for me.  Everyone enjoy your Thursday!!  

Till next time. ;)
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