Monday, December 05, 2011

My 4 Year Old Christmas Miracle

Today is a very special day.  It is Jelly's 4th birthday.  It is the 4th anniversary of my receiving one of the three most wonderful gifts I've ever received....and this one just happened to be very close to Christmas.

I consider all of my children miracles - the fact that I was able to carry three children to full term, and then deliver them completely natural is a miracle.  Jelly's story is a little different, though. 

When Hubby and I got together, Peanut was 4 and Butter was 3.  Hubby was a natural father, despite not having any biological kids of his own.  He's not what most would consider warm and cuddly, but he knew that my two children were lacking a father figure - and filled those shoes immediately.  He took the reigns as supporter, provider, and care-giver immediately.  He cooked for the kids, cleaned up after them, and settled disputes over whose toy was whose.  The kids adored him from the first time they met him...and we were a perfect little family.

When Hubby settled in to our lives, he told me one thing - something I should know up front: He never wanted biological children of his own.  He was completely content with having a "ready made family" and wanted me to be aware of this I could run while I still had the chance.  I didn't run, because I had two children; one boy, one girl.  I thought my life was complete.

After a couple of years, however, I started getting that itch.  The itch that many women get when they hold a baby, or see a newborn.  They start to long for the chance to have another child - be up all night, feed, diaper, that sort of stuff.  There was a major reason for this itch, I suffered some major "women's problems" and was told that the I would probably never have any more children.

I had been on the depo shot since Butter was born. It had been about 4 years, and I hadn't had a visit from Aunt Flo in that entire time.  At my regular pap test, I was informed by my doc that it appeared that I had stop producing eggs.  I was 23 years old - and so to receive news like that was pretty devastating.  Even though I had no intentions of having any more children, hearing the news that I probably couldn't have any more even if I wanted them sent a pretty dramatic shock wave through my system.  The doctor believed that the combination of the depo shot and my weight had caused my body to just stop producing eggs each month.   I was immediately taken off of all forms of birth control to see if my system would adjust - and start working properly.

I should point out here that not producing eggs wasn't the major problem - the shot had also caused anemia, migraines, and other health related stuff.... the doctor's suggestion for fixing that stuff was also to be removed from all birth control.

For almost two years after getting off the shot, I didn't have a period.  There was no change to the pap test done 6 months after getting off the shot, or a year after.  My baby blues had increased 10 fold... I was sad, moody, and upset that I would never have the "option" of having another child. 

In February, 2007 I finally had my first period since getting off the shot in 2005.  In March of that year, I was given the all clear to get back on birth control - but was recommended to the pill.  I was a little slow at getting on the ball and getting on the pill.... but I will never forget the day I made the decision to get it done.

Hubby and I were sitting eating breakfast one morning at one of our favorite restaurants.  It was in April.  We were discussing stuff, and I mentioned that now I was in school (I started that January) - it was pretty important that I get on the pill pretty quickly.  As the words came out of my mouth, I got this little wave of something in my stomach.  I wasn't sure if it was just the food I was eating, or something else... but it was a weird feeling.  Driving home that very day, I got a call from my best-friend at the time.  She called to tell me that she had just found out she was pregnant.  Now, I'm not sure why - but the minute she told me her news, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I, too was pregnant.

I didn't say anything to Hubby.  I swallowed the feeling until the next day - when I could stop at the store on the way to work and pick up a pregnancy test.  I grabbed one, got to work, and peed on the stick.  Within about 30 seconds, I had the result I knew I would see - sure enough, I was pregnant.  I immediately went straight to my boss, told her I was sick, and went home.

The drive home was a long one.  I was excited, scared, happy, and sad.  I was about to break the news to the man I loved - who had been very clear that he didn't want biological children of his own - that I was pregnant. 

When I got home, he met me at the door.  I explained that I had some news to tell him - and that he should probably sit down.  He just looked at me.  I thought it was best to just get to the point, so I blurted it right out:  I'm Pregnant.

His reaction was not what I had expected.  He just responded with "OK".  That was it.  No being upset, no screaming or yelling.  Just an "OK". 

The next nine months were amazing.  Hubby supported me every step of the way - and even though he never showed any real excitement (that's just his way, though)....he was a part of the pregnancy.  He went with me to doctor's appointments, he was there for the ultra sounds...he did what any good Hubby would do. 

I was scheduled for my finals the first week of December.  Jelly was due the 14th of December - so I thought I'd be OK.  I was wrong.  At my doctor's appointment on December 3rd, the doctor said he felt that he needed to induce early - because I was measuring at 42 weeks...and he was concerned with the amount of water weight I was carrying around.

I was admitted to the hospital at 4pm December 4th.  I was given pitocin to start the contractions - but refused all medications.  By about 3am I had progressed nicely - but was in a lot of pain.  I was screaming and yelling.  Thank goodness my mom was there to take the brunt of my foul mouth.  The hospital was full of people anxious to meet my little Jelly.  My in-laws were there, my parents, my little brother and sister, Peanut, Butter, my pseudo-mother-in-law.  Finally, around 4am, it was time.  The room was cleared - of everyone but Hubby, Peanut, my mom, and my sister.  With a couple of good pushes, Jelly made her appearance in to the world.  When the doctor asked if Hubby wanted to cut the cord, he looked to Peanut and asked if she wanted to do it.  He made that little girl's dream come true.

So, on December 5th, 2007 - I was given a special Christmas gift. A healthy, 8lbs 11oz gift.  A gift that was one of the best surprises I'd ever had. 

It's now four years later - and every day that she has been in my life has been a blessing.  To see Hubby with her, you'd never guess in a thousand years that he never really wanted his own children.  He's a natural.  He adores Jelly, and Jelly adores him. 

Help me wish my little Jelly Bean a Happy Birthday today!! 

Till next time. ;)
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