Monday, December 12, 2011

Sssshhhhh, it's Secret Santa

I'm not letting my still very apparent sickness spoil today for me.  No way.  No how.  It's a day I've been waiting for, and no amount of flu like sickies are going to keep me from it.  My apologies to the people that have to be within 500 feet of me today, but I'll do what I can to keep my germs close to me.

Yes, today is the beginning of Secret Santa at work.  For an entire week, I'll give gifts to a person - in secret - while receiving gifts from someone else.  How exciting!!

The great planner that I am waited until the last minute to go out and buy my Secret Santa in, I went out yesterday.  Jelly and I took a quick trip to town.  She's just about over her chicken pox - the spots have started to disappear, and those that are left are scabbed over marking the end of the virus.  YAY!!  I, too, was feeling a little better so thought nothing of taking a drive to a store to do a little shopping.

I underestimated how crappy I still felt, however, because by the time I got home I was exhausted and was right back to feeling like I'd been hit in the head with a sledgehammer.  I managed to get everything I needed, though, so that's a plus.

Unfortunately, because it's Secret Santa and my blog is public, I can't reveal what I bought for my Secret Santa.  I know.  I'm sorry.  I just know you were all dying to know what little goodies I had planned to leave for the person I selected... but I just can't take the chance.  It's called Secret Santa for a reason.

Whoever came up with the concept of Secret Santa is a genius.  I mean, it's fun exchanging a gift with someone.... but not knowing who the person is makes it so much more exciting.  All that person has to go on is a little questionnaire I filled out in order to participate.  Well, and the fact that I work with the people every they may know a little more about me than what's on that paper. 

I filled out a sheet asking me my favorite drink, snack, collectables, etc.  I can't even remember what I put on the sheet.  How much do you want to bet that I didn't put my absolute favorite drink: Coffee?  And I'm pretty sure I didn't put the close runner-up...Malibu.  I'm pretty sure my Secret Santa wouldn't have bought me that, though....we work in a school.  Guess I'll never know, now.  Must remember to be more honest on those questionnaire thingies. 

I'm pretty sure this whole week is going to be full of holiday fun.  It's the last week of work before Winter Break.  As much as I still stand by the fact that I didn't become a teacher for the time off - getting two full weeks off for Christmas is definitely a bonus. 

The last week before Winter Break is full of parties.  End of quarter celebrations, holiday parties. holiday programs.....ahhh....I'm basking in the fun already.  I'm so happy I am lucky enough to work in a school that still welcomes the holidays with open arms.  No amount of PC BS has stopped my school from dampening the spirits of the kiddos by taking away one of their most favorite times of the year. 

They are all going to be crazy this week.  The kiddos, I mean.  Well, and the teachers I'm sure.  It really doesn't have much to do with whether or not the kids will celebrate a's the simple fact that they get two full weeks away from school.  That makes them very excited....again, the kids.  That makes them very antsy.  They just want to be done....right now, this very trying to keep that situation calm can be quite the challenge.  It's a challenge for me, I feel their pain.

I just hope that I don't have to put up with this crud going on in my head and nose all week.  That would really suck big, fat sugar plums.  Being on my feet for more than a few minutes makes me all light I'm hoping that I can keep it together today as I'm walking back and forth to different classrooms.  I know you're all wondering why I just don't stay home from work - but it's not that simple.  I'd still have to take Peanut and Butter to school.  Plus, Butter has a doctor's appointment today that I can't miss.  Trying to get in to see that doctor has to be booked a month in advance, and Butter can't wait that long.  I know it's extremely unfair to expose those I'll be around to my cluster of germs... but I'm packing hand sanitizer in my pocket - and will really be taking every precaution possible to keep all of my germs to myself.  Despite how much I want them gone.

Tomorrow, I'm starting my Twelve Days of Christmas countdown.  I'll be starting off by writing about my True Traditions of Christmas Present.  The second installment of True Traditions Tuesday.  On top of that, I will share what I got from my Secret Santa each day.  Then, starting Saturday, I'll countdown with the wonderful Christmassy things I'm doing with my kiddos.  I have decided that I'll be featuring a guest post from my two oldest spawn.  That will come next week, when they are done with school and will have the Christmas tingles going on inside them with full force. 

Alright, time to get ready for work....

Till next time. ;)
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