Monday, December 19, 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

It feels very weird to be sitting at my computer at 7:40 on a Monday morning.  Normally, I'd have been up for a couple of hours, I'd have complained about it being Monday, I'd be just starting work and my blog would have been written about two hours ago.  But not today!

I'm now on Winter Break... but, you guys knew that.  I've been talking about it for the past two weeks.  Counting down, getting ready, whining that it wasn't getting here fast enough.  But, now it's here.  I don't have to show my happy face at work again until January 2nd. 

This weekend, I celebrated in style.  I took off from the house on Saturday morning - kid free - and spent the day finishing up my Christmas shopping.  I am done.  Completely.  Well, I still have to take the kids shopping for family members - but I'm done with everything else that I need.  If you want the run down on the Christmas shopping adventure, you can check out the story I wrote rhyming verse.

I'm so darn proud of myself.  Despite taking a job this year that pays WAY below what I've ever made in my entire life...I still managed to pull of buying all of the Christmas stuff without having to break out a credit card.  That's budgeting at it's finest, there folks.  Yes, Christmas will be at a much smaller scale than it's been in previous years...but I still managed to buy a few things that should keep the kids happy.  That's definitely a win in my books.  And I didn't leave myself completely broke or in debt doing it. 

After the shopping, I went and saw Hope.  She looked great, and was planning to get out of the house for a little while.  She has had no headaches for a couple of days - so that's a plus.  We sat and chatted a little about the fun she missed at work last week.  When I say fun, I really mean the craziness than ensued from running around trying to control a bunch of wild kids hyped up on sugar and Christmas dreams.  I was exhausted just telling her about it.

Once I got home, I kicked back on the couch, grabbed my crochet bag, and popped in a Christmas movie.  And that's where I stayed until dinner time.  I finished up a scarf, and started a new one.  I've got a few to make before Christmas - so I've got some work cut out for me.  Luckily, scarves are super easy to make, so they don't take very long.  I wanted to get a little more fancy this year with the crochet goods that I wanted to give a few attempts at making slippers that look like snow boots.... but I just couldn't get the pattern right and had to give up.  One year, I'll learn not to wait until a couple of weeks before Christmas to start my crocheting projects.  I'm putting it on my resolution list to keep crocheting throughout the year, so I'm well prepared for next year.  I've got sock monkey hats and snow boots on my to-do list.  I'm gonna need some time to get them right.

Yesterday morning, I took the kids to church, did a bit of wrapping, and then went and picked them up again.  Once I was home, I went straight back to the couch.  More Christmas movies, more crocheting, and I even snuck in a nap.  It was pure heaven.  Oh yes, it was!  Because of the nap, I was up late last night.  I didn't mind,'s not like I had to get up early this morning.  Which was kind of weird being that I was awake at 7am.  But, when you put things in perspective - I'm used to getting up at 4:30am on it was, indeed, sleeping in.

Today, I've got a few errands to run this morning.  Butter has a visit with his therapist, and Asia (my dog) has a visit with the groomer.  It's well overdue...the grooming, I mean.  That crazy dog has spent the past two weeks getting in to every sweet treat laying around the house - including a full cup of egg nog and a few candy canes.  I thought that she'd learn, one day, but apparently she enjoys the holidays just as much as the rest of us.  Because of the fact that her hair now looks like a huge fur ball, she's going to have to get a hair cut.  I don't like to get her hair cut this time of year - cause she gets cold - but it's her own fault this time. 

Alright, duty calls.  Time to get myself ready to go run errands.  Tomorrow, I'll share the final installment of True Traditions Tuesday.  I'm going to jump in to a time machine and tell you about the Christmases yet to come....well, my hopes for them, anyway.

Till next time. ;)
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