Saturday, December 24, 2011

You Better Not Pout, You Better Not Cry...Santa Claus is Coming to Town!!

It's Christmas Eve!!  Ah, I'm so excited.  I look forward to this day just as much as I do Christmas Day.  That's mostly because I start my Christmas festivities today.  Two Christmases scheduled today at the in-laws and pseudo mother-in-law's. 

Santa is already out hard at work.  As I'm writing this, Santa is currently in the Philippines and has delivered almost 500,000 gifts.  If you've got kids, open up Norad Santa and follow him as he makes his way over the world.  This website has been apart of my Christmas for as long as I can remember.  The kids absolutely love it - and it really helps keep the magic alive, cause it shows Santa making his way around the world delivering all of the gifts.  And it lines up with my telling the kids that Santa doesn't have one night to deliver gifts - he actually has 24 hours due to all of the time zones.

Jelly is already buzzing around the house singing her favorite Christmas song... Santa Claus is Coming to Town.  She's learned all of the words, and sings it over and over.  She's definitely excited.

I'm up before Hubby this morning, which is very unusual.  That usually only happens on Christmas Day - but I beat him this morning, too.  Not only am I up, but I'm showered, dressed, and have already had a cup of coffee.  I'm ready to get out of the door so that the day can start and be over with quickly.  Do I sound much like a child?  Good....that's the intention.

Our first stop today will be my in-laws house.  The kids buy them gifts every year, so we make an appearance on Christmas Eve to deliver the gifts.  I don't get to see my in-laws as much as I'd like.  Busy schedules have a lot to do with it.  It makes me sad, cause when Jelly was a baby my mother-in-law babysat each day...and we built quite a strong relationship.  I got to see her every day, and she got to see her granddaughter every day.  Since my last year of school required me to be teaching, I had to put Jelly into daycare - and that caused my visits to my in-laws to become very few and far between.

After a short visit with my in-laws, it's off to my pseudo mother-in-law's for the rest of the day.  PMIL makes dinner, and we spend the entire afternoon and evening at her house.  The kids love it, cause there's a lot of fun to have at "grammy's" house.  No doubt the kids will make some form of Christmas craft, they'll play with their new toys, and they'll play on the Wii...all the while Hubby and I are chit chatting with PMIL.  I love it!

After the kids are nice and worn out, we'll come home.  We have to make Christmas cookies for Santa before they can go to bed.  This is the one tradition I may have to tweak at some point.  The kids are usually so worn out by the time we get home, that the cookie making is more like a mad rush to get cookies made just so they can go to bed.  It's definitely not as fun as it used to be when they'd spend some time making crazy Christmas shapes with their cookies, and then decorating them how they want.  I almost broke out the cookie dough last night, but I was much too busy enjoying myself sitting on the couch.  I know I'll regret that decision about 8pm tonight when I'm trying to get the kids to enjoy making cookies.  Sigh.

Yesterday, the kids got their rooms nice and clean.  They had to.  Santa won't go in there and fill their stockings if the rooms aren't clean.  He can't take the chance of an accident - and how would the kids feel if they were the cause of a Santa accident that potentially ruins Christmas for all the kids that haven't received their gifts yet?  Yes, folks, that what I actually told my kids.  Don't judge - it works, by gosh!!  Of course, Jelly was ready with her quick wit... "Why don't we just hang our stockings on the fireplace, then?".  Ah, just gotta love the mind of a 4 year old.  Surprisingly enough, it was Peanut that came to my rescue when she told Jelly that if she has her stocking in her room, then she can open all of her stuff when she wakes up - no matter what time it is.

Speaking of Jelly's wit...I'm going to leave you with the brief conversation I had with her last night.  She likes to sleep on the couch - not sure why, but she does.  I told her yesterday that she has to sleep in her own bed on Christmas Eve....and this was the conversation before bed last night...

JellyHey, mom, I have to sleep in the living room tomorrow night

MeNo, we already had this discussion, you have to sleep in your own bed so that Santa can come.

Jelly That's why I have to sleep in the living room, I've got to talk to Santa

MeNo, you can't talk to Santa.  Santa won't come if you're not asleep.

Jelly I will pretend I'm asleep and just rest my eyes.  It's important, Momma... I have to talk to him.

MeWhy do you need to talk to him?

JellyI have to ask Santa for skates so that I can go skating with Sissy (Peanut).  You said that Santa might not bring me skates, so I'm going to ask him myself.

MeHoney, I think it's already too late for thatSanta will be bringing the gifts he's already picked out for you.

Jelly You said he was magic.  I can just tell him which present to take back, and he can switch it for skates.

MeNo, baby, it doesn't work that way.  If you wake up, he'll disappear.  You won't get to talk to him, and he might not leave you any presents.

JellyThat's not very nice.  Momma, are you just making scuses so that I can't ask Santa for skates?  

MeNo, I'm not making ex-cuses, I'm just saying that you can't sleep in here and you can't talk to him.

JellyFine.  I'll just call him tomorrow.  You have his number, right?

There's not tricking that 4 year old, she's too smart for her own good. 

Alright my friends.  Everyone have a wonderful Christmas Eve.  Be good.  No crying, no pouting.  Santa Claus is Coming...TONIGHT!!

Till next time. ;)
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