Thursday, December 22, 2011

Very Special Guest Post.... My Very Own Peanut!!

A week ago, I asked my Peanut if she'd write a guest post for my blog.  She's a great writer, and enjoys writing.  She's often asked about creating her own blog, but I'm not ready to give her that much freedom...just yet.  So, the next best thing?  She can write a guest post for me.  Of course, as you can imagine, she was thrilled.  HA!

This morning, after a little nudge, Peanut wrote her first guest post.  As I read the words she'd written, I couldn't help but get a little choked up.  I just wanted her to share her thoughts on Christmas.  I was pretty open with the could have gone any way... but it didn't.  It came out to be a very heartfelt, sincere post, and well....enough it is....

A Guest Post from Peanut:

My mom asked me to write a blog about why I love Christmas, so here goes.
I have always loved Christmas for so many reasons; the music, the lights everywhere, the thought of getting a break from school. I love how everyone tries so hard every year to out-do their last Christmas. There is loads of budgeting.  By budgeting, I mean people are saving their money so carefully so that they can spend it all on gifts for everyone. Also, there's a lot of sneaking around to “talk to Santa.” My mom makes a trip every year to "visit Santa".  That's a day she goes out all by herself and tells us that she has to speak to The Big Man in private.  Every year, we have received videos or letters from Santa, and on Christmas Eve Mom lets us track him while he is on his trip! It is just so interesting how all of this hype leads up to only one special day. There are thousands of movies, and songs dedicated to this one day. There are even books and games for this day, this holiday HAS to be the one holiday that everyone is with family. Since I was little, I have enjoyed taking all of the excitement in, and being the real me. Well, not exactly the real me, I think I am nicer around this time of year, because I can feel the care that is put into each gift and each moment. Note: I'm not sure why Peanut feels that she's not so nice for the rest of the year... but it's her words...she's nice pretty much all year long..just wanted to mention that.

A few things we may do differently than others on Christmas, is well, first…”Santa” brings all of our presents Christmas Eve, so we don’t get to see them until we are allowed out of our rooms on Christmas morning. I like it better this way, honestly, so we aren’t constantly trying to guess what our gifts are. Another tradition we have, is not keeping our stockings by the tree, but having them in our rooms. This way, while were waiting for our parents to get up, we can scavenge through our candy, and small gifts!

Want to hear a creative way my mom was “Santa,” without us or her knowing? Well, on Christmas Eve, I was awake late, because I didn’t want to sleep, until Santa was here. I was about 8 or 9. I was awake when he/she came in, and at that moment I screwed my eyes shut. Although, when he/she was turned around I opened them to take a quick peek. I saw a huge red fuzzy butt flashing my way! But, it just so happens my mom has the exact same robe, I just hadn’t pieced the pieces together until now. I swore for years, that I saw Santa that one special night!

Sure, I love the presents, and getting to know the stories of Old St. Nick. But, it’s even more fun being with my family. We get to play with all of our new toys, eat anything and everything, and we just get excited! One tradition we do only on that one day (Christmas Day) is we eat candy and cookies for breakfast. What child would not love that?
My mom may be grumpy at times, but during these few weeks of preparation, she will let nothing knock the smile off of her face. She is always happy around Christmas! My brother, sister, and I are always told that if we are bad around Christmas, its coal for us. So of course we are angels. HAHA! She wishes. But, I get to see my mom so happy, its just hard for us not to be. I’d just like to say, to everyone that I hope you all have as much of a great Christmas as we will this year. Even if we don’t get the greatest presents, we will still be doing things that matter! Take care this year, and if your driving somewhere drive safe!

Wasn't that sweet?  And we'll keep it between us that I've already told you all the story about Peanut seeing Santa...even though she swears it was a couple of years ago, and I'm pretty sure it was last year.  The last paragraph was very unexpected.  I never knew until this moment how she felt about me and Christmas.  My spirit must be contagious, or at least very noticeable....even though I may be grumpy at times.  HA!

I also love all of the quotations when referring to Santa.  It breaks my heart that she has reached the age of disbelief - but she still does what she can to keep the magic alive, for Jelly's sake.  She will be like me, I know it.  I'm 29 years old, and still believe in Santa - in my own way.  She's doing the same thing...and it melts my heart.

I wish I could hold on to this sweet moment forever, but the kids are now fighting....and it's up to me to go and extinguish it.  Ah, the joys of having time home before Christmas.  The grumpy me must have taken a vacation, cause instead of wanting to rush in there and start yelling to stop fighting, I can't help but feel sorry for them.  The excitement is being replaced with restlessness....I think this will require some hot chocolate and a Christmas movie.  Let's see if it works.

Everyone have a wonderful Thursday.  Just two more days until Christmas Eve!!

Till next time. ;)
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  1. That was awesome. She is so precious. She gets her writing skills from her mama ;). I laughed again at the "Santa" visit from last year, sorry!


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