Thursday, July 12, 2012

Feeling the Burn...And the Pain...And It Feels GOOD!

So, I woke up pretty early this morning...and I felt like an 80 year old woman who was dealing with an arthritis flare up.  But, only from the waist up.

My arms feel like they are made of solid steel.  Not because they are firm or chiseled... because they are so heavy, and it's hard as heck to lift them without feeling pangs of soreness. 

My shoulders feel like Jell-O.  The movement of my steel arms cause my shoulders to protest and scream for mercy.

And you know what?  I absolutely freakin' love every second of it.

I even keep lifting my arms just to feel the burn and the soreness...cause it reminds me over and over that I did that by working out.  I did that by pushing myself. I did that because I needed to be reminded what hard work felt like - and how wonderful it feels.

On Sunday, the first day of My New Beginning, I walked 3.6 miles in 1 hour and 16 minutes... burning about 400 calories.  It was hot, sticky, and hard.  But, I pushed through.

On Tuesday, I had my first upper body work-out.  For about 30 minutes, I lifted and lifted and lifted some more.  Then, I went to my parent's house and spent an hour in the pool doing nothing more than swimming laps.  A full hour of swimming back and forth across their 33 ft. long pool.  No wonder my freaking arms hurt, right?  The most accurate guesstimate on the amount of calories I burned showed to be about 600 calories.

Then, yesterday morning, I got up and walked 3.3 miles in 1 hour and 3 minutes and burned about 470 calories. 

So, in a matter of three days, I've burned around 1470 calories - which doesn't even include the strength training calories I burned.  I'm pretty darn impressed with that - if I say so myself. 

I'm taking today off to rest and recuperate.  I believe I deserve it...and I don't want to push myself too hard to the point that I hurt myself.  I was told that working out 4 days a week is good...I'm happier with two days off this week is fine.  But, my plan is to hit the gym tomorrow, Saturday, and Sunday.

I've lost my work-out partner.  Peanut stayed behind at my parent's house yesterday - and she'll be there working with my super fit sister everyday.  Lucky!  But, I'm OK with going to the gym by myself now that I have my work-out plans set up for me.  My sister even told me that she may come back with Peanut, whenever she comes home, for a week so that she can go to the gym with that will be good.

My eating at my parent's wasn't as good as I'd like - but it also wasn't as bad as it usually is.  I ate turkey subs for dinner on Tuesday night, and then had a piece of my brother's cheesecake.  Later in the evening, I had some natural cheddar cheese on some whole-wheat crackers.  I should of skipped this snack, being that I ate the cheesecake, but I always struggle when I'm at my parent's house.  Knowing that I left there staying somewhat better than I usually do makes me feel OK about it.

Yesterday, I ate whole-wheat toast for breakfast with some peanut butter.  I had a turkey sub for lunch.  I then had Subway for dinner...the new Buffalo chicken sub.  I had it on Flatbread...and I did eat baked chips with it.  But, I was hungry.  I had stupidly missed eating my snacks - and I had gone from walking 3.3 miles to being in the pool for close to two hours.  I didn't post the two hour pool time in my work-out amounts because it was a much more leisurely swim than the day before.  But, I played volleyball and raced my sister a few times - so there were some calories burned.

I feel better knowing that I'm at home in my comfort zone.  After I make another trip to the grocery store today, I'll be stocked up on all the foods I need to keep to my nutrition plan.  My breakfast consisted of pineapple chunks mixed with a blueberry Greek yogurt and sprinkled with Flax Seed.  A good start to the day. 

Alright, time to enjoy my day off...which means getting the kids ready to run errands.  I also need to do some more classroom packing and finish laundry - so not exactly the ideal day off... but as long as I'm moving - I'm happy.

Till next time. ;)
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