Monday, July 16, 2012

No Kids? For A Whole Week? Whhhaaattt??

Yesterday was a day I've been waiting a few weeks for.  I knew the day would come, but I was honestly getting pretty antsy about it...and wondering if it would ever happen.  But, it did.

You see, after I took care of my parent's foster kids for an entire month, I thought it only fair that my parents take my own children for a while.  Definitely not an entire month - but definitely not a measly little weekend, either.  We both agreed a full week would be sufficient enough.

And yesterday, that week started.

Peanut was already over at my parent's house, so I packed up Butter and Jelly and took them over and dumped dropped them off.  I hung out for about an hour, because my brother was visiting from North Carolina - but it didn't take me long to rush out the door and yell "Freedom!" similar to Mel Gibson in Braveheart.

I am a good mother, and I love my kids with everything inside of me.  But, sometimes I need a break.  I will be the first to admit that I'm not cut out to be a stay-at-home mom.  I just couldn't do it.  I'd rather stick hot pokers through my eyelids.  That's why I have so much respect for those women that are stay-at-home moms...and I will gladly admit that doing that is the hardest job on the planet BY FAR!  And, you will never hear me complaining about how much money I make at work...cause I make myself remember how much SAHMs make.  Nothing.  They make nothing.  For the hardest job on the planet. 

And I know that it's weird me saying that, when I make my profession as a teacher - which is spending all day with other people's children.  But it's not the same.  By a long shot.  Maybe it would be different if I could make my own children sit for 6 hours a day and give them assignments and such - but I'm pretty sure they'd hate me for the rest of their lives.  I know I can't bring my classroom in to my home.  And because so, I have to do SAHM duties like extinguishing arguments, dividing up TV time, and making my dinner table look like a craft fair.  Not to mention laying the law down that in no universe will I allow the pre-teen to spend all day long staring at the computer.  No matter how much she whines about how unfair it is. 

So, I've been off work for the past two months, with my children....and this break was much needed.  There's only so much whining and fighting and complaining I can take.  And there's the guilt.  The guilt of not being able to take them on vacation or to cool theme parks - because I can't afford it (this year).  Being at my parents is like a vacation for them.  She has a giant 33ft pool to keep them occupied...and really, that's all my kids need to feel like they are on a fancy vacation.

But, now I have an entire week with no children and I can't help wonder what the heck I'll do.  My first thought was "I'm going to spend a ton of time at the gym".  That never happens.  The thought, I mean.  Who gets a break from their kids and declares that they'll spend their free time working out at the gym?  Apparently, me. 

There's also other stuff I want to do...just Hubby and I.  I just haven't figured out exactly what that other stuff is, yet.  Alone time, for us, just doesn't happen very often.  Add to the mix that Hubby has to work at night.. and that doesn't leave us with many options.  We can catch a movie.  We can go out for a romantic dinner.  But beyond that?  I'm stumped. 

I hate that the other thought of something to do that popped in to my head is deep clean my house.  Yes, my house needs a deep clean, but do I want to spend my week off doing that?  Heck no!  But, I can guarantee that'll end up happening.  UGH!

I guess I'll take one day at a time - and see what happens.

Today, though, I know I'm going to the gym.  I have my upper body work-out to get in.  I'm getting myself more in to a routine of doing my strength training at the gym, and my cardio while walking.  It's not a routine I really want to get in to.  I need to be at the gym more - so I can push myself a little harder with the elliptical.  I'm going to try and do my walks on the weekend, and keep myself at the gym during the week.

But, then, I just realized that can't really happen - cause I got word from my principal this weekend that I'll have access to my classroom starting July 23rd.  Which is next week.  And you all know how much I've been dying to get in to my classroom.  So, I got a few things to figure out...and make some needed adjustments.  But, I know it will all work out.

Time to go find some kid-free things to do...

Till next time. ;)
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  1. You know I almost didn't even want to click on this post when I saw the title!! Soooo jealous!! Lord knows I could use a break from my kiddies!!

    I would probably end up doing the exact same thing as you...a deep clean of the house (ugh is right), a movie with the hubs and time at the gym!

    Enjoy your 'you' time!

    1. It sure doesn't happen very often... but I definitely earned this one after taking care of my parent's foster kids for four weeks...LOL

      Yeah, we're not really going to do a whole lot... but I definitely plan on enjoying some one-on-one time with Hubby, that's for sure!

  2. I suggest a little cleaning, lots of quality hubby time and lots of Joanna time, read a book, get a pedicure and make time for coffee and some peace! :)

    1. Check, check, and check!! Except the pedicure. I've planned on doing that the week I go back to work - so that my feet are all pretty for my first day as a teacher. :) I have too much grunt work to do between now and then...not to mention a camping trip... that will destroy a new pedicure if I get it this week. LOL

  3. I know EXACTLY what you mean. I am a SAHM, well now I'm a WAHM, but any way you slice it, I'm with the kids 24/7. And I love it, wouldn't have it any other way, but dear God do I love it when I can get a break. Last year I went on a cruise, I was gone for a whole week, by myself. Well my best girlfriend went with me, but that doesn't count. A whole week on a boat in the middle of the Carribean. HEAVEN. I missed the kids dearly though and was so happy to come home and snuggle with them, but I really needed to get away. It's nice to just have some
    "grown up" time. Enjoy!

    1. JEALOUS!!! I would love to go on a cruise...but that's something I'll have to reserve for after I'm working and bringing in some extra cash.

  4. Enjoy your week to yourselves!!


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