Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Truthful Tuesday...

After writing a couple of really honest posts over the past couple of days, I'm a little at a loss at what to write about today.  Wait, that didn't sound right.  The posts I write are always honest.  What I meant was, I've dug deep over the past couple of days to share some of my honest inner feelings about my weight loss journey - which is what Truthful Tuesday is all about.  So, I guess today - I'm gonna have to make myself get a little more out of my normal topic comfort zone and see what I can come up with...

To be honest... I am 100% officially done with summer.  I hate it.  And I don't use that word very often.  Having temps at 108 is ridiculous.  I'm tired of getting swarmed by grasshoppers when I walk out the front door - especially since I'm scared to death of them.  I'm tired of driving by, what used to be, a beautiful river when I go to work - only to see a dried out rocky, puddly swamp.  And I'm tired of having to turn on every fan in the house to try and help out the AC unit that runs 24/7 and still can't keep up.  It's even too hot to go swimming - which is about the only thing I like about summer.  So. Done.

To be honest... I wanted to jump through my computer screen and pick the weatherman's eyeballs out with a dull pencil when I read his Facebook status, yesterday.  "Good news, only 54 days till Fall".  Really?  That's good news?  No it's not!  That means I still have 54 days to put up with all of the above mentioned things I hate about summer.  Fifty four days is almost two months.  TWO-FREAKIN-MONTHS!  I'm pretty sure that in 54 days I will look like a dried out prune - and so will everything else.  And in 54 days, I'm totally sure that the grasshopper invasion will have gotten to the point where they are hostile, gathered all their troops, and ready to take over life as we know it.

To be honest... On a more serious note, I'm very concerned about how bad the cost of fresh fruit and veggies is going to be with the extreme drought we're under.  Fresh fruit and veg are VITAL to a semi clean eater - and this gal has a long time to go until she gets her first teaching pay check. 

To be honest... I'm not one to jump on any form of political bandwagon or openly express my inner beliefs to anyone other than my close family members - but I have to say that I'm sick and tired of hearing about the hype calling for outlawing guns.  Guns don't kill people - people kill people.  Just like my fridge didn't make me fat.  I think that what happened in Colorado was disgusting.  But, I also believe that if a lawful gun carrier had been allowed to carry his/her concealed weapon in to that movie theater - there would have been a lot less bloodshed.  And I hate guns. 

To be honest... On the same note, I'm sick of hearing about all the material things that are being used as excuses for why people act the way they do.  Violent video games and movies, rap music, and porn are all constantly blamed for people acting certain ways.  There are billions of people that partake and watch these things every single day - yet when one person breaks the law...these things are to blame.  What happened to people taking responsibility for their actions?  When my kids do something wrong, I don't allow them to blame their actions on anything but their actions.  And then they face the consequences for those actions.  Our society is developing a new generation of kids that don't even know what responsibility is. 

To be honest... I'm also sick of hearing about the nasty, horrible, cruel protests that Westboro Baptist Church continue to do.  I don't give a rats ass if you believe in the war or not - those men and women that serve their country, lose their lives, and want to be buried with respect and pride have the right to do so without crazy, religious nuts having their two cents.  I am a firm believer in freedom of speech - but there's a time and place.  They can make their voices heard somewhere other than a soldier's funeral.  It makes my stomach tighten and my blood boil to hear some of the nasty, horrible things those people say.  I just hope that if there truly is a heaven, that those soldiers are standing there in protest when people of Westboro Baptist kick the bucket...and God is right behind them with his own picket sign that says "God doesn't support hatred..so there!"

To be honest... I had no intention of going off on a political rampage - but Hubby is sitting here talking to me about more crap that's being posted on Facebook, and it got me thinking.  I respect everyone's opinions - and I'm just expressing mine.  You are more than welcome to disagree with me.  That's your right, too.  Just please don't be hateful about it.

To be honest... This past week's episode of Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition is probably the reason I had my revelation about my mental state affecting my weight loss.  This week's person had such mental struggles that she was unable to push herself to commit and lose the weight.  I love how Chris called her out on her excuses, though.  I often wonder how some people are able to throw away such an amazing gift as having Chris Powell train them for an entire year - and transform their lives.  But, the reality is, when the negative mind is in control - the negative mind will destroy the positive possibilities.  And yes, I came up with that all by myself.

To be honest... Last night, I started watching Army Wives on Netflix.  I've heard a lot about this show - and never really gave much hype to it.  But, Oh.Em.Gee. I am now hooked.  It seems like such a great show...and probably the reason for my very emotionally charged opinions this morning.

To be honest... I should probably get off of here and do something a little more productive... like watch more Army Wives.  HA!

Till next time. ;)
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  1. I am with you on the summer thing. I am not going to be sorry to see summer end this year. There hasn't been much to enjoy. We are in a severe drought here in Indiana and have been without any significant rain since April. The corn crop is gone and I have lost hundreds of dollars worth of perennials and trees and shrubs in my yard. I am sick about it. I carry water to things out of reach of the sprinklers every night for a couple of hours. It's so discouraging. Our yard has been on two garden tours so you can imagine the number of plants and trees we have. Oh well. They are just things and in the spring we will be able to tell what made it and go from there. I try to see something positive in all things - carrying a watering can in each hand all over this 2 acre yard is good exercise. Take care.


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