Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday's Letters Link-Up


This in one blog feature that HAS to stay.  I have too much fun doing it to let it go... and I'd love it if some of you would join on the picture...and link up with some new bloggers that have also linked up.  If the picture link doesn't work for some reason, go to and see if you can find some new blogging friends.

Dear Motivation:  Thank you so much for coming back in to my life.  You have no idea how much I missed you - and I really didn't know how much I missed you until this week.  Working out until my arms burn, and then still pushing for more just isn't something I've done in WAY too long.  Plus, walking more than 3 miles twice in one week is something I've really missed.  I've missed the feelings I get from being so strong.

Dear Scale:  I now know why my personal trainer wants to punch me in the face if I keep my friendship with you.  I've busted rear all week, and you haven't budged.  What the freak is up with that?  And don't give me that "well, at least I haven't gone up" routine.  I ain't listening.  My PT may punch me in the face for continuing to step on you - but I'm going to drop kick you if you don't start showing me how much my hard work is paying off.

Dear Aunt Flo:  Thank you for waiting to rear your ugly head until after I was done with swimming on Wednesday.  Thank you for also not bringing the normal headache, laziness feelings, and desires to eat anything and everything in sight you usually pack for your stay. This is the first time in too long that you've arrived and it really hasn't bothered me at all.  That's very weird for me to admit.  Although, I have a slight suspicion that you may be the reason the scale is being such a butt face.  Maybe once you're gone, the scale will start to be a little nicer to me.

Dear Weatherman:  What happened to all the rain you said was coming?  It rained one day for maybe 20 minutes.  That's NOT enough to cool the earth down and fix the drought problems.  It's also not long enough to lift the burn ban that is now preventing my family from going camping.  Although, I will say I'm much happier with temps in the low 90s than the scorching 104+ degrees we were getting.  But, it's not enough.  Believe me, nobody wants to see me outside doing any form of rain dances.

Dear Personal Trainer-in-Training I Met This Past Week:  Not to be rude, but I am scared for your future clients.  I am NOT a personal trainer, but I've met with enough to know that proper nutrition and fitness is vital in getting fit and healthy.  Telling potential clients that they need to cut carbs from their diets is a big no-no.  Also, work on your math skills a little.  If I tell you I lost 60lbs in a year, and you tell me that equals 6lbs a day - you may need to visit my 4th grade classroom for a while.  You also can't preach to me about how dangerous it is to try and lose too much weight in such a short time - and then tell me you have 30lbs to lose that you will drop in a month.  Losing 100lbs in a year comes out to be around 8lbs a month, which comes out to be around a HEALTHY loss of 2lbs a week.  Don't then question MY math skills.  I'm a freaking teacher. 

Dear Personal Trainer I Got:  Thank you for being so supportive with me.  You made me feel motivated, and showed full confidence in my ability to drop 100lbs in a year.  Not many men could ever tell me that they'd punch me in face for doing something and get away with it - but you are that one man that gets that right.  I asked for work-outs that would push me beyond my limits...that would make me ache and feel the burn.  You delivered, and I only completed one of the four work-outs you've given me.  I believe this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. 

Dear Inner Thin Girl:  I've been hearing you loud and clear - and your words are pure music to my heart.  Not even two weeks ago, I would stand in front of the mirror and hate what I saw looking back at me.  Now, when I stand in front of the mirror - I hear you telling me how strong I am, how the reflection is only temporary, and the beauty I have within radiates through and will transform me in to the woman I will become.  I don't know how you managed to evict the Fat Woman dwelling inside so fast, but whatever you did THANK YOU!  Rather than hearing how much some chips or a donut or some candy won't hurt me that bad - I hear you reminding me of my future plans, the clothes that I want to get back in to, and how I can overcome the urges.  I also love how you have made me have some kind of repulsive reflex to anything that contains sugar as an ingredient.  I kid you not, I have thrown some stuff away from me like it's a bug if I see the word "Sugar" listed in the ingredients.  I LOVE YOU!

Dear Sanity & Hope:  Can't wait for girls' night out tonight!  I have waited a long time to see the wonder and beauty that is the movie Magic Mike.  I don't give a rat's behind what the critics say about the movie - if there are half naked Adonis' running around the screen, I know I'll love it!  I am also ready and prepared for our dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings.  I've checked the menu, seen what my options are, and know that I will be strong in making my selections.  This will be my first true test...and I plan on passing with flying colors.

Dear Gym:  I'm coming.  As soon as I've finished up here - I'm on my way.   

Alright, now I'm going to link up with other bloggers...and later today, once I get back from the gym, I'm going to spend a little time finding some new blogging friends to follow.  Join me, won't ya?

Till next time. ;)
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  1. Joanna!
    How nice it is for me to return home and to blogging and to find such an awesome post from you!! You sound so happy and positive and I LOVE IT!!!

    I love the Friday letters feature! I totally meant to do it this week but forgot. I will definitely participate next week. Remind me on Thursday! :)

    Keep up the awesome work. And thanks for inspiring me today!


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