Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"You Will Succeed, Or I'll Punch You in the Face"

Yesterday was my long anticipated meeting with a personal trainer at my gym.  I didn't know what to expect going in.  Would I get a demonstration of the equipment?  Would I get solid work-out plans and goals to take away?  Would this be a lasting relationship or just a one night stand?

When I got there, I sat down and was greeted by a woman who explained she was going to school to be a personal trainer.  Urm..wait a second...that's not what I signed up for.  But, it was OK, she assured me she was just going to be observing my session to get some experience.  Phew!

She then started to ramble on about offering me her "opinions" on what I need to do if I want to lose weight.  Suggestions like cut out carbs, only focus on cardio.  Suggestions that made me very nervous.  The kicker was when I told her I'd lost about 60lbs in a year a couple of years ago, and she told me that was the equivalent to 6lbs a day.  GET HER OUT OF HERE!!!  I was ready to run from the building screaming.  If this was the professional service I could expect.. I'm better on my own.

Thankfully, the personal trainer showed up a few minutes later... and I'm happy to report that he was NOTHING like clueless girl.  He was young, good-looking, spunky...everything I expect in a good personal trainer.  HA!

He asked me what my goals were and what I wanted him to help me with.  I told him straight... "I want to lose 100lbs in the next year".  He didn't even bat an eyelid.  He looked at me, told me that was no problem, and we were going to get started.

He created a custom work-out plan for me.  He set it up that I will work-out four times a week...but anything more is greatly encouraged.  One day I will work on upper body, one day on lower body, and two days on core & cardio.  He showed me every exercise I need to do, how to use the equipment, and the best methods to get the biggest bang for my buck.

What I really loved about him was the fact that he was really friendly and sweet...and seemed to be very supportive and encouraging about my goals - but he also had that tough edge I was looking for.  He told me after the demonstration of exercises that if I slacked off, he'd "punch me in the face".  If I became a scale stalker, and obsessed over the numbers, he'd "punch me in the face".  If I didn't follow my nutrition plan, or swayed, or felt like I had to give up....yep, he'd "punch me in the face".

Now, under normal circumstances, if a guy told me he was going to punch me in the face - I'd punch them in the face.  But, this was different.  I was OK with it.  We discussed how important this was to me...and he assured me he'd do anything he could to help out.  While he won't be there breathing down my neck at every work-out, he will be in the building and keeping an eye on me.  If he doesn't see me.. he's going to hunt me down.  If I'm not doing something right or putting enough effort in, he's going to storm across the gym and kick my rear.  That I can deal with.

So, let's talk about my goals - shall we?

My overall goal is to lose 100lbs in the next year.  I'm going with a Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition style mentality.  My weight loss is going to be broken in phases.

For Phase One: (July 8th - Oct. 8th)  I need to lose 40lbs... which comes out to be about 3lbs a week.

For Phase Two: (Oct. 8th - Jan. 8th) I need to lose 25lbs....which comes out to be about 2lbs a week

For Phase Three: (Jan. 8th - April 8th) I need to lose 20lbs...which comes out to be about 1.5lbs a week

Last Phase: (April 8th - July 8th)  I need to lose the remaining 19lbs...which comes out to still be about 1.5lbs a week.

I know they are tough goals.  And while I always appreciate opinions, I'd really appreciate no one telling me how unhealthy it is to lose more than 2lbs a week...and that losing weight too fast will set me up for failure.  One thing I have discussed with my PT is the fact that I will probably lose weight faster the first few months. After the first three months, I go down to a healthy weight loss amount for each week.

I need tough goals.  I want tough goals.  And I really feel like I can do it.

In order to have a chance in the world at reaching those goals, I have to really focus on my nutrition and exercise.

Right now, the focus is ONLY on Phase One.

I will be eating clean.  I will be eating 5-6 meals a day.  I have a window of 12 hours to eat...meaning whatever time I get up, I only have 12 hours to eat all of my meals.  I have to eat every 2 hours. 

I will be working out 45 minutes four times a week.  I will be focusing on strength training, toning, and fat loss.  Two days a week will be strictly weight work and strength training, and two days a week will be strictly core toning and cardio.  During my "off days" from the gym walking, swimming, or other cardio is encouraged.

I did the Upper Body work-out before I left the gym yesterday, and then I came to my parent's house (where I'm at now).  I got in the pool and spent an hour swimming laps across the pool.  This morning, my arms are killing me... but I rejoice the feeling.

Because I'm at my parent's house, today is an "off day" but I am about to go and jog/walk with my sister.  Her normal amount is 3 miles - so 3 miles it is.

Till next time. ;)
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  1. So happy for you. "I'll punch you in the face." Funny. You DID say you wanted tough love, haha. You can do this!

    I was reading this in my goggle reader and two posts down from this was this post from an AMAZING woman who lost 110 pounds and is keeping it off. I loved it and thought you might too-


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