Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday's Letters Link-Up

Wow, where has this week gone?  It seems to have flown by in the blink of an eye.  I hate that feeling when I write a reoccuring post, and it feels like I just wrote it a couple of days ago.  I guess that tends to happen, though, when I go through a week that has been as busy as this week.  So, it's time once again to do my Friday's Letters Link-Up.  When I'm finished writing all of my letters, I'll hop on over to and link up with tons of other people who are doing the same kind of post.  You are more than welcome to join me.

Dear Motivation:  How are you, my dear friend?  I know that you've felt a little neglected this week - especially since I haven't gone to the gym at all this week.  But I have thought of you, a lot.  Please don't take my absence from my promised "gung-ho" work-outs as a sign that our friendship is failing... or that I'm leaving you behind.  That's not the case at all.  This week has been crazy busy - and I know that's a lame ass excuse.  But, I promised Peanut that we'd be in the gym on the weekends.  Just because I'm not logging any work-outs doesn't mean I'm not getting some exercise in when I'm working in my classroom.  You are still a big part of my life.

Dear Scale:  Has Motivation called you at some point this week?  It seems that the two of you are in cohoots to try and scare me or make me realize that I'm not as dedicated as I was a couple of weeks ago.  I say to both of you, that's not the case.  You can go ahead and show me a gain this week - honestly?  I don't really care.  Well, OK, of course I care, but I know that what you are showing me is the truth...and I deserve what I see.  I will accept my gain this week with grace and dignity - and use it to serve as a reminder that being busy is a lame excuse and I still have to find a way to make being busy and losing weight a part of my life.  I will get there.

Dear New Classroom:  I am so happy and blessed to have you in my life.  Unfortunately, though, you've taken up pretty much all of my time this week - and your new classroom smell has been a big distraction to my weight loss efforts.  I totally understand why my motivation, my scale, and some of my blog followers believe that you may be my downfall into going back to my old ways - of repeating the same excuses as to why I'm not working out or eating correctly.  But, that's not fair.  It's not your fault.  It's mine.  You may be the reason as to why I haven't gone to the gym.. but it's not your fault that I've slacked on drinking my water or eating every two hours.  That's totally all on me.  Today, I am making sure that Peanut and I bring food with us - healthy food, of course - to keep us going while we work.  I also have my 52ozs water cup that I will guzzle from like nobody's business.  I won' allow you to take the blame for my actions this week.  I can only work on making sure that I find a balance between you and losing weight.  I totally know I can do it.

Dear Gym:  Get ready.  Peanut and I are coming for you this weekend.  I am truly dedicated to making you a part of my regular scheduled programming on the weekends.  And, if for some reason - off in the future - you don't see me on the weekends, it's because I'm walking several miles.  Of course, you don't have to worry about that any time soon while the temps are so freakin' outrageous.  I know that, realistically, the chance of you and I seeing each other during the week probably won't happen... but that just means I have to make the time I do spend with you on the weekends count for something.  No 30 minutes on the elliptical and I'm done attitude....I'll be giving you some major time, some major dedication, and some major sweat.  Peanut won't have it any other way - and for that, I'm truly grateful.

Dear Peanut & Butter's Doctor:  Thank you so much for being so nice to my kiddos, yesterday.  Despite Butter having to have four shots, I really appreciate the talk you had with him about the importance of proper eating and exercise.  Even though I try to lead by example, it's obvious that I have failed to a great extent on that front.  I also appreciate you applauding him on his abilities to overcome his other medical issues, and giving him your encouraging support as he embarks on a new journey in to a new school.  On the same note, thank you so much for commenting on Peanut's perfection when it comes to her height and weight ratio.  She was so scared she was going to hear that she's overweight - and following in the footsteps of her mother was a very big concern to her.  I appreciate you noticing the work she has done to prevent that - and made note that her BMI (despite how stupid I think that thing is) is well in the normal range.  You've further instilled her committment to retain that status - and to push me harder to get to that status.

Dear Weatherman:  My Friday's letters just wouldn't be complete without a letter to you.  I am so mad at you right now, I could spit.  Yesterday, it seemed like every single town around me got rain...tons of it.  We got a 20 second sprinkle...if that.  What gives?  Do you know how infuriating it is to read statuses on Facebook from people only a few miles down the road from me boasting about all the rain they are getting, while I look out the window and don't even see so much as a drop?  So not fair!

Dear Hubby:  Thank you so much for the wonderful meal plan that you created this week.  You have no idea how much it means to me to come home from a day of working or a day of taking kids to appointments to have a yummy, fresh, healthy dinner on the table.  Even the littlist of gestures speaks in volumes - like making burritos with turkey instead of beef.  I love the way you have really taken on, once again, supporting my healthy eating habits.  It's so hard to express my appreciation to you.  I know that you've prepared a few things that you wouldn't eat in a million years if I hadn't been so persistant with my desires to eat cleaner - and the fact that you took a leap of faith to at least experiment and try it leaves me speechless.  You are amazing.

And finally....

Dear Blog Followers/Readers:  Like I have pointed out in my other letters, I know that some of you may be feeling that I've already lost my momentum that I had when I declared a brand new start for myself just three short weeks ago.  I know it's frustrating and disappointing to read that I haven't had the best week, or I haven't worked out, or I haven't eaten as perfectly as I should, or I'm going to see a gain on the scale.  In a world where any reason is nothing more than a stupid excuse - it's so hard to explain how something like getting my very first classroom inteferes with my plans.  If I was able to put in to words the delight and excitment I feel being in my classroom, it may be understandable why I have opted to be there rather than in the gym or working out some other way.  And it's no doubt going to be a huge milestone to overcome the balance between work and weight loss.  But, as much as I don't want to, if I do look back at my greatest weight loss achievements - I have the greatest success when I'm happy.  Being in my classroom, knowing that in a few short weeks I'll finally be a teacher, that makes me happier than I've been in WAY too long.  I know that my success is coming... I know it's already started.  I know it's way too early to already be having set-backs or bumps in the road - but I don't look at them that way.  I look at them as learning blocks.  I have to learn to adjust and compromise.  I have to find a happy balance.  And I know I will.  I'm just too darn happy with my life right now to stop believing that I will most definitely lose the weight.  Just don't give up on me.  Please.
Till next time. ;)
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  1. Dammit, I always forget about Friday's letters!!! One of these weeks I will get it right and I promise my first letter will be, "Dear Joanna...." lol

    Wishing you and Peanut some kick ass time in the gym this weekend!!! :)

  2. I will never give up on you. And Joanna - I just want to say in case no one has ever said it to you. You are a fantastic mom. Even having never met you - I know this. Which also leads me to know that you are a fabulous teacher. One of those ones that becomes many a kid's favorite teacher and one that parentss thank God their kid was lucky enough to get. xoxo


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