Sunday, November 18, 2012

B-I-N-G-O and Bingo Was Her Name-O

Going to play bingo with my mom is something I've cherished since turning the age of 18 - when I was actually legally allowed to walk in to a bingo hall.  My mom has played bingo for as long as I've been alive, and I remember being a young girl wishing that I would one day be able to have that experience.

It didn't take me long to discover why my mom liked going to play bingo so much.  Sure, there was the possibility of winning some money - but it was also a lot to do with no children.  None.  Not a single one in sight - anywhere.  It was a bunch of adults crammed into a smoky hall laughing, joking, cursing, and just having a break from the world outside the doors.  And they knew that they could say or do pretty much anything they wanted and they wouldn't get caugh acting like a fool in front of a child.

And then, there's the chance of winning some money. 

Who doesn't like winning money? 

It has been a time honored tradition that when my mom and I go play bingo together - we split our winnings.  50/50.  No ifs, ands, or buts about it.  No matter how big or small of an amount.  There have been times where my mother and I have split a $20 winning - because that's just how we do it.

My luck has been very good this year.  I've won several times.  Most of those times, my mom has been right there with me - and it's been great to each walk away with a couple hundred extra dollars in our pockets.  She was there when I won my "big win" which was a couple of thousand dollars.  For a fleeting moment, I wonder what would have happened if I just went to play alone - but that moment shortly passes when I think about the times I might be with her and she strikes it big.

Yesterday, when heading out the door, I just had a gut feeling that I wasn't going to have much luck.  But, yesterday wasn't about going to win - it was going to get a break.  And I know that I said that exact thing last week.  I got to go out and eat lunch with my two besties last weekend... and that was a break.  But, it was more than just a break.  It was time alone with my mom - which we haven't had in way too long. 

The past few months have been very difficult on the relationship between my mom and me.  Before August, it was customary that I spoke to my mom pretty much every night on the phone.  And not just for a couple of minutes - we'd talk for 30 minutes to even an hour sometimes.  It was customary that a couple times a month I would go over and see my parents at their house. 

And then my mom and I had our little falling out over a fishing pole - of all things.  That stopped us from talking for several weeks.  But, that's water under the bridge now - and things are somewhat back to normal.  Except for the time we spend talking.  That doesn't happen hardly at all.  My extremely busy schedule - and hers - has left us hardly talking or seeing each other for weeks at a time.

So, a night out at bingo is a way I can recharge my Momma juice.  I get that alone time that we should have together.  And I cherish every minute of it.

Back to bingo.

Last night we got to go to a fancy schmancy new casino that's just opened up.  I felt like a big roller walking in to the place.  It was so clean.  It smelt nice - despite the cloud of smoke and glasses of alcohol as far as the eye could see.  The tables were brand new, and the chairs were comfy.  It was a night out among all nights out.

And it became that much sweeter when I heard the word escape from my mom's mouth that sends shivers down my spine... "BINGO!" 

I'm pretty sure I was more excited as she was.  It wasn't a little amount.  We were both going to be walking away with a few hundred dollars.  Nice.  Perfect.  Just what I need this time of year.  And for the first time, I can say that without a minuet hint of sarcasm. 

I now don't have to wait until Wednesday to go and buy my Thanksgiving food.  I can now put some money back on the credit cards - much earlier than I had planned.  I can afford just a couple more small gifts.  I can breath a sigh of relief that for once, the planets aligned to give me that little boost I needed - right when I needed it. 



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