Sunday, November 11, 2012

Thank You, Veterans

Today is Veteran's Day.  A day where those who have served in this country's military - and those that still do - are honored and remembered.  It's important for more reasons than I could ever list here - but it's important because so many people forget what's going on every single day on military bases, foreign countries, and the homes of family members who have people fighting abroad.

While we go about our daily lives complaining about presidential candidates, gas prices, the cost of living, the cost of groceries, our jobs, and any other thing we choose to complain about - we simply forget that we should be thankful we have any of those things...regardless of the price or the inconvenience.

What would we do if some man or woman appointed themselves as our leader, started imposing harsh and cruel punishments for petty crimes, rationed gas and food, and paid nothing wages to work grueling hours - that provide no support or stability to our families?  What would we do if women weren't allowed to walk in the streets without having their faces covered, were refused the right of education, were meant to serve the men without question or complaint?  How much would we complain if our houses were nothing more than shacks held together by pieces of rubble and scraps found on a street - and that same street served as our bathroom facilities?

It's easy to not think about, right?  Because we're not faced with any of those problems.  The majority of us, anyway.  If you're reading this right now - you certainly aren't faced with those dilemmas.

But there are thousands of people in countries that live that way.  They don't get a say in who runs their country.  They don't get to complain about prices of food and gas - because they'll eat whatever they can get their hands on... and will ask you what gas is.  There are even more children who don't have the benefit of any form of education system - while we often complain about the poor services offered by our own.

We complain.  We whine.  Constantly.

But, one day out of the year, we honor the people that give us all the benefits of the life we know.  We honor them, thank them..we then move on to our complaining and whining.

What I ask for is that instead of honoring the Veteran's today - you move on from this day and take a second before writing that next Facebook status complaining about whatever it is you're going to complain about - and ask yourself if it's worth it.  Take a second to think about what you have - and compare it to those that don't.  And while you're taking those few moments to think before you speak - include a thank you to a veteran, if you make the right decision to hold off on your whining and complaining.

Veteran's day should be everyday.  Because everyday we get to bask in the joys that our country offers.  Regardless of how crappy you think our government is, our how much our country is heading for the toilet - remember that there are countries that are already there... and we are most certainly NOT one of them.  All thanks to our veterans.

Before I go, here's a little dedication performed by my Peanut and the Jr. High band she plays with...



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  1. Great post!
    The video of the kids gave me the chills and made me tear up!


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