Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Truthful Tuesday

To be honest... I'm so flipping excited that today is the last day at school until next Monday.  Five full days off to spend time with the family, eat a wonderful meal, get my Christmas decorations put up, and relax.  I love my job, but I love me some holiday time too!

To be honest...  I'm so flipping excited that I get to wear PJs today - even though I'm not sure I'm supposed to wear PJs.  You see, my kids are having a PJ party as a reward.  They voted on it, I got it approved with my principal.  Except during that approval, I didn't happen to ask if I could be included in the PJ wearing - which means I'm taking a total risk joining in... but what fun would it be if I didn't? 

To be honest... I've sat around way too long talking to Hubby because he came home from work early - and now I have only a few minutes left to write this before I have to go and get ready. 

To be honest... I really can't think of that much more to be honest about today.  Maybe I'm just too excited about today to really think deep... but I gots to go.


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