Sunday, November 04, 2012

First Movie Experience with a Four Year Old

So, yesterday, I made sure to stand by my pledge of creating a Work Free Zone and took the kids out for the day.  Our first stop was P-Momma's house.  Which was totally more for my benefit than that kids' benefit.. but they always love going over there so it's a win-win for all parties involved. 

I love going over there because I can talk and talk and talk some more, and be listened to.  Not that I don't get that elsewhere - but... well... I don't.  I sometimes like letting off some steam or brag share about how well my job is going and how much I love it, and having someone that listens and compliments me or provides me feedback is all I need to recharge my batteries.  I feel a little sorry for P-Momma, though.  I just know that after I'm gone she's probably thinking "Whoa, that girl can talk!".  And it's true.  I do a lot of that when I'm with her. 

After a few hours of me talking and us laughing and having a good time, we headed on over to the movie theater to meet up with her son and her granddaughter to take the kids to see Wreck-It Ralph.  I've been wanting to see this movie just as much as the kids have.

While I won't give any spoilers, the premise of the movie is about a "bad guy" from a video game who's tired of being a bad guy wants to prove to the "good guy" in his game that he's able to be a good guy and earn a medal.

We opted to see the movie in 3D - which I will say right now, was probably a waste of money.  I just wasn't that impressed with the 3D graphics during the movie.  Now, the 3D previews were very awesome. 

But, first, let me back up a little.  This was the first time I took Jelly to see a movie.  In fact, she's the youngest I've ever taken any of my kids to see a movie.  Peanut and Butter didn't get their first experience going to a movie theater until they were probably 6 or 7.  That's only because I know how difficult it is for a 4 year old to sit through a 2 hour movie.  I was nervous.  She's the kind of kid that will sit and watch a movie if she really likes it - but if she starts to lose interest, I knew I'd be in trouble.

All in all, she really did great.  The major problem was with the 3D aspect.  While she giggled her little heart out for the awesome 3D previews, she had problems keeping the huge 3D glasses on her face..and that ticked her off.  The last time I went and watched a 3D movie - which wasn't that long ago - the glasses looked like sunglasses.  Well, apparently, because people kept stealing the glasses, the movie theater decided to get 3D glasses that resemble those terrible paper glasses we had way back in the day.  Except now they're plastic.  They're big, and not very comfortable...and it's even worse when a 4 year old is trying to wear them.

Jelly got frustrated with the glasses pretty quickly.  I don't blame her, though.  I felt her pain.  What I can say is that she took it like a champ and did the best she could.  She sat through the movie, and decided half way through that it was easier to watch the movie without them.  I didn't like this so much, cause the movie is blurry when you're not wearing the glasses - and I didn't want her straining her eyes or getting a headache.  She figured out the best way to deal with that... and she fell asleep about 10 minutes before the movie ended.

Overall, the movie was very cute.  A great movie for kids.  If you haven't seen it, and plan on it - just see the regular movie and save $3.  The 3D did nothing to enhance how great this movie was.

After the movie, I took the kids to their favorite restaurant for dinner:  Golden Corral.  We enjoyed dinner and then came home.   All in all, a very good Work Free day.

Now, of course, today is not a work free day.  I have to get my work done.  Thankfully, I kinda get an extra hour to do that - being that it's daylight savings time. 


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