Sunday, March 10, 2013

Did You Remember to Spring Forward?

Thanks to the wonder of all the technology I keep in my home, putting my clocks forward during daylight savings time isn't really that much of a big deal to me.  I just get to wake up and think "It's that time already?"

Not that it would have mattered much, last night.  Worst night of sleep ever.

It started around midnight, while I was still up watching House Hunters on HGTV.  I'm pretty sure a ghost walked up to me and punched me right in the jaw.  That's the only logical explanation I can think of being that all of a sudden I had the most worse shooting pain go from my jaw up the side of my cheek.  The pain was so intense, that it brought tears to my eyes.  I had been fine all night..then BAM!

It may have something to do with the fact that I watched both The Awakening and The Possession last night.  It must have angered some spirit living in my home.

And the reason I was up until midnight watching HGTV was because it was pouring down rain outside, so the back wall of my living room looked as though we had a fancy water feature built in to it.  Water was pouring from a hole in the ceiling, and coming in through the window.  I hate this house.

Hubby was busy changing out towels, and I was placing pans to try and catch the water.

If that wasn't bad enough, Jelly decided at 3am - technically 4am due to springing forward - that she was going to throw up all over the living room floor.  Awesome.

I had a feeling something like that was going to happen.  The child had the WORST gas all day yesterday.  Like so bad she passed gas on one side of the room, and within seconds everyone in the room was ducking for cover from what can only be described as the fumes of a dead animal living inside of her.  It was sure sign indicator that she was experiencing some tummy troubles... I just didn't expect it to come out of the end it did.  I was already for a back draft explosion.  Which I guess I'm happy about.  If I had to choose between puke or the diarrhea, I'll go with cleaning up puke.

So, pretty sure I can put that down as one of the worst nights for sleep.

On the up side, Hubby and my visit to the building company yesterday gave us a lot of great information - and has put us in the place I'd hoped we'd be.  I wanted to walk out of that place knowing whether we were going to build or buy.

We're going to buy.

As much as both Hubby and I would love to have a custom built home, the price just isn't something we can work with.  For $125,000 we could get a 1440 sq. ft home built.  Or we could look at houses in the 2200 sq. ft. range pre-built.  The building price is not even including land and clearing the land and hooking up utilities.  It would be pretty easy for that $125,000 to grow upwards and closer to $150,000 by the time it was all said and done.

What we did consider is the fact that if we buy now, we could always build later.  Find a house that's big enough for all the kids to enjoy the remainder of their youth, and then when they've started to move away we could spring for a custom build that was smaller - perfect for just the two of us and the occasional visit from the kids and grandkids.

Hubby had to agree that spending the next 5-10 years in a house we're buying is much better of an investment than trying to wait out whatever crazy scenario could play out with where we are now.  Even the contractor told us, after hearing our story, that we should basically run and never look back from what we're dealing with now.

Which makes me a lot happier.  Just having that information in front of us really helps with the house hunting. It was so hard before, because we'd look at house and leave wondering what we could afford to just build a home.  Well, now we know.

Of course, Hubby is still on the weary side.  His concern with a pre-built home is the costs that could come from repairs and such.  But, the way I look at it - we either spend a lot more money each month paying for a brand new house, or we pay much less money over time and run the risk of needing a large sum of money should we need to repair anything.  But, I'm pretty sure that's what home insurance is for.  If we buy a house and a couple of years down the road something happens to it, we call the insurance company.

So, this afternoon, we're going to look at the three houses I discussed yesterday.  I'm keeping an open mind, and hoping that Hubby does the same.  Fingers crossed.


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  1. What a fun journey you're going to take! You deserve the perfect home! And I too - HATE - springing ahead.


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