Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Truthful Tuesday

To be honest... I could so go and get back in to bed for a few more hours this morning.  Blast you cold weather!  I was really looking forward to Spring putting some pep in my step... but instead it's cold and just makes me want to sleep and be lazy.

To be honest... I was terrified about testing my kiddos this week.  I have absolutely no idea why - but yesterday morning I had rumblies in my tumbly because of it.  And then they took the first two sessions of the test and did totally great!  It put me at ease for testing the rest of the week.  Even though I've given a mock benchmark test once already this year, this one is different.  This one should show some pretty good growth. If yesterday is how the rest of the week pans out, I'll be A-OK.

To be honest... I'm pretty sure if the weather is as cold as it has been for the past few days, I should not have to deal with allergy problems.  I know there's a rule about it somewhere.  Allergies are something to deal with when the weather is warm outside and the flowers are starting to bloom.  Not when there's ice on the ground and cars and the flowers are screaming from underground "Are you crazy?  I'm not coming out anytime soon in this junk!".  I just know it's supposed to be cold weather, no allergies and warm weather with allergies.  Once you start mixing cold weather AND allergies, that's just not fair.

To be honest... I think I complain blog too much about weather.

To be honest... I've rekindled my relationship with Pinterest.  I have 17 boards ranging from school stuff to recipes to gardening ideas.  Yes, gardening.  Don't laugh.  One day, I'll have a garden that I can do awesome Pinterest inspired stuff to - just you wait and see.  The board that's getting the most activity since revisiting Pinterest is Ideas for My Future Dream Home.  That's what I love about Pinterest.  It gives me dreams.  It makes me believe that I can turn any house in to a multi-million dollar looking mansion.  Or my classroom in to the most organized, fun, awesomely cool classroom in the world.  Of course, I guess I need to learn how to use some of the ideas I pin all over my boards.  That's a step to learn another day, I suppose.

To be honest... I started decluttering my classroom yesterday afternoon.  I just don't know how I managed to collect so much paper and junk over the course of the past 7 months.  I spent over an hour going through piles of stuff and tossing what I didn't need.  Which, hardly accounted for much.  I'm just sure I'm going to need everything I have at some point or another.  So, then it became more of a filing all the paper away in a file cabinet to be discovered at some point in time all over again situation.  Which is just as good as throwing it all away.  At least now I can rummage around file cabinet drawers looking for that graphic organizer I just know I saved this time next year instead of just printing off another copy.  Which I know will never happen.  Unless of course I need it on a day that the printer isn't working.  Totally can happen.

To be honest... Even though I've only worked about two full weeks since I last had a day off, I'm really excited about the long weekend coming up.  I didn't realize how stressful this time of the school year can be. Not so much stressful, but the days seem really long.  And I, surprise surprise, have so much on my plate that I feel just a little overwhelmed.  I'm tutoring twice a week after school, I'm trying to run a school newspaper three days a week before school, I'm taking a sign language class....one day I'll learn that I don't have to volunteer for everything offered to me.  And, of course, I signed up to teach summer school - so I'll have that to enjoy for the first couple of weeks in summer break.  *sigh*

To be honest... I'm thinking it should only be about two more weeks before I can share my big news.  Or heartbreakingly devastating news if it doesn't pan out.  I'm a firm believer in keeping stuff quiet so not to jinx myself... but that's just dang near impossible.  It's like waiting the first trimester before telling people you're pregnant.  And of course, I've blabbed my mouth off about it to lots of people - so now I'm risking everything because I just couldn't keep it to myself.  And no, I'm not pregnant.  I just can't wait for the day I am told - "Go ahead, shout it from the rooftops".  Because if I wasn't so dang scared of heights, I totally would do that.  But there's a few major hurdles to jump over before it can get to that point, so I just need to calm myself already.

To be honest... I think I've rambled on enough for one day.  Should probably go and dig through my closet for some warm clothes to wear today.  It's going to be another cold one.  You know I couldn't leave out one more grumble about the weather... right?


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